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1171T Frequencies of common splice variants of
prognostically important fusion oncogenes in Pakistani
leukemia patients: Possible implication in leukemia
biology, differential diagnosis, prognosis and
Z. Iqbal, M. Iqbal, A. Aleem, M. I. Naqvi, A. H.
Tahir, T. J. Gill, A. S. Taj, A. Qayyum, N. Ur-Rehman, M.
Ferhan, I. H. Shah, M. Khalid, M. F. Al-Haque, Z. Aziz, W.
X. Qin, A. M. Khalid, M. Khan, S. M. Baig, A. Jameel, M.
N. Abbas, T. Akhtar, Hematology Oncology and
Pharmacogenetic Engineering Sciences Group, Pakistan.
1172T NQO1 expression correlates inversely with NF
activation in human breast cancer.
M. Jamshidi, J.
Bartkova, D. Greco, J. Tommiska, R. Fagerholm, K.
Aittomäki, J. Mattson, K. Villman, R. Vrtel, J. Lukas, P.
Heikkila, C. Blomqvist, J. Bartek, H. Nevanlinna.
1173T Comprehensive characterization of BRCA1/2
mutational spectrum in breast/ovarian cancer patients
from Lithuania.
R. Janavicius, V. Rudaitis, L. Griskevicius.
1174T Linkage study suggests common genetic
determinants for chronic lymphocytic leukemia and
monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis.
T. M. Jarvinen, S.
Liyanarachchi, I. Comeras, L. Senter, G. Lozanski, E.
Hertlein, J. C. Byrd, A. de la Chapelle.
1175T Genome-wide association analysis of
V. Joseph, T. Kirchhoff, J. Brown, D. B.
Yehuda, A. Dutra-Clarke, N. Hansen, J. Przybylo, V.
Devlin, A. Viale, R. Klein, A. Zelenetz, K. Offit.
1176T Elevated levels of oxdatively damaged DNA in
patients with selenoprotein deficiency.
M. Karbaschi, E.
Schoenmakers, M. D. Evans, K. Chatterjee, M. S. Cooke.
1177T Genes in the inflammatory and innate immunity
pathway and prostate cancer.
R. Kazma, J. A. Mefford,
I. Cheng, S. J. Plummer, B. A. Rybicki, G. Casey, J. S.
1178T COX-2 gene polymorphisms (rs20417 and
rs5277) and risk of colorectal cancer.
F. Khorshidi, M.
Mohebbi, M. Montazer Haghighi, M. Yaghoob Taleghani,
B. Damavand, M. Vahedi, M. R. Zali.
1179T Sorting nexin 3 overexpression disrupts EGFR
and MET endosomal trafficking promoting cell
proliferation and tumorigenicity in pediatric
D. Khuong Quang, H. Al-Halabi, T. Haque,
D. Faury, B. Meehan, J. Rak, S. Albrecht, N. Jabado.
1180T Targeted second generation sequencing of
genes with allele-specific gene expression in pediatric
acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells.
A. Kiialainen, P.
Wahlberg, J. Nordlund, O. Karlberg, L. Milani, U. Liljedahl,
T. Flaegstad, G. Jonmundsson, J. Kanerva, K.
Schmiegelow, G. Lönnerholm, A.-C. Syvänen.
1181T Multiplex sequencing of targeted genes for
GWAS fine mapping.
D. Klevebring, M. Neiman, J.
Lindberg, S. Sundling, F. Wiklund, H. Grönberg, K. Czene,
P. Hall.
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1182T Identification of lung adenocarcinoma driver
mutations by pooled exome sequencing and networ
X. Kong, S. Yin, B. Lin, L. Hu.
1183T Cancer specific promoter methylation in
tubulocystic and papillary renal cell carcinomas.
Korabecna, P. Steiner, T. Vanecek, E. Pazourkova, Z.
Musil, M. Hora, O. Hes.
1184T Loss of FADS2 function at 11q13 cancer hot
spot region causes synthesis of unusual butylene-
interrupted fatty acids.
K. S. D. Kothapalli, W. J. Park,
Lawrence, J. T. Brenna.
1185T Genomic characterization of familial lung can
Y. Kukita, K. Taniguchi, J. Okami, M.
Higashiyama, Y. Suzuki, S. Sugano, R. Matoba, J. Kato,
N. Kato, I. Nakamae, T. Kawabata, K. Kodama, K. Kato.
1186T C-Kit and Bcl-2 expression in testicular canc
S. Lai, L. K. Green.
1187T PTGER4 is regulated by ETV6, a transcription
factor implicated in childhood leukemia.
J. Larose, C
Malouf, S. Langlois, D. Sinnett.
1188T Does germline variation in the number of
glutathione S-transferase gene copies affect the ris
of metachronous colorectal neoplasia?
C. Laukaitis,
1189T microRNAs contribute to the chemoresistanc
of cisplatin and paclitaxel in patients with head and
neck squamous cell carcinoma.
A. C. Laus, T. Maced
A. C. Carvalho, C. Scapulatempo Neto, A. L. Carvalho,
Palmero, M. M. C. Marques.
1190T Novel regions of suggestive linkage in African
American hereditary prostate cancer families.
E. M.
Ledet, J. E. Bailey-Wilson, D. M. Mandal.
1191T Evidence for population-based screening of
BRCA1 and BRCA2.
E. Levy-Lahad, E. Gabai-Kapara,
Kaufman, C. Catane, S. Regev, P. Renbaum, U. Beller,
C. King, A. Lahad.
1192T Glioblastoma multiforme: Genomic estimates
tumor purity and revised classification.
B. Li, Y.
Senbabaoglu, W. Peng, J. Li.
1193T Testing for BRCA1/2 mutations in hereditary
breast cancer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
M. A. F. D.
Lima, K. R. L. Souza, A. C. E. Santos, C. H. Costa, A.
Moreira, M. Moreira, F. R. Vargas.
1194T Integrated analysis of prostate cancer for the
identification of biomarkers correlated to recurrent
J. Lindberg, D. Klevebring, W. Liu, O. Laurin,
Neiman, J. Xu, P. Wiklund, F. Wiklund, L. Egevad, H.