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1195T A general statistical approach to somatic
mutation discovery in cancer genome sequence.
P. Liu,
X. Hua, H. Xu, S. Park, Y. Lu.
1196T Identification of a genetic variant associated
with treatment outcome in ovarian cancer.
Y. Lu, S.
Johnatty, E. Gamazon, J. Beesley, X. Chen, B. Gao, P.
Harnett, R. S. Huang, E. Despierre, F. Heitz, E. Hogdall, C.
Hogdall, R. Brown, K. Moyisch, P. Fasching, E. Goode, E.
M. Dolan, S. Macgregor, A. deFazio, G. Chenevix-Trench,
Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium.
1197T The role of miRNAs in cyclo-oxygenase-2
mediated breast cancer metastasis.
M. Majumder, L.
Dunn, P. K. Lala.
1198T P53 isoforms are regulated by ETV6, a
transcription factor involved in childhood acute
lymphoblastic leukemia.
C. Malouf, J. Larose, S.
Langlois, B. Neveu, D. Sinnett.
1199T Fine needle aspiration biopsy and aCGH in
uveal melanoma.
D. Martinet, A. Schalenbourg, B. Rapin,
L. Zografos, J. S. Beckmann, A. P. Moulin.
1200T Clinical laboratory experience of gene
expression profiling of 2,384 solid tumors.
M. J.
McGinniss, A. Ghazalpour, M. Hadlock, J. Garcia, N.
Marcus, Y. Hosohata, J. Zarkovic, D. Jacquin, D. Flood, K.
Wiste, K. Swetel, B. Toussaint, L. Teets, R. P. Bender.
1201T Genome-wide transcriptional sequencing
identifies novel mutations in metabolic genes in
human hepatocellular carcinoma.
D. Meerzaman, C.
Yan, B. Dunn, M. Edmonson, R. Finney, C. Cultraro, L.
Dong, Z. Yang, Y. Hu, J. Kelley, H. Zhang, N. Park, K.
1202T Molecular characterization of adeno-pituitary
adenoma: Familial isolated prolactinoma.
F. M. Melo, L.
Bastos-Rodrigues, M. S. Sarquis, L. De Marco.
1203T Identifying women at increased risk of breast
cancer: Can we use genotyping at low penetrance
C. Merrick, J. Dunlop, L. Baker, E. Gellatly, A. Martin,
P. Quinlan, R. Tavendale, A. M. Thompson, C. Palmer, M.
Reis, J. N. Berg.
1204T Understanding the role of TRIM8, a new p53
target gene that modulates p53 activity, in the
progression of glioma.
L. Micale, M. F. Caratozzolo, C.
Fusco, B. Augello, M. N. Loviglio, M. G. Turturo, G.
Cotugno, T. Lopardo, F. Galli, S. Cornacchia, F. Marzano,
A. M. D'Erchia, L. Guerrini, G. Pesole, E. Sbisà, A. Tullo,
G. Merla.
1205T Functional polymorphism in promoter survivin
gene and risk of urothelial bladder carcinoma in North
Indian population.
R. D. Mittal, P. Jaiswal, A. Mandhani,
T. Mittal, R. Kapoor.
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1206T CREB3 and STK11 show different gene
expression profiles in benign and malignant salivary
gland cancers.
N. Mohammadi Ghahhari, M. Kadivar,
R. Kamyab, M. T. Khorsandi Ashtiani, H. Mohammadi
1207T Systematic meta-analysis for common low
penetrance genes in colorectal cancer.
Z. Montazeri,
Theodoratou, J. Little, H. Campbell.
1208T Genomic copy number alterations in renal
carcinoma: Associations with case characteristics a
VHL gene inactivation.
L. E. Moore, E. Jaeger, M. L.
Nickerson, P. Brennan, S. Devries, R. Roy, H. Li, D.
Zaridze, V. Janout, V. Bencko, M. Navratilova, N.
Szeszenia-Dabrowska, D. Mates, W. M. Linehan, M.
Merino, J. Simko, R. Pfeiffer, P. Boffetta, W. H. Chow, N
Rothman, F. W. Waldman.
1209T Evaluation of circulating tumor DNA as marke
for decease progression in breast and prostate can
M. Neiman, J. Lindberg, D. Klevebring, T. Nordström, L.
Eriksson, L. Nygård, F. Celebioglu, K. Czene, P. Hall, H.
1210T Molecular profiling of inherited colorectal
cancer syndromes by genomic analysis of normal
D. Neklason, B. Milash, L. Frey, M. Done, N.
Sargent, T. Berry, T. Tuohy, R. Burt.
1211T Replication of susceptibility loci for lung canc
in a French Canadian population.
J. D. U. Nguyen, M.
Lamontagne, C. Couture, M. Laviolette, Y. Bossé, Merc
Laval-UBC-Groningen Lung eQTL Consortium.
1212T Early insights from whole-exome analysis of
early-onset, multiple-case breast cancer pedigrees.
Nguyen-Dumont, D. J. Park, F. Odefrey, F. Hammet, Z.
Teo, D. E. Goldgar, S. V. Tavtigian, B. J. Pope, A. Lonie,
M. C. Southey, BCFR, BRCAX Consortium.
1213T Diagnostic improvement of thyroid nodules
cytology by determination of three genes expressio
V. Novik, G. Molina, A. Vasquez, R. Ceriani, M.
Fuentes, C. Weisntein, C. Henríquez-Roldán, G. Arístide
D. Navarrete, F. Brusco, G. Lezana, A. Lobos.
1214T Li-Fraumeni syndrome: Retesting archival DN
samples identifies previously unrecognized germline
A. Novokmet, B. Baskin, P. Ray, D.
1215T Expression of human endogenous retroviruse
in childhood acute leukemia cells.
J. Nowak, K.
Nowicka, J. Rembowska, D. Januszkiewicz.
1216T Detecting copy number aberrations in tumors
using SNP array technology: A comparison of sever
available methods.
K. Oros Klein, S. Arcand, A. Birch,
Provencher, J. Squire, A. M. Mes-Masson, P. N. Tonin,
M. T. Greenwood.