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521T A comprehensive nationwide epidemiological
survey for Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease and
associated disorders in Japan.
K. Inoue, Y. Numata, T.
Ohkubo, E. Arima, A. Iwaki, K. Kurosawa, J. Takanashi, K.
Deguchi, T. Yamamoto, H. Osaka.
522T A deep intronic mutation in an ataxia
telangiectasia patient identified by genomic
resequencing of the
S. Cavalieri, R. A.
Gatti, A. Brusco.
523T Whole exome sequencing in first degree cousin
pairs with early age-at-onset bipolar disorder.
D. Chen,
N. Akula, C. J. M. Steele, L. Kassem, F. J. McMahon,
Bipolar Genome Study.
524T Complete screening of
mutations in
Brazilian Parkinson’s disease patients.
B. C. Guimarães,
A. V. Santos, J. M. Santos, M. Campos, Jr., F. L. Santos,
A. L. Z. Rosso, D. H. Nicaretta, J. S. Pereira, D. J. Silva,
C. B. Santos-Rebouças, M. M. G. Pimentel.
525T Next-generation sequencing of known and
putative susceptibility genes for schizophrenia and
autism spectrum disorders to detect rare high-
penetrant risk variants.
E. M. Kenny, S. Furlong, P.
Cormican, C. Fahey, R. Anney, G. Donohoe, A. P. Corvin,
L. Gallagher, M. Gill, D. W. Morris.
526T Screening of
mutations in Brazilian
patients with early onset Parkinson’s disease.
K. V.
Moura, M. Campos, Jr., F. C. Rodrigues, F. L. Santos, A.
L. Z. Rosso, D. H. Nicaretta, J. S. Pereira, D. J. Silva, C.
B. Santos-Rebouças, M. M. G. Pimentel.
527T Population-based association study of the
dopamine receptor D4 gene in attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder and response inhibition.
Shaheen, S. Ickowicz, J. Crosbie, A. Paterson, R.
Schachar, B. Li, P. Arnold.
528T A genome-scan for shared autism spectrum
disorder and specific language impairment loci.
C. W.
Bartlett, L. Hou, J. F. Flax, Z. Fermano, A. Hare, S. Y.
Cheong, S. Buyske, L. M. Brzustowicz.
529T Smoothed functional principal component
analyses of two independent GWA studies identify 67
genes significantly associated with schizophrenia.
Chen, Y. Zhu, J. Chen, M. Xiong.
530T Analysis of SNPs with an effect on gene
expression identifies spermatogenesis-associated
protein 7 as a potential candidate gene for
J. Chen, L. Liu, K. Kendler, X. Chen.
531T A genome-wide association study of autism
spectrum disorders incorporating assessment items
from ADI-R, ADOS, and SRS.
J. J. Connolly, J. T.
Glessner, H. Hakonarson.
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532T Genome-wide association analyses using
cerebrospinal fluid tau and phospho-tau and A
levels as endophenotypes for Alzheimer ’s disease.
Cruchaga, J. S. K. Kauwe, D. McKean, M. Bailey, D. Pa
K. Mayo, S. Bertelsen, A. Hinrichs, E. R. Peskind, G. Li,
B. Leverenz, D. Galasko, A. M. Fagan, D. M. Holtzman,
M. Goate, Alzheimer’s Disease Genetic Consortium and
Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative.
533T Genome-wide study and whole-exome
sequencing for dementia in the Amish.
A. C.
Cummings, L. Liang, D. Velez Edwards, R. Laux, L. L.
McFarland, L. Caywood, L. Reinhart-Mercer, D. Fuzzell,
Knebusch, C. E. Jackson, W. K. Scott, M. A. Pericak-
Vance, J. L. Haines.
534T Genome-wide association analysis localizes a
QTL influencing serum brain-derived neurotrophic
factor levels in a single large extended pedigree.
Diego, S. Kumar, J. W. Kent Jr., T. D. Dyer, S. L.
Santangelo, D. C. Glahn, J. L. VandeBerg, J. Blangero,
535T Genome-wide association study of symptomati
dimensions of schizophrenia.
A. Fanous, B. Zhou, S.
Bergen, S. H. Aggen, R. L. Amdur, J. Duan, A. R. Sand
J. Shi, B. J. Mowry, A. Olincy, F. Amin, R. Cloninger, J.
Silverman, N. G. Buccola, W. F. Byerley, D. W. Black, R.
Freedman, F. Dudbridge, P. A. Holmans, P. V. Gejman,
S. Kendler, D. F. Levinson.
536T Genetics of susceptibility to multiple sclerosis.
Hellenthal, International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics
Consortium and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consorti
537T Genome-wide association study for Parkinson’
disease in the mid-western U.S. Amish.
L. Jiang, M.
Davis, A. C. Cummings, D. Velez Edwards, R. Laux, L.
McFarland, L. Reinhart-Mercer, D. Fuzzell, C. Knebusch
C. E. Jackson, W. K. Scott, M. A. Pericak-Vance, S. L.
Lee, J. L. Haines.
538T Genome-wide association study of treatment
refractory schizophrenia in Han Chinese.
M. Lee, H.
Wang, Y. Liou, Y. Chen, C. Hong, J. Wu.
539T Meta-analysis of Parkinson disease genome-w
association studies: Identification of a novel locus,
RIT2, and multiple effects within known loci.
Pankratz, G. W. Beecham, A. L. DeStefano, T. Dawson,
F. Doheny, S. A. Factor, T. H. Hamza, A. Y. Hung, B. T.
Hyman, A. J. Ivinson, D. Krainc, J. C. Latourelle, L. N.
Clark, K. Marder, E. R. Martin, R. Mayeux, O. A. Ross,
R. Scherzer, D. K. Simon, C. Tanner, J. M. Vance, Z. K.
Wszolek, C. P. Zabetian, R. H. Myers, H. Payami, W. K.
Scott, T. Foroud, PD GWAS Consortium.
540T Significant association of coding (missense)
SNPs with familial LOAD based on a functional
genome-wide association screen.
A. R. Parrado, K.
Mullin, B. Hooli, L. Gotta, L. Bertram, C. Lange, R. E.