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913T Extensive characterization of NF-
B binding
uncovers non-canonical motifs and advances the
interpretation of genetic functional traits.
D. Wong, A.
Teixeira, S. Oikonomopoulos, P. Humburg, I. N. Lone, D.
Saliba, T. Siggers, M. Bulyk, D. Angelov, S. Dimitrov, I.
Udalova, I. Ragoussis.
Technology Advancement
914T Characteristics of an online consumer genetic
research cohort.
J. Y. Tung, N. Eriksson, A. K. Kiefer, J.
M. Macpherson, B. T. Naughton, A. B. Chowdry, C. B. Do,
D. A. Hinds, A. Wojcicki, J. L. Mountain.
915T Simultaneous evaluation of small RNA, whole
transcriptome, whole genome and targeted
resequencing on next-generation sequencing
C. Patel, N. Fong, J. Briggs, Q. Doan, M.
Storm, Y. Sun, P. Kinney, R. Padilla, H. Shepherd, L. Joe,
T. Burcham.
916T Enhancer mixture for amplifying genes with CpG
islands in PCR.
F. De La Cruz-Ruiz, M. C. Martinez-
Lopez, J. L. Cortes-Peñaloza, D. Cadena-Sandoval, E.
917T Non-invasive specimen collection for molecular
diagnostics and point-of-care testing.
C. Dobbin, M.
Abdalla, M. Elmogy, W.-S. Kim, Y. Haj-Ahmad.
918T Measuring the chronology of technology transfer
of molecular genetic discoveries.
F. Rousseau, C.
Lindsay, Y. Giguère, J. Jbilou, R. Landry, N. Amara.
919T DUNES Environment: A suite of tools and
software to support data harmonization and synthesis.
D. Doiron, V. Ferretti, F. L'Heureux, M. Naccache, I. Fortier.
920T Miniaturization and automation of one-step gene
expression using the Access
laboratory workstation
and the Echo® liquid handler.
R. Dyer, C. Glazer, S.
Datwani, J. Barco, T. Allison.
921T Sequencing of expanded CGG repeats in the
E. Loomis, J. Yen, J. Major, F. Tassone, P. J.
922T Next-gen sequencing of HLA class I and class II
exons with GS GType HLA primer sets on the GS
Junior system.
C. S. Teiling, C. Holcomb, B. Hoglund, P.
Moonsamy, B. Simen, E. Blake, K. McGowan, H. A. Erlich.
923T Genetic modification of cancer cells using non-
viral, episomal S/MAR vectors for in vivo tumor
S. P. Wong, O. Argyros, R. Harbottle.
924T High-throughput validation of next-generation
sequencing results from lung cancer samples using a
novel custom genotyping platform.
R. Selzer, K. Lo, J.
Patel, M. Watt, X. Zhang, T. Richmond, M. You, P. Liu, T.
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925T Single-step capture and sequencing of natural
DNA for detection of BRCA1 mutations.
J. Thompso
J. Reifenberger, E. Giladi, K. Kerouac, J. Gill, E. Hansen
A. Kahvejian, P. Kapranov, T. Knope, D. Lipson, K.
Steinmann, P. Milos.
926T Enhanced multiplexing capabilities using the
Agilent Technologies SureSelect
target enrichme
system for fast and easy pre-capture indexing.
Arezi, A. Giuffre, S. Joshi, H. Ravi, M. McCarthy, K. Che
J. Ong, B. Novak, M. Visitacion, M. Hamady, C. Pabón-
Peña, F. Useche, E. Lin, W. Liu, S. Hunt, D. Roberts, S.
Happe, E. Leproust.
927T Automating high-throughput production of
libraries for massively parallel sequencing platforms
Bishop, M. Allen, W. Zhang, D. Mandelman, M. Landers
A. Harris, R. Bennett.
928T Next-generation sequencing high-throughput
solution for illumina fragment library sample
M. E. Blair, K. L. Marshall, R. Zhang, A.
929T A stream-lined process for Amplicon
resequencing using Ion Torrent’s personal genome
machine coupled with Fluidigm’s access array.
Boland, D. Roberson, J. Bacior, V. Lonsberry, A. McCar
A. May, M. Pieperzyk, M. Yeager, K. B. Jacobs, A. A.
Hutchinson, S. J. Chanock.
930T Genetics, meet genomics: Using SNPs to guid
variant discovery in sequencing data.
R. Daber, S.
Mulchandani, J. Ganesh, M. Mennuti, E. A. Tsai, H. C. L
B. A. Haber, P. F. Whitington, L. K. Conlin, H. Hakonars
N. B. Spinner.
931T Real-time data quality feedback for next-
generation sequencing of a breast cancer whole
transcriptome library.
R. Fish, S. Ngola, M.-Y. Shen, L.
Jones, J. Ziegle, N. Fong, K. Perry, S. Chang, L. Lua, L.
Liu, M. Mariano, A. Vadapalli, L. Xu, S. Yerramalli, E.
Wang, C. Yang, L. Joe.
932T Targeted resequencing on Illumina’s MiSeq:
Methods for rapid validation and cost effective
extension studies of putative genetic variants.
Fisher, C. Russ, J. Flannick, N. Burtt, M. DePristo, W.
Winckler, M. Carneiro, M. Parkin, J. Abreu, R. Hegarty,
Perrin, T. DeSmet, M. Coole, J. Meldrim, C. Nusbaum,
Nicol, S. Gabriel.
933T Automation method suite for NGS downstream
applications: PCR cleanup, real-time qPCR
quantification, normalization and pooling using Bio
FXp Laboratory Automation Workstation.
A. Jackson,
R. Zhang, K. Marshall, M. Blair, J. Schlitz.
934T Target enrichment for human Kinome RNA and
DNA sequencing.
E. Lin, A. Giuffre, B. Novak, M.
Visitacion, M. Hamady, F. Useche, V. Kulkarni, W. Liu, T.
Fjelsted, C. Pabón-Peña, S. Hunt, D. Roberts, S. Happ
E. Leproust.