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695T An empirical approach for inferring polygenic
contributions in genome-wide case-control studies.
Feng, A. Mulas, R. Nagaraja, C. Sidore, M. Uda, S. Sanna,
F. Cucca, D. Schlessinger, G. R. Abecasis, H. M. Kang.
696T Assessing the causes of heterogeneity in GWAS
by combining various eQTL analyses.
T. Flutre, X. Wen,
M. Stephens.
697T eHF-algorithm: A fast and scalable method for
hidden factor analysis in eQTL studies.
C. Gao, J. G.
698T Genotype imputation accuracy for Mexican
Americans using the HapMap Phase 3 reference
X. Gao, P. Marjoram, R. Mckean-Cowdin, M.
Torres, W. J. Gauderman, R. Varma.
699T Genome-wide association study identifies four
loci associated with eruption of permanent teeth.
Geller, B. Feenstra, H. Zhang, J. R. Shaffer, T. Hansen, H.
A. Boyd, E. A. Nohr, N. J. Timpson, D. M. Evans, R. J.
Weyant, S. M. Levy, M. Lathrop, G. Davey Smith, J. C.
Murray, T. Werge, M. L. Marazita, T. I. A. Sorensen, M.
700T Genome-IBDLD: Estimating pairwise relatedness
and individual inbreeding coefficients and discovery of
identity by descent.
L. Han, M. Abney.
701T Use of diverse electronic medical record systems
for a genome-wide association study of type 2
diabetes in European- and African-ancestry
M. G. Hayes, A. Kho, L. L. Armstrong, M. D.
Ritchie, J. A. Pacheco, L. Rasmussen-Torvik, E. M. Just,
J. Denny, D. C. Crawford, P. Peissig, L. V. Rasmussen, W.
Wei, M. de Andrade, I. J. Kullo, D. R. Crosslin, D. Mirel, A.
Crenshaw, K. F. Doheny, E. Pugh, W. A. Wolf, W. L. Lowe,
D. M. Roden, R. L. Chisholm.
702T FaST linear mixed models for genome-wide
association studies.
D. Heckerman, C. Lippert, Y. Liu, C.
Kadie, R. Davidson, J. Listgarten.
703T Genetics of obesity in Mexican Americans in
Starr County, Texas.
H. M. Highland, J. E. Below, E. R.
Gamazon, G. I. Bell, N. J. Cox, C. L. Hanis.
704T The PhenX Toolkit: Facilitating cross-study
analysis in genomic studies.
W. Huggins, H. Pan, K. A.
Tryka, M. J. Phillips, N. Whitehead, V. Bakalov, J. Levy, Y.
Qin, M. Zmuda, D. Jackman, D. Nettles, J. Pratt, J. A.
Hammond, T. Hendershot, D. Maiese, W. R. Harlan, J.
Haines, H. Junkins, E. Ramos, L. C. Strader, C. M.
705T MethLAB — A GUI analysis package for array-
based DNA methylation data.
V. Kilaru, R. T. Barfield, J.
W. Schroeder, A. K. Smith, K. N. Conneely.
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706T No evidence for common genetic basis for
clustering of metabolic syndrome traits.
K. Kristianss
M. Perola, E. Tikkanen, J. Kettunen, I. Surakka, A. S.
Havulinna, A. Stancˇ áková, C. Barnes, E. Kajantie, J. G.
Eriksson, J. Viikari, T. Lehtimäki, O. T. Raitakari, A.-L.
Hartikainen, A. Pouta, A. Jula, A. J. Kangas, P. Soininen
M. Ala-Korpela, S. Männistö, P. Jousilahti, L. L.
Bonnycastle, M.-R. Järvelin, F. S. Collins, M. Laakso, M
E. Hurles, A. Palotie, L. Peltonen, S. Ripatti, V. Salomaa
707T Genome-wide association studies using Bayes
classification with singular value decomposition
identify that nine of the known Crohn's disease
susceptibility loci are associated with disease
prognosis and the need for surgery.
S. Kwon, D.
McGovern, M. Dubinsky, T. Haritunians, S. Targan, K.
Taylor, P. Fleshner, A. Ippoliti, J. Rotter, X. Guo.
708T Identification of gene networks for caries of pi
and fissure versus smooth tooth surfaces through
GWAS and protein network integration.
M. Lee, K. T.
Cuenco, Z. Zhen, J. R. Shaffer, X. Wang, M. M. Barmad
R. J. Weyant, R. J. Crout, D. W. McNeil, D. E. Weeks, E
Feingold, M. L. Marazita.
709T Estimating the magnitude and influence of
genetic marker errors by comparing conventional
WTCCC guideline and further quality control using
family and twin relationship.
D. H. Lee, M. K. Lee, Y.
Song, K. Lee, J. Sung.
710T An evaluation of the accuracy of 1000 Genome
based imputation.
M. Lemire, J. Rangrej, V. Peltekova.
711T Rapid optimization of genotype imputation usi
J. L. Levy, D. B. Hancock, G. P. Page,
O. Johnson.
712T Meta-analysis of genome-wide association
studies identifies additional susceptibility loci for
Y. Li, S. L. Spain, J. Knight, P. E. Stuart, E.
Ellinghaus, H. M. Kang, W. Chen, T. Tejasvi, J. Barker,
R. Abecasis, J. T. Elder, R. P. Nair, A. Franke, R. Tremba
713T Identification of 6 novel susceptibility loci for
androgenetic alopecia and their association with
common disease: A genome-wide association study
R. Li, F. Brockschmidt, A. Kiefer, H. Stefansson, D. R.
Nyholt, K. Song, S. H. Vermeulen, S. Kanoni, D. Glass,
Waterworth, F. Geller, S. Hanneken, S. Moebus, C. Her
G. W. Montgomery, P. Deloukas, N. Eriksson, A. C. Hea
T. Becker, M. Mangino, P. Vollenweider, T. D. Spector, G
Dedoussis, N. G. Martin, L. A. Kiemeney, V. Mooser, K.
Stefansson, D. A. Hinds, M. M. Nöthen, J. B. Richards.
714T The impact of genomic coverage on the power
detect additional variants with genome-wide
association studies.
K. J. Lindquist, E. Jorgenson, T. J
Hoffmann, J. S. Witte.