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733T Adjusting rare variant association tests for
population stratification using the stratification score.
G. A. Satten, Q. Ling, M. P. Epstein, A. S. Allen.
734T Statistics for global scanning of gene sets using
genome-wide association studies.
D. J. Schaid, J. P.
Sinnwell, S. K. McDonnell, G. D. Jenkins.
735T Genome-wide association study reveals
genetically distinct phenotypic subtypes of age-related
macular degeneration distinct.
M. Schu, G. Jun, M. A.
Morrison, J. Farrell, I. K. Kim, D. J. Morgan, G. S.
Hageman, L. A. Farrer, M. M. DeAngelis.
736T Quality assessment of parallelization strategy for
genome-wide imputation using beagle.
H. Sicotte, M.
de Andrade, M. E. Matsumoto, N. Prodduturi, J. P.
737T Free controls and two-stage designs: An
opportunity to reduce cost and increase power.
A. D.
Skol, S. A. Stanhope.
738T Incorporating genetic ancestry into risk
prediction models.
N. Solovieff, C. Baldwin, M.
Steinberg, T. Perls, P. Sebastiani.
739T Increasing power of groupwise association test
with likelihood ratio test.
J. Sul, B. Han, E. Eskin.
740T Association testing on the X-chromosome in
case-control samples with related individuals.
Thornton, M. S. McPeek.
741T How much information is disclosed from the
margins of high dimensional data?
A. L. Voorman, K. M.
Rice, T. Lumley.
742T Selection of top SNPs for genome-wide
association study using p values and magnitude of
odds ratios.
J. Wang, S. Shete.
743T Follow-up GWAS analysis and in silico candidate
gene study for dental caries in permanent teeth.
Wang, A. R. Vieira, J. R. Shaffer, F. Begum, M. Lee, K. T.
Cuenco, Z. Zheng, D. E. Polk, M. M. Barmada, J. Noel, I.
Anjomshoaa, D. E. Weeks, E. Feingold, M. L. Marazita.
744T Genome-wide characterization of methyl-CpG-
binding protein 2 (MECP2) recruitment in primary
human CD4
T cells.
M. Dozmorov, T. Hughes, R. Webb,
J. D. Wren, A. H. Sawalha.
745T Genome-wide identification of new differentially
methylated regions associated with imprinted genes.
C. Borel, F. Cheung, A. Guilmatre, B. Steiner, H. Brunner,
D. Mackay, G. Perez de Nanclares, T. Eggermann, G.
Gimelli, C. Schwartz, J. Vermeesch, P. Papenhausen, C.
Ruivenkamp, A. J. Sharp.
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746T Detection of epigenetic defects in Korean
patients with Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome and
Silver-Russell syndrome.
G. H. Kim, B. H. Lee, J. J. L
S. H. Choi, J. Y. Lee, H. W. Yoo.
747T The role of Ube3a-ATS in Ube3a imprinting an
Angelman syndrome.
L. Meng, R. Person, A. Beaudet.
748T High resolution methylation map in suicide
C. Nagy, M. Suderman, C. Ernst, M. Szyf,
Mechawar, G. Turecki.
749T Large scale genome-wide methylation analysis
K. Aberg, J. McClay, G. Rudolf, S.
Nerrella, J. Bukszar, L. Xie, A. Hudson, A. Khachane, S.
Vunck, S. Snider, P. Beardsley, C. Hultman, P. K. E.
Magnusson, P. Sullivan, E. van den Oord.
750T Friedreich ataxia demonstrates increased level
of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine within the FXN gene.
Mahdawi, C. Sandi, M. Pook.
751T Genomic and epigenomic analysis of primate
species-specific DNA methylation variation.
C. G. Be
G. A. Wilson, L. M. Butcher, S. Beck.
752T Genome-wide MeDIP-sequencing profiles iden
differentially methylated regions in monozygotic twi
discordant for pain sensitivity.
J. T. Bell, A. K. Loomis,
B. Zhang, C. L. Hyde, G. J. Brock, I. D. Harrow, L. M.
Butcher, R. McEwen, J. M. Harris, F. M. K. Williams, S.
Beck, S. Phillips, W. Jun, G. Burgess, S. John, T. D.
753T DNA methylation alterations in CHARGE patien
with heterozygous CHD7 mutations.
D. T. Butcher, D.
Grafodatskaya, T. Guha, W. Reardon, B. Gilbert-
Dussardier, A. Verloes, F. Bilan, S. Bowdin, R. Mendoza
Londono, R. Weksberg.
754T Methylation profiling of testicular embryonal
W. Y. Chan, O. M. Rennert, H. H. Cheung.
755T DNA methylation in cerebellum of bipolar
disorder, schizophrenia and depression patients.
Cheng, C. Zhang, J. Badner, C. Chen, E. Gershon, C. Li
756T Differential DNA methylation associated with
anti-dsDNA autoantibody production in systemic lup
S. A. Chung, K. E. Taylor, H. L. Quach,
F. Barcellos, L. A. Criswell.
757T Effect of folic acid supplementation on DNA
methylation among reproductive age women in
K. S. Crider, J. Rosenthal, D. R. Maneval, G.
A. Kauwell, L. B. Bailey.
758T Genomic analysis of site-specific DNA
methylation patterns in primary epithelial ovarian
cancers and endometrial metastases to the ovary.
Elnitski, D. L. Kolbe, T. C. Krivak, J. A. DeLoia, L. C.