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646T Review and re-analysis of all schizophrenia
multiplex families in the NIMH repository substantially
alters overall linkage findings.
K. A. Walters, K. Tobin,
M. Azaro, T. Lehner, L. M. Brzustowicz, V. J. Vieland.
647T Study design and power considerations for
exome sequencing of near-Mendelian traits.
M. E.
Weale, M. A. Simpson, R. C. Trembath.
648T Manifold learning and causal inference in
genome-wide integrated genetic and epigenetic
M. Xiong, Y. Zhu.
649T Simultaneous association testing of genome-
wide genes using sequence data.
H. Xu.
650T Do endothelial NOS haplotypes influence
neonatal respiratory distress in premature infants?
Yanamandra, S. A. Ursin, H. Chen, J. A. Bocchini, Jr., R.
651T A Genome-wide association study of Cloninger’s
Temperament and Character Inventory: Do genetic
variants influence personality?
S. Yang, M. Lee, D. H.
Lee, J. H. Kim, H. L. Kim, H. N. Kim, Y. M. Song, K. Lee,
J. Sung.
652T GWAS for childhood tooth decay implicates novel
genes for pit and fissure and smooth surfaces.
Zeng, J. R. Shaffer, X. Wang, M. Lee, K. T. Cuenco, M. M.
Barmada, D. E. Polk, R. J. Weyant, R. Crout, D. W.
McNeil, D. E. Weeks, E. Feingold, M. L. Marazita.
653T Candidate pathway-based analysis for cleft lip
with or without cleft palate.
T. Zhang, I. Rucinski, T. H.
Beaty, International Cleft Consortium.
654T A combined principal components analysis and
propensity score approach for population stratification
adjustment in genome-wide association.
H. Zhao, N.
Mitra, T. Rebbeck.
655T Genetic architecture of biochemical markers for
B. Benyamin, R. P. Middelberg, G. W.
Montgomery, P. M. Visscher, N. G. Martin, J. B. Whitfield.
656T Genetic associations with the variation in aging
from the SardiNIA/Progenia project.
J. Bragg-Gresham,
S. Sanna, S. Kardia, G. Abecasis, M. Uda, C. Sidore, F.
Cucca, A. Cao, A. Mulas, F. Busonero, F. Reinier, R.
Berutti, A. Maschio, M. Urru, M. Marcelli, R. Cusano, M.
Oppo, M. Pitzalis, M. Zoledziewska, A. Angus, C. Jones,
D. Schlessinger.
657T Meta-analysis of 15 genome-wide association
studies with ~8,000 cases and ~50,000 controls
identified multiple novel loci associated with age-
related macular degeneration.
W. Chen, L. G. Fritsche,
Y. Yu, M. Schu, B. L. Yaspan, AMDGene Consortium.
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658T A novel analysis method based on gene-gene
interactions in pathways defined by protein-protein
interaction networks.
R. H. Chung, W. K. Scott, J. M.
Vance, E. R. Martin.
659T Use of posterior probability of linkage in
weighted false discovery rate analysis of cleft lip wit
or without cleft palate (CL/P) families.
M. Govil, N.
Mukhopadhyay, T. H. McHenry, T. H. Beaty, J. C. Murra
M. L. Marazita.
660T Detecting genetic association with rare variant
in admixed populations.
X. Mao, Y. Li, M. Li.
661T Mapping genes for longitudinal data phenotyp
A study of type I error and power.
A. Musolf, D.
Londono, K. Chen, R. Wang, T. Shen, J. Brandon, J. A.
Herring, C. A. Wise, H. Zong, M. Jin, L. Yu, S. J. Finch,
Matise, D. Gordon.
662T Genome-wide linkage and association analyse
reveal quantitative trait loci that influence thyroid-
related hormones.
J. Singh, L. Yerges-Armstrong, J. R
Shaffer, J. Curran, M. Carless, S. Cole, J. Kent, T. Dyer,
Almasy, M. Mahaney, J. Blangero, C. M. Kammerer, P.
663T Population stratification in burden tests for rar
variant associations.
M. Zawistowski, D. Wegmann, M
G. Ehm, M. R. Nelson, J. Novembre, S. Zöllner.
664T A genome scan for vesicoureteric reflux reveal
new recessive locus on chromosome 10 with an HL
score of >6.
J. M. Darlow, M. G. Dobson, M. Hunziker,
M. Molony, P. Puri, D. E. Barton.
665T The Kaiser Permanente/UCSF Genetic
Epidemiology Research Study on Adult Health and
Aaging: Efficient and accurate genome-wide
genotyping of 100,000 subjects using the Affymetrix
Axiom genotyping system.
S. Hesselson, M. Kvale, Y.
Cao, J. Eshragh, R. Lao, G. Mathauda, T. Shenoy, E. W
S. Wong, M. Patil, D. Chan, M. Mittmann, M. Purdy, J.
Gollub, T. Webster, S. Miles, S. Rowell, L. Walter, W.
McGuire, S. Connell, C. Zau, D. Ranatunga, L. Shen, D.
Smethurst, A. Finn, C. Schaefer, N. Risch, P.-Y. Kwok.
666T Efficient capture of allele frequency spectra in
sequencing studies by selection of independent
T. Edwards, C. Li.
667T Whole-genome sequencing of six canine disea
F. H. G. Farias, G. S. Johnson, T. Mhlanga-
Mutangadura, R. Zeng, J. F. Taylor, D. P. O’Brien, R. D.
668T Detecting sample contamination using array-
based genotype data.
M. Flickinger, G. Jun, K. F.
Doheny, J. Romm, K. N. Hetrick, G. R. Abecasis, M.
Boehnke, H. M. Kang.
669T Design of DNA pooling to allow incorporation
covariates in rare variants analysis.
W. Guan, C. Li.