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565T Endophenotype-based discovery of a novel risk
locus for alcoholism:
L. Almasy, M. A. Carless,
R. Olvera, J. Kent, T. D. Dyer, M. P. Johnson, J. E. Curran,
E. K. Moses, H. H. H. Göring, R. Duggirala, J. Blangero,
D. Glahn.
566T Association between the
gene and
anti-social personality disorder co-morbid with drug
D. Li, H. Zhao, H. R. Kranzler, D. Oslin, R. F.
Anton, L. A. Farrer, J. Gelernter.
567T Genomic characterization of schizophrenia
candidate gene regions.
A. Nato, X. Kong, B. Byrne, J.
Naus, D. Gordon, S. Buyske, L. Brzustowicz, T. Matise.
568T Next-generation sequencing follow-up study on
the late-onset Alzheimer disease susceptibility gene
J. R. Gilbert, M. A. Kohli, A. C. Naj, A. J.
Griswold, J. M. van Baaren, T. E. Plitnik, P. L. Whitehead,
G. W. Beecham, E. R. Martin, M. L. Cuccaro, C. B. Wright,
E. Crocco, J. L. Haines, M. A. Pericak-Vance.
569T Identification of autism risk variants through
targeted next-generation sequencing in a 1000 case
and 1000 control cohort.
A. J. Griswold, D. Hedges, R.
Chung, J. Rantus, P. Whitehead, I. Konidari, W. Hulme, S.
Slifer, J. Jaworski, S. M. Williams, R. Menon, M. L.
Cuccaro, E. R. Martin, J. R. Gilbert, J. L. Haines, J. P.
Hussman, M. A. Pericak-Vance.
570T Deep sequencing of the LRRK2 gene in 14,002
individuals to guide the clinical development of LRRK2
J. P. Rubio, S. Topp, L. Warren, P. L. St. Jean,
J. Shen, D. Kessner, J. Novembre, D. Fraser, J. Aponte, K.
Nangle, L. R. Cardon, M. G. Ehm, S. L. Chissoe, J. C.
Whittaker, M. R. Nelson, V. E. Mooser.
571T Whole-exome sequencing of 40 obsessive-
compulsive disorder patients.
D. Trujillano, S. Ossowski,
C. Tornador, P. Alonso, M. Gratacòs, X. Estivill.
572T Difficulties in prenatal diagnosis of
metachromatic leukodystrophy.
E. Khalili, M.
Hooshmand, O. Aryani.
573T Impaired FLNA expression disrupts radial glia
functions leading to periventricular heterotopia in rats
and humans.
A. Carabalona, S. Beguin, E. Pallesi-
Pocachard, E. Buhler, C. Pellegrino, K. Arnaud, P. Hubert,
M. Oualha, S. Khantane, I. Coupry, C. Goizet, A. Bernabe
Gelot, A. Represa, C. Cardoso.
574T Deep sequencing in mental retardation.
Gratacos, J. González, I. Madrigal, L. Rodríguez, M. Milà,
X. Estivill, R. Rabionet.
575T Parent-child trio exome sequencing in non-
syndromic intellectual disability.
F. F. Hamdan, H.
Daoud, A. Dionne-Laport, D. Spiegelman, S.
Dobrzeniecka, E. Henrion, O. Diallo, J. M. Capo-chichi, S.
L. Girard, G. A. Rouleau, J. L. Michaud.
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576T Mutations in SPTAN1 in intellectual disability a
pontocerebellar atrophy.
J. L. Michaud, H. Saitsu, K.
Nishiyama, J. Gauthier, S. Dobrzeniecka, D. Spiegelma
J. C. Lacaille, J. C. Décarie, N. Matsumoto, G. A. Roule
F. F. Hamdan.
577T Mutations in the
gene in Japanese
autistic patients with severe delayed speech
development and mental retardation.
C. Waga, N.
Okamoto, H. Asano, Y. Goto, S. Uchino, S. Kohsaka.
578T Genomic methylation profile in peripheral bloo
DNA of autism spectrum disorder: A case-control
A. Homs Raubert, I. Cusco, L. A. Perez-Jurado.
579T DNA methylation landscapes of the human bra
in Alzheimer’s disease.
S. Iraola-Guzman, R. Rabionet
M. Montfort, F. Mancuso, G. Roma, E. Martí, I. Ferrer, X
580T Association analysis of polymorphisms in DNA
methyltransferase genes with schizophrenia in a So
Indian population.
K. R. Sarada Lekshmi, N. V. Neetha,
B. Shabeesh, N. Chandrasekharan, M. A. Priya, K. R.
Indu, M. Banerjee.
581T Gene and miRNA transcriptional profiling of
cognitive endophenotypes in schizophrenia pedigre
M. A. Carless, J. Neary, M. Zlojutro, R. C. Gur, M. F.
Pogue-Geile, K. Prasad, J. Blangero, V. L. Nimgaonkar,
E. Gur, L. Almasy.
582T MicroRNA expression profile in mesial tempor
sclerosis provides insight into underlying mechanis
D. B. Dogini, C. S. Rocha, C. Yassuda, H. Tedeschi, E.
Oliveira, C. V. Maurer-Morelli, F. Cendes, I. Lopes-Cend
583T Transcriptional and posttranscriptional regulati
, encoding Spastin, the most frequently
mutated gene in hereditary spastic paraplegia.
B. J.
Henson, W. Zhu, K. Hardaway, J. L. Rupert, M. Stefan,
M. Albers, R. D. Nicholls.
584T miRNAs and polyamine gene expression in the
brains of suicide completers.
J. P. Lopez, L. M. Fiori,
Yerko, G. Turecki.
585T Identification of miRNAs associated with mood
disorders using next-generation sequencing.
J. L.
Neary, D. C. Glahn, M. Zlojutro, T. D. Dyer, J. E. Curran,
Almasy, R. Duggirala, J. Blangero, M. A. Carless.
586T Identification of miRNAs and target mRNAs wit
deregulated expression in schizophrenia and bipolar
B. Sadikovic, R. Pearson, L. Meng, A. Beaudet.