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541T Genetics of cortical thickness in 822 twins.
A. S.
Quiggle, N. K. Hansell, K. A. Johnson, G. A. Blokland, K.
L. McMahon, G. W. Montgomery, P. M. Thompson, N. G.
Martin, G. I. de Zubicaray, M. J. Wright.
542T Genetics of cerebral asymmetry in the caudate
M. E. Renteria, J. L. Stein, K. Johnson, S. E.
Medland, K. L. McMahon, G. I. de Zubicaray, G.
Montgomery, P. M. Thompson, N. G. Martin, M. J. Wright.
543T Japanese subsequent GWAS identifies strong
association at a novel risk locus and MCCC1 for
Parkinson's disease.
W. Satake, K. Yamamoto, Y.
Nakabayashi, M. Kubo, T. Morizono, T. Kawaguchi, T.
Tsunoda, H. Tomiyama, M. Yamamoto, N. Hattori, M.
Murata, Y. Nakamura, T. Toda.
544T Genome-wide association study of narcolepsy
with cataplexy in Japanese population.
H. Toyoda, T.
Miyagawa, S. Khor, M. Kawashima, M. Yamasaki, A.
Koike, Y. Honda, M. Honda, K. Tokunaga.
545T CDH13: GWAS, brain distribution and mouse
model studies support roles in addiction and ability to
quit smoking.
G. Uhl, J. Drgonova, D. Walter, B. Ranscht.
546T Investigating the association between the
glutamate system genes
, and
and sub-phenotypes of obsessive-compulsive
P. D. Arnold, B. T. Doan, J. Beneteau, S.
Taillefer, S. Shaheen, S. E. Stewart, J. L. Kennedy, M. A.
Richter, OCD Mini-Collaborative.
547T The catechol-O-methyltransferase Val158Met
polymorphism and the decision making in bipolar
S. B. Campos, D. M. Miranda, M. A. Romano-
Silva, F. S. Neves, F. M. Passos, L. F. Malloy-Diniz, H.
548T A homopolymer polymorphism in the TOMM40
gene contributes to cognitive performance in aging.
Chiba-Falek, J. M. McEvoy, C. Linnertz, D. Attix, M.
Kuchibhatla, A. M. Saunders, M. W. Lutz, K. A. Welsh-
Bohmer, A. D. Roses, K. M. Hayden.
549T Calcium-channels are implicated in human
episodic memory: Evidence from a pathway analysis in
healthy individuals.
A. Heck, M. Fastenrath, L. Gschwind,
C. Vogler, S. Ackermann, K. Spalek, D. de Quervain, A.
550T A preliminary study of genotype-phenotype
correlations for rare copy number variants in children
with obsessive-compulsive disorder.
B. Li, M. Marshall,
A. Lionel, S.-M. Shaheen, S. W. Scherer, G. L. Hanna, J.
L. Kennedy, D. R. Rosenberg, P. D. Arnold.
551T Association of multiple sclerosis risk variants of
with cerebrospinal fluid levels of the putative
prognostic marker CXCL13.
M. Lindén, M. Khademi, I.
Lima Bomfim, J. Hillert, T. Olsson, I. Kockum.
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552T Allelic differences between Han Chinese and
Europeans for functional variants in ZNF804A and th
association with schizophrenia.
B. Su, M. Li, X. Luo,
Xiao, L. Shi, X. Liu, L. Yin, H. Diao.
553T Using cluster analysis to identify homogenous
subgroups within the autism spectrum.
O. J. Veatch,
L. Yaspan, N. Schnetz-Boutaud, M. A. Pericak-Vance, J
L. Haines.
554T Chromosome 9p21 is associated with
frontotemporal lobar degeneration in Finland.
A. E.
Renton, A. M. Remes, A.-L. Kaivorinne, T. Peuralinna, P.
Tienari, B. J. Traynor.
555T Genome-wide scan suggested novel Alzheimer
disease susceptibility genes by factoring influence o
J. Buros, G. Jun, B. N. Vardarajan, K. L. Lunetta
R. Mayeux, J. Haines, M. A. Pericak-Vance, G.
Schellengberg, L. A. Farrer, Alzheimer's Disease Geneti
556T Identification of novel schizophrenia loci by
homozygosity mapping using DNA microarray analy
N. Kurotaki, H. Mishima, S. Ono, A. Imamura, S. Tasaki,
Kukuchi, N. Nishida, K. Tokunaga, KI. Yoshiura, H. Oza
557T Association study of cathepsin D gene
polymorphism with Alzheimer's disease.
M. Noruzini
A. Sayad, M. Zamani, M. Harirchian, A. KazemNezhad,
558T Intersecting copy number variants and whole
exome sequencing for diagnosis of
R. Simeonov, M. Sincan, T. C. Markello, D. A. Adams,
Toro, G. Golas, C. F. Boerkoel, W. A. Gahl, T. Pierson.
559T Exome re-sequencing in familial hemiplegic
migraine with linkage to 14q32.
M. Vila-Pueyo, E.
Cuenca-Leon, I. Garcia-Martínez, F. Castro, I. Gut, M.
Bayes, B. Cormand, A. Macaya.
560T Association of CNTNAP2 with specific languag
impairment related phenotypes.
S. Cheong, L. Hou, J
Flax, S. Petrill, P. Tallal, L. Brzustowicz, C. Bartlett.
561T Association of 18q22.1 with specific language
impairment susceptibility.
N. Li, L. Hou, J. Flax, S. Pe
P. Tallal, L. Brzustowicz, C. Bartlett.
562T Linkage and candidate gene analysis identifies
rare variant in NRG1 associated with cannabis
dependence in African Americans.
S. Han, J. Gelernt
H. Kranzler, B. Yang.
563T Cytochrome P450 downregulation in Niemann-
Pick disease type C.
C. V. M. Cluzeau, N. Al Eisa, D. E
Watkins-Chow, R. Fu, B. Borate, M. K. Dail, C. A. Wass
F. M. Platt, W. J. Pavan, F. D. Porter.
564T Age-dependent Parkinson disease risk
assessment for GBA mutation carriers.
H. Q. Rana,
Balwani, L. Bier, R. N. Alcalay.