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1217T Circulating microRNAs expression profiling to
identify reference genes for relative quantification in
acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients.
R. Ortiz-Lopez,
M. Luna-Aguirre, I. Garza-Veloz, V. Treviño-Alvarado, F.
Mar-Aguilar, H. Gutierrez-Aguirre, O. Gonzalez-Llano, R.
Salazar-Riojas, G. I. Malagón-Santiago, A. Rojas-Martínez,
A. Hidalgo-Miranda, C. Jaime-Perez, D. Gómez-Almaguer,
H. Martínez-Rodriguez.
1218T Methylation profile analysis of DNA repair genes
in hepatocellular carcinoma with MS-MLPA.
O. Ozer, B.
Bilezikci, S. Aktas, F. I. Sahin.
1219T No evidence that
FAN1 R377W
identified via exome sequencing in multiple-case,
early-onset breast cancer families, influence breast
cancer risk.
D. J. Park, F. Odefrey, F. Hammet, G. G.
Giles, L. Baglietto, J. L. Hopper, D. F. Schmidt, E. Makalic,
O. M. Sinilnikova, D. E. Goldgar, M. C. Southey, ABCFS,
1220T Analysis of
splicing variants, and
expression of
in childhood
acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
P. Perez-Vera, R. Juarez-
Velazquez, A. Reyes-Leon, C. Salas, A. Medrano, R.
Paredes, R. Cardenas, G. Lopez-Hernandez, P. Navarrete,
A. Lopez, A. Carnevale, R. Ortiz.
1221T microRNA regulation of cell viability and drug
sensitivity in lung cancer.
A. Pertsemlidis, L. Du, C.
DeSevo, R. Borkowski, M. Baker, A. Gazdar, J. Minna.
1222T Lung adenocarcinoma and squamous cell
carcinoma develop through distinct genomic and
epigenomic pathways.
L. Pikor, W. W. Lockwood, I. M.
Wilson, B. P. Coe, R. Chari, K. L. Thu, C. E. MacAulay, S.
Lam, W. L. Lam.
1223T Genetic testing and immunohistochemistry for
SDHB in phaeochromocytoma-paraganglioma
syndromes: The South Australian experience.
Poplawski, A. Duszynski, L. Rawlings, J. Seymour, D.
Benn, A. Gill.
1224T Integrated epigenetics of human breast cancer
subtypes: Synoptic investigation of targeted genes,
microRNAs and proteins upon demethylation
R. Radpour, Z. Barekati, C. Kohler, M. M.
Schumacher, T. Grussenmeyer, P. Jenoe, J. Bitzer, I.
Lefkovits, F. Staedtler, X. Y. Zhong.
1225T Polymorphism of TYMS in Mexican breast
cancer patients.
A. Ramos, A. Solorzano, L. E. Figuera,
A. M. Puebla, M. P. Gallegos.
1226T Rhesus macaque as an animal model for
hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer.
Raveendran, P. Gillespie, Jr., D. W. Brammer, D. P. Young,
J. G. Gelovani, J. Rogers.
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1227T Identification of a BRCA2 truncating mutation
a hereditary prostate cancer case with a family hist
of breast and ovarian cancer through next-generati
A. M. Ray, K. A. Zuhlke, C. M. Robbins,
D. Tembe, J. Xu, S. L. Zheng, J. D. Carpten, E. M. Lan
W. B. Isaacs, K. A. Cooney.
1228T High prevalence of germline p53 mutations
among a consecutive series of unselected patients
with adrenal cortical carcinoma.
V. M. Raymond, J. N
Everett, J. L. Long, T. Else, G. D. Hammer, S. B. Gruber
1229T DNA repair pathways and lymphoma
J. Rendleman, Y. Antitpin, B. Reva, J.
Przybylo, A. Dutra-Clarke, A. Heguy, K. Huberman, O.
Paltiel, D. Ben-Yehuda, J. Brown, C. Sander, R. J. Klein
K. Offit, T. Kirchhoff.
1230T High quality genotyping data from FFPE tumo
B. Riley-Gillis, R. Benayed, A. Helm, K.
Gunderson, J. Izzo, D. Pokholok, J. Le, C. Fishman, J.
Garsetti, M. Martin.
large genomic
rearrangement testing in a large cohort of hereditar
breast/ovarian cancer patients: Prevalence and
mutation profiles in risk-stratified patient groups of
different ethnicities.
B. Roa, E. Rosenthal, C. Arnell, L.
Burbidge, W. Geary, J. Schoenberger, J. Trost, R.
Wenstrup, T. Judkins.
1232T Elucidation of the role of miR-302 in the
induction of TGF-beta signaling pathway in tumor
S. Rohban, M. R. Rafiee, A. Malekzadeh Shafaro
M. Malakootian, N. Ghorbanmehr, S. J. Mowla.
1233T Large deletions of the APC-gene region in
familial adenomatous polyposis patients and the eff
on the expression from promoter 1A and 1B.
A. Rohl
Y. Engwall, K. Fritzell, J. Björk, M. Nordling.
1234T An integrated (epi)genomic approach reveals
the role of retinoic acid in cell fate determination.
Rossetti, N. Visconti, J. Fischer, N. Sacchi.
1235T Evaluation of polymorphisms
A313G a
C341T in patients with head and neck
squamous cell carcinoma.
A. Russo, P. F. Francelin,
A. Palmejani, A. L. Galbiatti, M. T. Ruiz, T. P. Gueroni, J.
Maniglia, E. C. Pavarino, E. M. Goloni-Bertollo.
1236T Study of P53 gene mutations in promoter and
exons 2-11 in gastric cancer by PCR-SSCP in a
province of Iran.
J. Saffari Chaleshtori, M. Moradi, E.
Farrokhi, M. A. Tabatabaieefar, M. Taherzadeh
Ghahfarokhi, G. Mobini, F. Shayesteh, F. Azadegan, G.
Rahimian, H. Nazem, M. Hashemzadeh Chaleshtori.
1237T A genome-wide association study of early on
prostate cancer: Increased genetic burden among
young cases.
C. A. Salinas, E. M. Lange, K. A. Zuhlke,
M. Ray, Y. Wang, Y. Luo, W. B. Isaacs, S. L. Zheng, K.