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715T Association analyses of 198,846 individuals
identifies 11 new loci associated with body mass
A. E. Locke, S. Vedantam, S. Berndt, F. Day, S.
Gustafsson, D. C. Croteau-Chonka, D. Shungin, A.
Scherag, E. Wheeler, C. Willer, I. Barroso, K. E. North, M.
I. McCarthy, C. M. Lindgren, E. Ingelsson, K. L. Mohlke, R.
J. F. Loos, E. K. Speliotes, J. Hirschhorn, Genetic
Investigation of Anthropometric Traits Consortium.
716T Identification of novel associations using
genome-wide penalized regression for height, white
blood cell count, and platelet count in African
Americans within the Women's Health Initiative.
B. A.
Logsdon, C. L. Carty, A. P. Reiner, J. Y. Dai, C.
717T Leveraging resources in biobanks from the
eMERGE Network: A genome-wide association study
of thyroid stimulating hormone levels in European
Americans and African Americans.
J. R. Malinowski, J.
C. Denny, S. J. Bielinski, M. A. Basford, Y. Bradford, H. S.
Chai, P. L. Peissig, D. Carrell, J. Pathak, R. A. Wilke, L.
Rasmussen, X. Wang, J. A. Pacheco, A. Kho, N. Weston,
M. Matsumoto, K. M. Newton, R. Li, I. J. Kullo, C. G.
Chute, R. L. Chisholm, E. B. Larson, C. A. McCarty, D. R.
Masys, D. M. Roden, M. de Andrade, M. D. Ritchie, D. C.
Crawford on behalf of eMERGE Network.
718T Genome-wide analysis uncovers putative
associations for diabetic retinopathy in individuals
identified from biobanks linked to electronic medical
C. A. McCarty, R. Goodloe, G. Pesicka, L.
Rasmussen, J. C. Denny, C. Blanquicett, C. Waudby, M.
A. Brantley, M. D. Ritchie.
719T Variants mapping to the
locus are
strongly associated with total body mineralization in
children of different ethnic background and with total
body BMD of elderly adults.
C. Medina- Gomez, J. P.
Kemp, K. Estrada, D. Heppe, L. Herrera, L. Oei, A.
Hofman, V. W. Jaddoe, P. H. C. Eilers, D. M. Evans, A. G.
Uitterlinden, J. H. Tobias, F. Rivadeneira.
720T Novel FDR approach identifies genes predictive
of breast cancer survival.
J. Millstein, D. Volfson, E. E.
Schadt, J. Bergh.
721T Searching for genetic interactions in a genome-
wide association study of psoriasis: A comparison of
J. E. Mollon, D. Speed, K. K. Nicodemus, M. E.
722T ROSELLA: Region Oriented Stringent Elastic-net
Logistic Likelihood Analysis.
K. I. Morley, L. Jostins, J.
A. Morris, D. G. Clayton, J. C. Barrett, UK Inflammatory
Bowel Disease Genetics Consortium.
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723T SNPs near CCNL1 associated with infant
adiposity in multi-ethnic mega-analysis with stronge
effect observed in European ancestry newborns.
Morrison, D. A. Scheftner, A. Pluzhnikov, L. P. Lowe, C.
Ackerman, L. Armstrong, A. R. Dyer, H. Lee, M. Urbane
C. McHugh, D. Mirel, B. E. Metzger, M. G. Hayes, N. J.
Cox, W. L. Lowe, HAPO Study Cooperative Research
724T A genome-wide association scan on the levels
inflammatory markers in Sardinia reveals associatio
with genes related with malaria resistance.
S. Naitza
Porcu, P. Scheet, J. Strait, X. Xiao, D. D. Taub, M. Dei,
Lai, A. Mulas, F. Busonero, A. Maschio, G. Usala, M.
Zoledziewska, C. Sidore, M. B. Whalen, D. L. Longo, E.
Lakatta, A. Cao, G. R. Abecasis, D. Schlessinger, M. U
S. Sanna, F. Cucca.
725T Genome-wide linkage and family-based
association analysis in musical aptitude.
J. Oikkonen
Ukkola-Vuoti, P. Onkamo, P. Raijas, K. Karma, I. Järvelä
726T Largest U.K. rheumatoid arthritis genome-wid
association study to date of 8,300 samples
strengthens confirmed loci and highlights more
potential RA genetic risk factors.
G. Orozco, S. Eyre,
Bowes, E. Flynn, A. Barton, J. Worthington.
727T Extremely low-coverage sequencing enables c
effective GWAS.
B. Pasaniuc, N. Rohland, H. Li, N.
Zaitlen, P. McLaren, K. Garimella, L. Liang, P. deBakker,
Sunyaev, N. Patterson, D. Reich, A. L. Price.
729T A Bayesian association testing approach that
accounts for epigenetic characteristics as well as p
molecular and pathway information.
C. Rakovski.
730T Genome-wide meta analyses of human
anthropometric traits across 270,722 individuals rev
6 new genetic associations with evidence for sexual
dimorphism as well as evidence for sexual dimorphi
at 8 previously reported overall genetic associations
J. C. Randall, Z. Kutalik, T. W. Winkler, S. I. Berndt, A.
Jackson, T. O. Kilpeläinen, K. L. Monda, L. Qi, T.
Workalemahu, J. Czajkowski, F. Day, T. Esko, M. F.
Feitosa, R. Mägi, I. Mathieson, V. Steinthorsdottir, G.
Thorleifsson, I. B. Borecki, I. M. Heid, C. M. Lindgren,
J. F. Loos, K. E. North for GIANT Consortium.
731T An evaluation of several statistical approaches
detect rare variants in genome-wide association dat
of Parkinson’s disease.
M. Saad, S. Lesage, A. Brice,
732T Genome-wide association and interaction stud
identify risk alleles for congenital heart defects in
Down syndrome.
M. R. Sailani, P. Makrythanasis, S.
Deutsch, E. Migliavacca, A. J. Sharp, J. M. Delabar, L.
Perez-Jurado, C. Serra-Juhe, G. Merla, S. Vicari, E.
Kanavakis, R. Rabionet, X. Estivill, Y. Grattau, G. Demb
A. Megarbane, R. Touraine.