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1238T Investigation of expression level of MDR1 in
Iranian colorectal cancer patients.
S. Samanian, F.
Mahjoubi, B. Mahjoubi, R. Mirzaee, R. Azizi.
1239T Heat shock protein polymorphism and the risk
of development of hepatocellular carcinoma in chronic
liver disease patients from India.
M. P. Sarma, M. Asim,
S. Medhi, P. Kar.
1240T Single nucleotide polymorphisms in E-cadherin
gene confer risk to breast cancer.
V. Satti, N. Tipirisetti,
S. Govatati, K. Lakshmi Rao, R. R. Digumarti, M.
Bhanoori, M. Deenadayal.
1241T Genomic characterization of bladder cancer
initiation and development.
S. Scherer, T. Majewski, J.
Bondaruk, D. Muzny, J. Drummond, L. Trevino, J. Niu, S.
Zhang, J. Reid, K. Baggerly, I. Newsham, C. Dinney, B.
Grossman, W. Zhang, M. Wang, Y.-Q. Wu, M. Morgan, D.
Wheeler, B. Czerniak, R. Gibbs.
1242T Proteomic and pathway analyses reveal a
network of inflammatory genes associated with
differences in skin tumor promotion susceptibility in
DBA/2 and C57BL/6 mice.
J. Shen, E. L. Abel, J. M.
Angel, P. K. Riggs, J. Repass, S. C. Hensley, L. J.
Schroeder, A. Temple, A. Chau, S. A. McClellan, K. Lin, M.
D. Ward, O. J. Semmes, M. D. Person, J. DiGiovanni.
1243T A novel deletion of MEN1 gene in a large family
of multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1) with
aggressive phenotype.
Y. Shi, H. Raef, M. Zou, E. Baitei,
R. Al-Rijjal, N. Kaya, M. Al-Hamed, D. Monies, N. Abu-
Dheim, H. Al-Hindi, M. Al-Ghamdi, B. F. Meyer.
1244T Genetic alterations in FGFR3 and RAS reveal
mutual exclusiveness of these genetic events in
urinary bladder cancer. A study in Kashmiri population.
M. A. Siddiqi, A. A. Pandith, Z. A. Shah, N. P. Khan, M. S.
1245T Transcriptome-based bioinformatic analysis of a
unique ovarian cancer model.
S. N. Smillie, K. Gambaro,
D. Provencher, A.-M. Mes-Masson, P. N. Tonin.
1246T Germline RAD51C mutations in breast and
ovarian cancer susceptibility.
F. Soubrier, N. Davids, A.
Fajac, C. Colas, M. Eyries, F. Cornelis, A. Cortez, R.
Rouzier, S. Uzan, J.-P. Lefranc.
1247T Whole exome sequencing of pre- and post-
treatment glioblastoma multiforme.
K. Squire, A. Lai, S.
F. Nelson.
1248T Role of genetic variants of ESR1, ESR2 and
PGR in susceptibility to gallbladder cancer.
Srivastava, K. Sharma, S. Misra, A. Kumar, N. Srivastava,
B. Mittal.
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1249T De novo germline genetic alterations in canc
Z. Stadler, S. Shah, B. Yamrom, J. Vijai,
Esposito, D. Levy, J. Kendall, K. Sarrel, N. Hansen, M.
Robson, N. Kauff, D. Feldman, G. Bosl, L. Norton, M.
Wigler, K. Offit.
1250T Common breast cancer susceptibility loci are
associated with triple negative breast cancer.
K. N.
Stevens, H. Nevanlinna, D. Yannoukakos, P. A. Faschin
D. Eccles, J. Chang-Claude, P. Miron, J. E. Carpenter,
K. Godwin, U. Hamann, C. Ambrosone, R. Winqvist, H.
Brauch, D. Lambrechts, I. dos Santos Silva, J. Peto, M.
Schmidt, A. Cox, G. Severi, E. Sawyer, S. Margolin, A.
Manermaa, N. G. Martin, G. W. Montgomery, P. Pharoa
D. F. Easton, X. Wang, S. Slager, C. M. Vachon, F. J.
Couch, Triple Negative Breast Cancer Consortium.
1251T Effects of phytochemicals on nickel- and
chromium-induced DNA damage.
A. R. Patel, S. S.
Chettiar, D. D. Jhala, M. V. Rao.
1252T Detecting chromosomal inversions using
chromatid paints: Use for synteny among the
F. A. Ray, E. Zimmerman, M. N. Cornforth,
S. Bedford, E. H. Goodwin, S. M. Bailey.
1253T Implementation of whole genome copy numb
SNP arrays in a clinical reference laboratory:
expanding the possibilities for molecular karyotypin
T. Sahoo, R. Owen, L. P. Ross, M. M. Elnaggar, P. H.
Kohn, M. H. Haddadin, F. Z. Boyar, L. W. Mahon, B. T.
Wang, C. M. Strom, A. L. Anguiano.
1254T Suggestion for post-zygotic translocation; X-
chromosome inactivation spred to autosome with a
t(X;15)(p21.1;q11.2) translocation.
S. Sakazume, H.
Ohashi, Y. Sasaki, N. Harada, K. Nakanishi, H. Sato, M.
Emi, K. Endoh, Y. Kido, T. Nagai, T. Kubota.
1255T Identification of chromosomal alterations in
autism patients.
K. Sasikala, V. Balachandar.
1256T Molecular cytogenetic characterization of par
deletion Xq and duplication Xp in a patient with
premature ovarian failure.
S. H. Shim, M. K. Kim, S. H
Park, J. E. Park, Y. H. Cho, D. H. Cha, T. K. Yoon.
1257T A 3.44 MB interstitial duplication of
chromosome 3 with no apparent phenotype detecte
by SNP array.
M. Thangavelu, J. H. Tepperberg, J. Hu
B. Huang.
1258T Cytogenetic study of petrol pump workers
occupationally exposed to benzene.
R. P. Thumbar, P
K. Gadhia.