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806T Integrated transcriptome and enhancer networks
during inner ear hair cell regeneration by Next-Gen
sequence analysis.
Y. Ku, N. Renaud, R. Veile, C. Helms,
M. Warchol, M. Lovett.
807T Genome-wide gene expression study of
peripheral blood monocytes for osteoporosis.
H. Shen,
Y. Chen, T. Xu, C. H. Yi, Y. Z. Liu, H. W. Deng.
808T Admixture mapping of fat mass in African
American women identifies region on 3q13.31.
Preus, L. E. Sucheston, J. Wactawski-Wende, N. Johnson,
F. Zakharia, H. Tang, N. Risch, C. Ambrosone, C. Carlson,
C. Carty, Z. Chen, C. Hutter, R. Kaplan, C. Kooperberg, S.
Liu, M. Neuhouser, U. Peters, C. Thompson, H. M. Ochs-
809T A genome-wide association study for primary
open-angle glaucoma: Results from the NEIGHBOR
and GLAUGEN consortia.
B. L. Yaspan, J. L. Wiggs, M.
A. Hauser, J. H. Kang, L. M. Olson, R. R. Allingham, D. L.
Budenz, H. Chin, D. S. Friedman, D. Gaasterland, T.
Gaasterland, C. Laurie, R. K. Lee, P. Lichter, S. Loomis, Y.
Liu, S. Moroi, A. Realini, J. E. Richards, J. S. Schuman, K.
Singh, D. Vollrath, R. Weinreb, G. Wollstein, D. Zach, K.
Zhang, M. A. Pericak-Vance, L. R. Pasquale, J. L. Haines.
810T Triplet domain hyper-amplification drove human-
lineage specific DUF1220 domain expansion.
O'Bleness, L. Dumas, H. Kehrer-Sawatzki, G. Wyckoff, J.
811T Identification of non-coding elements as
candidate sequences associated with diseases.
Henrion, M. Naville, M. Girard, C. Mugnier, S. Bandiera, A.
Munnich, M. Le Merrer, S. Lyonnet, H. Roest Crollius.
812T Development of a novel multiplex assay for major
Y haplogroup assignment.
T. D. Parrish, A. E. Justice, S.
M. Johnson, K. G. Beaty, C. Phillips-Krawczak, P.
Williams, M. H. Crawford.
813T Alzheimer’s disease susceptibility loci: Evidence
for natural selection and altered gene expression.
Raj, J. M. Shulman, B. T. Keenan, L. B. Chibnik, D. A.
Evans, D. A. Bennett, B. E. Stranger, P. L. De Jager.
814T Co-existence of hemoglobin D and IVSII-5 in the
same allele of beta globin gene in Iranian population.
N. Bayat, F. Daneshimehr, S. Jalilnejad, N. Faramarzi, H.
Imanian, A. Azarkeivan, H. Najmabadi.
815T Vitamin D sufficiency modulates the effect of
polymorphisms on bronchodilator response in
A. C. Wu, B. E. Himes, K. Tantisira, S. T.
Weiss, A. Litonjua.
816T Keeping it in the family.
E. Bruford, L. Daugherty,
M. Lush, R. Seal, M. Wright.
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817T Genetic risk factors associated with systemic
lupus erythematosus in reactive intermediate genes
vary across African ancestries.
J. Oates, D. Kamen,
Gaffney, C. Langefeld, J. Kelly, K. Kaufman, R. Kimberly
Niewold, C. Jacob, B. Tsao, E. Brown, M. Petri, R.
Ramsey-Goldman, J. Reveille, L. Vila, J. James, J.
Guthridge, J. Merrill, S. Boackle, B. Freedman, H.
Scofield, A. Stevens, T. Vyse, L. Criswell, K. Moser, M.
Alarcon-Riquelme, J. Harley, G. Gilkeson, P. Ramos.
818T Tailored pathway-based analysis identifies
significant enrichment of apoptosis-related genes
associated with cardiac manifestations of neonatal
P. Ramos, M. Marion, C. Langefeld, J. Buyon, R.
819T Identification of IL6R and chromosome 11q13.
as risk loci for asthma.
M. A. R. Ferreira, M. C.
Matheson, D. L. Duffy, G. B. Marks, J. Hui, P. Le Souef,
Baltic, G. Willemsen, W. Ang, M. Kuokkanen, J. Beilby,
Cheah, A. Ramasamy, S. Vedantam, P. A. Madden, A.
Heath, J. L. Hopper, M.-R. Jarvelin, D. I. Boomsma, J.
Hirschhorn, H. Walters, N. G. Martin, A. James, G. Jon
M. J. Abramson, C. F. Robertson, S. C. Dharmage, M.
Brown, G. W. Montgomery, P. J. Thompson, Australian
Asthma Genetics Consortium.
820T Association of polymorphisms of the TNIP1 ge
with celiac disease.
R. McManus, A. W. Ryan, M. P.
Sperandeo, C. Coleman, L. Greco, G. Turner.
821T Genetic determinants and racial differences in
childhood asthma.
T. Mersha, M. Butsch Kovacic, J.
Biagini Myers, L. Martin, M. Lindsey, T. Patterson, H. H
M. Ericksen, J. Gupta, A. Tsoras, A. Lindsley, M.
Rothenberg, M. Wills-Karp, N. Eissa, L. Borish, G.
822T Whole genome sequencing and rare variant
analyses of a multiplex bipolar pedigree.
J. Xing, C.
Huff, B. Moore, R. Robinson, J. Ross, M. D. Yandell, J.
Badner, W. Byerley.
823T Genetic variation on inducible gene expression
H. J. French, K. Hardy, M. F. Shannon, R. B. H. William
824T Genetic variation of FGF-23 gene associates w
phosphate homeostasis and bone health in Finnish
children and adolescents.
M. Pekkinen, H. T. Viljakain
R. Mäkitie, C. Laine, O. Mäkitie.
825T Known bone mineral density (BMD)-associated
SNP allele frequencies reflect trends in average
population BMD across European, Asian and Africa
M. Ramsay, A. Choudhury.
826T Combined haplotype sharing analysis and QTL
mapping for identification of disease risk alleles.
Sadeghi, S. Müller, A. Recke, S. Möller, U. Samavedam,
Zillikens, S. M. Ibrahim, R. J. Ludwig.