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891T Genome-wide association study in the GAIT
project disclose sex-specific regulation of
mitochondrial DNA levels.
S. Lopez, A. Buil, J. C. Souto,
J. Casademont, J. Blangero, A. Martínez, L. Rib, J.
Fontcuberta, L. Almasy, J. M. Soria.
892T Genome-wide association study of juvenile
idiopathic arthritis identifies novel susceptibility loci
associated with early disease onset.
M. Marion, P.
Ramos, M. Sudman, M. Ryan, M. Tsoras, S. Kramer, M.
Wagner, D. Glass, C. Langefeld, S. Thompson.
893T A three-stage genome-wide association study in
progressive multiple sclerosis.
F. Martinelli Boneschi, P.
Brambilla, F. Esposito, H. Abderrahim, M. Rodegher, B.
Colombo, L. Moiola, V. Martinelli, J. Hillert, E. Lindstrom,
H. F. Harbo, A. B. Oturai, J. Wojcik, D. Booth, T. J.
Kilpatrick, G. Stewart, J. Stankovich, J. Rubio, G. Comi.
894T Evaluating genomic copy number variations in a
Brazilian population of adult sickle cell anemia
patients with and without stroke complication.
Menaa, MA. Bezerra, A. Silva Araujo, G. Ananina, P.
Rodrigues Souza da Cruz, G. Pereira Gil, F. Ferreira Costa,
M. Barbosa de Melo.
895T Translation of genomic medicine: Use of GWAS
studies for drug repositioning.
V. Mooser, P. Agarwal, M.
Barnes, L. Cardon, P. Sanseau.
896T A genome-wide association study identifies the
association of HLA-DP locus with chronic hepatitis B
and viral clearance.
N. Nishida, H. Sawai, Y. Mawatari,
M. Yamaoka, A. Koike, K. Matsuura, Y. Tanaka, M.
Sugiyama, k. Ito, M. Mizokami, K. Tokunaga.
897T Genome-wide association study identified new
susceptibility loci for Kawasaki disease.
Y. Onouchi, K.
Ozaki, J. C. Burns, C. Shimizu, M. Terai, H. Hamada, H.
Suzuki, T. Suenaga, Y. Suzuki, K. Yasukawa, R. Ebata, T.
Saji, Y. Kemmotsu, K. Ouchi, F. Kishi, T. Yoshikawa, T.
Nagai, K. Hamamoto, Y. Sato, K. Sasago, A. Takahashi, N.
Kamatani, M. Kubo, T. Tsunoda, A. Hata, Y. Nakamura, T.
898T GWAS in neurofibromatosis type 1: Progress
A. Pemov, H. Sung, A. F. Wilson, D. R. Stewart.
899T Genome-wide association of structural MRI data
identifies variants associated with amygdala volume.
M. A. Sleiman, T. Satterthwaite, K. Ruparel, C. Kim, R.
Chiavacci, J. Richard, M. E. Calkins, R. C. Gur, J.
Loughead, R. E. Gur, H. Hakonarson.
900T A genome-wide association study examining
obese factors in an Arab family with a history of type 2
G. Tay, H. Alsafar, H. Cordell, S. Jamieson, K.
Khazanehdari, R. Francis, J. Blackwell.
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901T Meta-analysis of genome-wide association
studies identifies novel loci for lung function.
M. D.
Tobin, M. Soler Artigas, D. W. Loth, L. V. Wain, S. A.
Gharib, M. Obeidat, W. Tang, B. H. Stricker, P. Elliott, G
O'Connor, D. P. Strachan, S. J. London, I. P. Hall, V.
Gudnason, SpiroMeta Consortium, CHARGE Consortiu
902T Genome-wide association analysis of rare
variants with type 2 diabetes.
M. E. Travers, R. Magi,
Chen, K. Gaulton, A. L. Gloyn, M. I. McCarthy, I.
Prokopenko, A. P. Morris.
903T Genome-wide association study results in dbG
Z. Wang, Y. Jin, M. Xu, Y. Shao, M. Kimura, R.
Bagoutdinov, N. Popova, J. Paschall, N. Sharopova, S.
Pretel, A. Sturcke, L. Hao, L. Ziyabari, L. Phan, S. Sherr
M. Feolo.
904T A new reference dataset for imputing common
and uncommon SNPs.
Z. Wang, K. B. Jacobs, M.
Yeager, A. Hutchinson, J. Sampson, M. Tucker, S. J.
905T Genome-wide association study identifies nov
susceptibility candidates for Kawasaki disease.
J. W
Y. Lee, F. Tsai, L. Chang, Y. Liu, Y. Chen, C. Chen, Y.
906T In search of genetic attributors of handedness.
M. Xu, G. Pare, P. Kraft, E. B. Rimm, D. J. Hunter, D.
Chasman, J. Han.
907T Bimodality filtering to prioritize genes for eQTL
analysis of allelic imbalance.
K. Azad, B. Ge, T.
Pastinen, C. M. T. Greenwood.
908T A linear complexity HMM phasing method for
unrelateds and nuclear families.
O. Delaneau, J.
Marchini, J. F. Zagury.
909T RNA polymorphisms: Impact on the
transcriptome and on complex traits.
E. R. Gamazon
D. S. Park, N. J. Cox.
910T TAG-PCR allows rapid high-throughput
sequencing of targeted genomic regions in pooled
barcode-labeled samples.
G. Haller, C. Cruchaga, A.
911T High-throughput single molecule DNA mappin
E. T. Lam, A. Hastie, D. S. Ehrlich, D.
Somas, M. D. Austin, P. Deshpande, C. Lin, H. Cao, M.
Xiao, P.-Y. Kwok.
912T Genomic analysis of 15q duplication/deletion
disorders reveals differential regulation of genes wit
FOXP1 and NF-Y binding sites.
L. Reiter, T. J. Bischell
W. Taylor, N. Urraca.