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587T Differential analysis of microRNAs expression
profile between PBMCs from primary progressive and
relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis patients for the
identification of novel targets.
M. Sorosina, P. Brambilla,
C. Fenoglio, G. Giacalone, D. Scalabrini, F. Esposito, M.
Serpente, C. Cantoni, E. Venturelli, M. Rodegher, L.
Moiola, B. Colombo, M. De Riz, V. Martinelli, E. Scarpini,
G. Comi, D. Galimberti, F. Martinelli Boneschi.
588T Mitochondrial genetics: Identification of variants
in subjects with mood disorders and schizophrenia.
Mamdani, P. A. Sequeira, M. V. Martin, B. Rollins, E. A.
Moon, W. E. Bunney, F. Macciardi, C. Magnan, M. van
Oven, P. Baldi, M. P. Vawter.
589T Regulators of expression of heroin-dependence
candidate genes and their association with gene
networks involved in mouse opioid-induced behavioral
R. F. Clark, E. O. Johnson.
590T Access to genetically engineered mouse models.
S. Rockwood, C. Lutz, M. Sasner, L. Donahue.
591T Evaluating genetic markers and
neurobiochemical analytes for antidepressant
response using a panel of inbred mouse strains.
Wiltshire, C. Santos, B. H. Miller, S. Skewerer, J. S.
Marron, O. Suzuki, M. Pletcher.
592T Pre-diagnostic parent experiences in Duchenne
and Becker muscular dystrophies, congenital muscular
dystrophies, and spinal muscular atrophies: A survey
of the National Task Force for the Early Identification
of Childhood Neuromuscular Disorders.
H. Peay, K.
Mathews, National Task Force for the Early Identification
of Childhood Neuromuscular Disorders.
593T Molecular analysis of
gene mutations in
patients with spastic paraplegia and thin corpus
D. Di Bella, E. Sarto, M. Plumari, S. Caldarazzo,
B. Castellotti, M. Panzeri, A. Erbetta, L. Nanetti, C.
Mariotti, F. Taroni.
594T Analyses of compound heterozygous
rearrangements of
M. Funayama, H. Kusaka, H.
Yoshino, Y. Li, K. Ogaki, H. Tomiyama, N. Hattori.
haplotype-sharing analysis in patients
with familial Parkinson’s disease reveals a novel
mutation located in the COR domain.
O. Lorenzo-
Betancor, L. Samaranch, M. Ezquerra, E. Tolosa, E.
Lorenzo, J. Irigoyen, C. Gaig, M. A. Pastor, A. I. Soto-
Ortolaza, O. A. Ross, M. C. Rodriguez-Oroz, F. Vallderiola,
M. J. Martí, M. R. Luquin, J. Perez-Tur, J. A. Obeso, P.
596T Identification of schizophrenia-associated
exonic variants in a pre-onset aged
L. Luoma, G. Macintyre, D. LaFreniere, A.
Beierbach, F. Berry, S. Purdon, P. Tibbo, D. W. Cox.
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597T Clinicogenetic study of patients with FTDP-17
) in Japan.
K. Ogaki, Y. Li, M. Takanashi, K.
Ishikawa, T. Kobayashi, A. Nakanishi, T. Nonaka, M.
Hasegawa, M. Kishi, H. Yoshino, M. Funayama, K. Shio
M. Yokochi, R. Sasaki, Y. Kokubo, S. Kuzuhara, Y. Mot
H. Tomiyama, N. Hattori.
598T To identify, validate and characterize the gene
18p which is responsible for causing myoclonus-
M. Vanstone, T. Read, F. Han, D. A. Grimes,
599T Genetic analyses of myotonic dystrophy in
M. K. Thong, I. Taufik, K. Ambrose, L. H. Lia
A. A. Azlina, K. J. Goh, K. T. Wong.
600T Prader-Willi syndrome due familial paternal 22
Kb interstitial deletion upstream to SNORD108A.
Albalwi, I. Al Abdulkareem, B. Almuzaini, M. Almoalami,
Alatawi, W. Eyaid, M. Aljumah.
601T Custom capture in a large primary lateral
sclerosis family.
V. Belzil, S. Girard, H. Daoud, M.
Sabbagh, C. André-Guimont, D. Spiegelman, P.
Valdmanis, J. St-Onge, I. Bachand, P. Provencher, N.
Dupre, P. Dion, G. Rouleau.
602T Analysis of lysosomal storage disorder genes i
Lewy body disorders.
L. Clark, N. Park, M. Verbistky,
Brown, J.-P. Vonsattel, K. Marder, L. Honig, J. Lee.
603T Clinical features of four familial cortico-basal
degeneration and progressive supranuclear palsy in
south Fukuoka prefecture, Kyushu island in Japan.
Furuya, A. Watanabe, H. Arahata, Y. Kawano, E. Araki,
Kumazoe, N. Fujii.
604T Novel microRNA and novel predicted gene
targets in sporadic form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disea
D. Glavacˇ , E. Bostjancˇ icˇ , M. Ravnik-Glavacˇ , M. Popovicˇ
605T Mitochondrial morpho-functional dysfunction i
SPG31 patients.
C. Goizet, G. Benard, C. Depienne, A.
Boukhris, G. Solé, E. Mundwiller, I. Coupry, J. Pilliod, M
L. Martin-Négrier, E. Fedirko, S. Forlani, C. Cazeneuve,
Hannequin, P. Charles, E. Leguern, A. Durr, A. Brice, D.
Lacombe, R. Rossignol, G. Stevanin.
606T Exome sequencing reveals mutations in VPS35
encoding a subunit of the retromer complex, as cau
for Parkinson's disease.
E. Graf, A. Zimprich, A. Bene
Pagès, W. Struhal, S. H. Eck, M. N. Offman, D.
Haubenberger, S. Spielberger, E. C. Schulte, P. Lichtner
C. Rossle, N. Klopp, E. Wolf, W. Pirker, S. Presslauer, R
Katzenschlager, T. Foki, E. Reinthaler, R. Kralovics, A.
Peters, F. Zimprich, T. Brücke, W. Poewe, E. Auff, C.
Trenkwalder, B. Rost, G. Ransmayr, J. Winkelmann, T.
Meitinger, T. M. Strom.