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827T Integrative analysis of genotype and gene
expression data from blood and sputum samples
identifies potential functional mechanisms for COPD
genetic risk loci.
P. Castaldi, W. Qiu, M. Cho, J. Riley, W.
Anderson, D. Singh, P. Bakke, A. Gulsvik, A. Litonjua, D.
Lomas, J. Crapo, T. Beaty, B. Celli, S. Renard, R. Tal-
Singer, S. Fox, E. Silverman, C. Hersh.
828T Genome-wide association study for central
adiposity in African Americans.
C.-T. Liu, K. L. Monda,
K. C. Taylor, L. Lange, A. Adeyemo, M. Allison, D. M.
Becker, L. F. Bielak, I. Borecki, G. Burke, C. Carlson, M. K.
Evans, J. N. Hirschhorn, E. K. Kabagambe, Y. Liu, C.
Palmer, G. Papanicolaou, S. Paterl, P. Schreiner, H. Taylor,
L. R. Yanek, E. W. Demerath, L. A. Cupples, K. E. North,
C. S. Fox on behalf of African American Central Adiposity
Consortium and CARe Consortium.
829T A unifying framework for analyzing rare variant
quantitative trait associations in selected samples:
Application to sequence data.
D. J. Liu, R. C. Banuelos,
S. M. Leal.
830T Million Veteran Progam: Department of Veterans
Affairs longitudinal cohort for genomic and
epidemiologic research.
S. Muralidhar, R. Przygodzki, M.
J. Gaziano, J. Concato, L. D'Avolio, L. Fiore, M. Brophy, T.
J. O'Leary.
831T Determining the genomic factors of sickle cell
disease severity among West African children.
Quinlan, Y. Idaghdour, E. Gbeha, A. Sanni, M. C. Rahimy,
P. Awadalla.
832T Who will be the biggest loser? GWAS reveals
clues about response to gastric bypass.
E. Rinella, C.
Still, Y. Shao, G. C. Wood, X. Chu, G. Gerhard, H. Ostrer.
833T Does predisposition to unhealthy eating behavior
share genetic variants with genes influencing obesity?
A genome-wide association study on eating behavior
and obesity indices.
Y. Yang, D. H. Lee, M. Lee, Y. M.
Song, J. Sung.
834T A genome-wide screen of gene-gene interactions
for osteoporosis susceptibility.
F. P. Zhao, T. L. Yang, Y.
Guo, H. Shen, Q. Tian, H. W. Deng.
835T Genome-wide association study of early-onset
myasthenia gravis: Identification of TNIP1 and
evidence for multiple autoimmune loci.
R. Kosoy, M. F.
Seldin, A. Lee, J. Lamb, N. Wilcox, F. Piehl, R. Pirskanen,
J. J. G. M. Verschuuren, M. Titulaer, J. Sussman, D.
McKee, A. Maniaol, A. Elsais, C. Tallaksen, B. A. Lie, H. F.
Harbo, B. Tackenberg, M. Pütz, H.-J. Garchon, A. Melms,
L. Hammarstrom, P. K. Gregersen, Myasthenia Gravis
Genetics Consortium.
836T Association of SLE specific susceptibility alleles
with ANA production or transition to disease.
P. Raj, D.
R. Karp, Q. Z. Li, P. Doshi, N. Olsen, K. Moser, J. A. Kelly,
E. K. Wakeland.
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837T Direct assessment and validation of allele-
specific transcription factor binding in the human
A. Schiavi, V. Adoue, S. Busche, B. Ge, T. Kw
T. Pastinen.
838T Evaluation of oral samples and tracheal fluid
collection from premature newborns as a source of
DNA for genotyping.
J. Niles, V. Biran, R. M. Iwasiow.
839T Rare functional variants in CFH, LIPC, and TLR
segregate with severe bilateral AMD in multiplex
families negative for known risk alleles.
J. Ayala-Hae
A. G. Martinez, W. Cade, I. Konidari, A. Agarwal, S. G.
Schwartz, J. L. Kovach, G. Wang, W. K. Scott, J. L.
Haines, M. A. Pericak-Vance.
840T Using genomic markers to stratify risk for
prostate cancer: A case study and literature review.
Davies, A. Lionel, L. Velsher, R. Singal, J. Aw.
841T Genome-wide association study for the
personality trait in Korean women.
H. Kim, S. Kim, C.
Hong, E. Lee, Y. Sung, H. Chung, J. Lee, H. Kim.
842T Genome-wide association study of systemic
lupus erythematosus specific autoantibodies to Sm
Sm D1 and 60 kD Ro peptide epitope in European
C. P. Lin, I. Adrianto, J. A. Kelly, K. M.
Kaufman, J. Anderson, L. Curley, S. B. Glenn, J. B. Harl
P. M. Gaffney, K. L. Moser, J. A. James, C. G.
843T Rapid identification of mutations responsible f
Mendelian disorders.
J. Majewski, J. Schwartzentrube
E. Lalonde, R. Koenekoop, E. Shoubridge, N. Jabado,
Rosenblatt, RaDiCAL.
844T Admixture analyses identifies a region on 19q1
associated with femoral neck bone mineral density i
African American women from the Women’s Health
Initiative-SNP Health Association Resource.
Sucheston, H. Ochs-Balcom, L. Preus, N. Johnson, F.
Zakharia, H. Tang, N. Risch, C. Carty, Z. Chen, C. B.
Ambrosone, J. Nie, M. Neuhouser, S. Liu, M. Seldin, C.
Carlson, C. Hutter, C. L. Thompson, R. Jackson, C.
Kooperberg, U. Peters, J. Wactawski-Wende.
845T DNA methylation in early-stage non-small cell
lung cancer.
N. Tonisson, K. Kirotar, T. Vooder, R. Kold
K. Välk, R. Roosipuu, L. Milani, K. Fischer, M. Solovjova
T. Annilo, A. Metspalu.
846T Whole exome sequencing of populations of
African ancestry.
A. Adeyemo, D. Hernandez, J. R.
Gibbs, A. Doumatey, H. Huang, D. Shriner, J. Adeleye,
Balogun, J. Zhou, O. Fasanmade, T. Johnson, J. Oli, G.
Okafor, A. Amoah, B. Eghan, K. Agyenim-Boateng, J.
Acheampong, C. Adebamowo, A. Singleton, C. Rotimi.