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670T Genotype calling from next-generation
sequencing data in pedigrees.
S. C. Heath, E. Raineri.
671T Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the promoter
of tumor necrosis factor—
gene in Korean retired
workers exposed to inorganic dusts.
J. Hwang, K. Lee,
J. Shin, J. Lee, B. Choi.
672T Finding genes in Mendelian disorders using
sequence data: Methods and applications.
I. Ionita-
Laza, V. Makarov, J. D. Buxbaum, D. L. Nicolae, X. Lin.
673T A powerful and efficient two-stage design for
next-generation sequencing data analysis using
extreme phenotype sequencing.
G. Kang, D. Lin, M. Li,
J. Chen.
674T The empirical power of rare variant association
methods: Results from Sanger sequencing in 1,998
M. Ladouceur, Z. Dastani, Y. S. Aulchenko, M.
T. Greenwood, J. B. Richards.
675T Quality assurance of variant calling (SNV and
Indels) using next-generation sequencing data.
H. Ling,
H. Kurt, E. Pugh, J. Romm, B. Craig, B. Marosy, K.
676T Smoothed functional principal component
analysis for next-generation association studies.
Luo, Y. Zhu, H. Kang, C. Stidley, E. Boerwinkle, M. Xiong.
677T Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis for
osteoporosis risk.
C. Qiu, H. Shen, J. Li, H. W. Deng.
678T Study design considerations to improve power in
association tests for rare variants.
I. Ruczinski, R.
679T Detection of identity by descent using next-
generation sequencing data.
S. Su, E. Jorgenson.
680T Genome-wide association study of African
Americans implicates multiple lung and inflammatory
disease-associated loci in sarcoidosis susceptibility.
Adrianto, C. P. Lin, J. J. Hale, A. M. Levin, I. Datta, R.
Parker, A. Adler, J. A. Kelly, K. M. Kaufman, C. J. Lessard,
K. L. Moser, M. C. Iannuzzi, B. A. Rybicki, C. G.
681T Fine-scale association mapping of the xMHC-
region in celiac disease cases and controls.
R. S. Ahn,
A. Adamson, X. Deng, H. Gao, C. Garner, S. Neuhausen.
682T Common variants identified by meta-analysis of
110,238 individuals associate with serum urate
E. Albrecht, A. Köttgen, A. Teumer, G.
Pistis, V. Vitart, C. Hundertmark, D. Ruggiero, T. Tanaka,
Q. Yang, T. Haller, J. C. Chambers, A. Tin, W. H. Kao, C.
S. Fox, C. Gieger, CARe Consortium, Global Urate
Genetics Consortium.
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683T Performance of different balancing score
methods in case-control genetic association studies
A. Barhdadi, M.-P. Dubé.
684T Replication and novel suggestive associations
meta-analyses of lipid traits in Mexican and Mexica
American cohorts from Mexico City and Starr Count
Texas, as well as tissue specific enrichment of
expression quantitative trait loci among top signals.
E. Below, E. J. Parra, E. R. Gamazon, J. Escobedo, A.
Valladares, J. Garcia-Mena, P. M. McKeigue, J. Kumate
C. Liu, D. M. Hallman, D. L. Nicolae, G. I. Bell, N. J. Co
C. L. Hannis, M. Cruz.
685T Genome-wide association study identifies sev
regions associated with malignant mesothelioma
G. Cadby, S. Mukherjee, A. Reid, M.
Garlepp, B. W. S. Robinson, N. de Klerk, A. W. Musk, L
686T Integrated analysis of variants and pathways f
genome-wide association studies.
P. Carbonetto, M.
687T Identification of genetic variants related to
hepatitis B virus infection in hepatocellular carcino
families and chronic liver diseases in Han Chinese.
Chang, C. Hsu, A. Hsieh, C. Fann, D. Tai.
688T Population analysis of asthma genome-wide
association data using GenAMap.
R. E. Curtis, S.
Wenzel, D. A. Myers, E. Bleecker, E. P. Xing.
689T A novel variant in the MCF2L gene is associat
with osteoarthritis.
A. G. Day-Williams on behalf of
arcOGEN Consortium and replication data sets.
690T Genetic loci implicated in erythroid differentiati
and cell cycle regulation are associated with red blo
cell traits.
K. Ding, K. Shameer, H. Jouni, D. R. Masys,
P. Jarvik, A. N. Kho, M. D. Ritchie, C. A. McCarty, I. J.
691T Strategy for genotype imputation in Hispanic-
Americans in the Women’s Health Initiative SNP Hea
Association Resource.
J. Divers, W. M. Brown, L. Yan
A. P. Reiner, T. A. Thornton, Y. Li, H. Tang, M. Z. Vitolin
B. M. Snively.
692T Improving the power of genome-wide associat
scans through two-step approaches using external
summary data.
F. Dudbridge, J. M. Wason.
693T Bayesian hierarchical modeling of SNPs and
pathways for identifying associated pathways.
Evangelou, F. Dudbridge, L. Wernisch.
694T Genome-wide association scans for ocular axi
length of East Asian populations in Singapore.
Q. Fa
X. Zhou, C. Y. Cheng, L. K. Goh, V. A. Barathi, C. C. Kh
M. K. Ikram, W. T. Tay, X. L. Sim, K. S. Sim, R. T. Ong,
S. Chia, J. J. Liu, E. Vithana, E. S. Tai, T. Aung, T. Y.
Wong, Y. Y. Teo, S. M. Saw.