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759T Silver-Russell syndrome : Phenotypic comparison
between patients with
-DMR epimutations and
those with upd(7)mat, and 3 unique cases of SRS.
Fuke-Sato, K. Yamazawa, K. Matsubara, M. Kagami, K.
Nakabayashi, K. Hata, T. Ogata.
760T Identification of candidate epimutations in
schizophrenia and autism brain samples.
J. Ge, K.
Mohan, J. Wiszniewska, A. Beaudet.
761T DNA methylation and gene expression changes
in monozygotic twins discordant for psoriasis:
Identification of functionally important genes involved
in immune response.
K. Gervin, G. Gilfillan, M. D.
Vigeland, M. Mattingsdal, M. Hammerø, H. Nygård, A. O.
Olsen, I. Brandt, J. R. Harris, D. E. Undlien, R. Lyle.
762T Role of epigenetic dysregulation in
neurodevelopmental syndromes: Lessons from
D. Grafodatskaya, B. H. Y. Chung, D. T.
Butcher, S. Goodman, S. Choufani, Y. Lou, C. Zhao, R.
Rajendram, F. E. Abidi, C. Skinner, J. Hamilton, S. W.
Scherer, C. E. Schwartz, R. Weksberg.
763T Whole DNA methylome profiling and correlative
gene expression analysis in the temporal cortex tissue
of 28 autism cases and controls.
S. G. Gregory, G.
Meredith, J. K. Beaver, C. Lintas, K. Garbett, K. Mirnics, J.
Klizer, A. M. Persico, G. Marnellos, M. Landers.
764T Genome-wide and allele-specific differences in
DNA methylation in Mexican-American children.
Holland, P. Yousefi, K. Harley, R. Aguilar, K. Huen, S.
Venkat, L. Barcellos, B. Eskenazi.
765T Genome-wide hypermethylation and
hypomethylation in renal cell carcinoma.
C. L. Hsiao, C.
S. J. Fann, W. H. Weng, C. K. Chuang, B. T. Teh, S. T.
766T Allele-specific methylation — Epigenetics, GWAS
and autoimmune disease.
J. N. Hutchinson, J.
Fagerness, A. Gimelbrant, A. Zak, M. J. Daly, J. M.
Seddon, A. Chess, R. M. Plenge.
767T Neuronal methylome mapping in bipolar disorder
and schizophrenia.
K. Iwamoto, M. Bundo, J. Ueda, T.
Asai, T. Miyauchi, A. Komori-Kokubo, K. Kasai, T. Kato.
768T Genome-wide epigenetic regulation by early-life
B. Labonte, M. Suderman, G. Maussion, Y.
Volodymyr, I. Mahar, A. Bureau, N. Mechawar, M. Szyf, M.
J. Meaney, G. Turecki.
769T DNA methylation analysis of induced pluripotent
stem cells using methyl-CpG binding domain protein
captured sequencing.
D. S. Lee, J. Y. Shin, Y. S. Ju, J. I.
Kim, A. Nagy, J. S. Seo.
770T The epigenetic modification of FLI1 in the
colorectal cancer.
S. K. Lee, J. W. Moon, J. O. Lee, J. H.
Kim, G. Y. You, J. Kim, H. S. Kim, S. H. Park.
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771T Differential DNA methylation in TrkB gene in
frontal cortex of suicide completers.
G. Maussion, C.
Ernst, J. Yang, N. Mechawar, G. Turecki.
772T The promoter hypermethylation of ADHFE1 ge
in the colorectal cancer.
J. W. Moon, S. K. Lee, J. H.
Kim, G. Y. You, J. O. Lee, J. Kim, H. S. Kim, S. H. Park.
Gene Structure and Gene Product
773T Phosphodiesterase 11A (Pde11a) expression in
mouse tissues and characterization of a Pde11a
mouse knock-out model.
I. Levy, M. Starost, E. Ball, F
Faucz, S. Koliavasillis, A. Horvath, K. Tsang, K. Nedella,
M. Alatsatianos, M. Nesterova, C. Stratakis.
774T Phylogenomics studies and structuralist model
P. Grigoriu, Bogota.
775T Replacement of the myotonic dystrophy type 1
CTG repeat with ‘non-CTG repeat’ insertions in
specific tissues.
M. M. Axford, A. Lopez-Castel, M.
Nakamori, C. A. Thornton, C. E. Pearson.
776T Blood platelet as a new model to study the
interactions of the Fragile X mental retardation prot
with the cytoskeleton.
A. J. Meunier, F. Corbin.
777T The role of AGG interruptions in the
repeat during transmission in a clinical sample.
Yrigollen, B. Durbin-Johnson, R. J. Hagerman, F. Tasso
778T Differential functional analyses of
C. P. Hsu, B. Moghadaszadeh, B. E. Rider, A
H. Beggs.
779T Genome-wide expression profiling implicates a
controlled gene set in colonic mucosal
inflammation of ulcerative colitis patients.
C. Labbé,
Boucher, S. Foisy, A. Alikashani, H. Nkwimi, G. David,
Beaudoin, P. Goyette, G. Charron, J. D. Rioux.
780T BAC-based small-molecule screen to investiga
regulation of the macular degeneration candidate g
J. D. Hoffman, P. C. Mayo, N. C. Schnetz-
Boutaud, D. P. Mortlock, J. L. Haines.
781T Determination of SNPs in miR-9 genes related
regions in alcoholism using COGA samples.
Y. Wang
O. Anees, N. Kinstlinger, A. Pietrzykowski.
782T Deciphering of the molecular events governing
hMSH4 protein homeostasis in human cells.
Y. Xu, C
783T Clinical and genetic characteristics of patients
with X-linked deafness.
R. Birkenhager, E. Prera, N.
Lueblinghoff, S. Arndt, A. Aschendorff, R. Laszig.