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868T Optimized automation of next-generation,
multiplexed DNA sequencing.
E. A. Phillips, S. R. Austin,
A. N. Gracien, M. R. Annable, C. E. Igartua, B. P. Munson,
M. B. Mynsberg, K. M. Sawatzki, M. L. Tackett, L. A.
Urquhart, B. W. Paeper, J. D. Smith, E. H. Turner, M. J.
Rieder, D. A. Nickerson.
869T The totalome, towards a complete description of
a sample.
M. Rhodes, M. Storm, Y. Sun, N. Fong, J.
Ichikawa, G. Meredith, C. Adams, B. Nutter, A. Tobler.
870T Combining short (Illumina) and long (PacBio)
NGS reads to improve de novo genome assemblies of
rice and
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Schatz, M. delaBastide, M. Muller, L. Gelley, E. Antoniou,
R. McCombie.
871T An updated assembly model for the human
reference genome.
V. A. Schneider, P. Flicek, T. Graves,
T. Hubbard, D. Church for Genome Reference Consortium
and NCBI Genome Annotation Team.
872T Extensive genomic diversity identified through
massively parallel sequencing of eighteen Korean
J. Seo, Y. Ju, J. Kim, S. Kim, D. Hong, S.
Lee, H. Park, C. Lee.
873T Resequencing of lipid and glucose associated
genes in two large Finnish cohorts.
S. K. Service, T. M.
Teslovich, D. Koboldt, C. Fuchsberger, V. Ramensky, M.
McLellan, Q. Zhang, R. P. Welch, H. M. Stringham, W.
Schierding, C. Sabatti, V. Magrini, R. Fulton, L. Ding, L.
Peltonen, M. R. Jarvelin, M. I. McCarthy, F. Collins, R. N.
Bergman, K. L. Mohlke, J. Tuomilehto, R. Wilson, M.
Boehnke, N. B. Freimer.
874T Targeted resequencing of SLE susceptible loci.
K. Wakeland, E. Rai, B. Wakeland, C. Liang, N. Olsen, D.
Karp, G. Wiley, K. Kaufman, J. Harley, P. Gaffney.
875T Exome sequencing in autism spectrum disorder.
S. Walker, A. Prasad, C. R. Marshall, S. L. Pereira, L. Lau,
J. Foong, E. Cheran, J. Howe, O. Buske, M. Dzamba, M.
Fiume, B. Thiruvahindrapuram, M. Brudno, S. W. Scherer.
876T Long range sequence scaffolding of large
genomes using the Argus
Optical Mapping System.
N. Xiao, R. Ptashkin, T. Anantharaman, B. Zhu, D.
Sweeney, X. Xun, J. Henkhaus.
877T Whole genome sequencing of one 100-year old
and one discordant MZ twin pair.
K. Ye, M. Beekman, E.
Lameijer1, J. Houwing-Duistermaat, D. Kremer, K. Raine,
B. Blackburne, S. Potluri, R. van der Breggen, R.
Westendorp, P. 't Hoen, J. den Dunnen, G. van Ommen,
G. Willemse, D. Cox, Z. Ning, D. Boomsma, E. Slagboom.
878T Identification of novel loci for hereditary cataract
in dogs.
S. Ahonen, SL. Ricketts, C. Mellersh, H. Lohi.
879T A genome-wide association meta-analysis
reveals new childhood obesity loci.
J. P. Bradfield, S. F.
A. Grant, Early Growth Genetics Consortium.
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880T The Axiom® Genomic Database and the Axio
Design Center: Designing custom genotyping arrays
made easy.
J. Burrill, J. Bleyhl, Y. Lu, D. Le, R. Shigeta
W. Short, A. Tracy, R. Wheeler, B. Wong, Y. Zhan.
881T A genome-wide search for non-UGT1A1 marke
associated with unconjugated bilirubin level reveals
significant association with a polymorphic marker in
gene of the nucleoporin family.
S. Datta, A. Chowdhu
M. Ghosh, K. Das, P. Jha, R. Colah, M. Mukerji, P. P.
882T Genome-wide association analysis of lactose
consumption measured longitudinally identifies a no
variant 500kb downstream of the LCT gene region.
M. Eny, S. B. Bull, A. J. Canty, L. Sun, A. P. Boright, S.
Hosseini, P. A. Cleary, J. Lachin, A. D. Paterson, DCCT/
EDIC Research Group.
883T Identification of candidate genes of complex
diseases through an integrated analysis of genome-
wide association studies and expression quantitativ
trait loci.
C. K. Fuller, X. He, H. Li.
884T Implication of European-derived adiposity loci
African Americans.
J. Hester, J. Li, P. Hicks, C.
Langefeld, B. Freedman, D. Bowden, M. Ng.
885T Toward a deep catalog of results from >1,000
genome-wide association studies.
A. Johnson, R.
Leslie, C. O'Donnell.
886T Fine mapping and biological functional study o
14q24.1 breast cancer susceptibility locus.
P. S. Lee,
P. Fu, J. Figueroa, L. Prokunina-Olsson, S. Chanock,
Cancer Genetic Markers of Susceptibility Consortium.
887T Genome-wide association study identified 3q1
and 6p12 as candidate loci for childhood eczema.
Leung, H. Y. Sy, S. S. Wang, A. P. S. Kong, I. H. S. Cha
L. Y. Tse, W. C. Chan, G. W. K. Wong, J. C. N. Chan, K.
888T A replication study of two genetic variants for
bone mineral density variation in Caucasians.
J. Li, L
S. Zhang, H. G. Hu, Y. J. Liu, P. Yu, F. Zhang, T. L. Yan
Q. Tian, Y. P. Zheng, Y. Guo, H. W. Deng.
889T Genome-wide association study of hematologi
traits among African American children.
J. Li, P.
Sleiman, C. Kim, C. Hou, J. Glessner, F. Mentch, H.
Zhang, Y. Guo, S. L. Furth, H. Hakonarson.
890T Multi-cohort genome-wide association study
reveals a new signal of protection against HIV-1
S. Limou, O. Delaneau, D. van Manen, P. A
E. Sezgin, S. Le Clerc, C. Coulonges, J. L. Troyer, J. H.
Veldink, L. H. van den Berg, J. L. Spadoni, L. Taing, T.
Labib, M. Montes, J. F. Delfraissy, F. Schachter, S. J.
O'Brien, S. Buchbinder, M. L. van Natta, D. A. Jabs, P.
Froguel, H. Schuitemaker, J. F. Zagury, C. A. Winkler.