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499T Heritability and familiality of personality
dimensions in the Korean schizophrenic LD families.
B. Lee, Y. Chung, J. Park, S. Kim, C. Kang, J. Kim, Y. Lee,
E. Moon.
500T Fragile X, intermediate, and premutation alleles in
the Autism Genetic Resource Exchange.
W. Brown, A.
Glicksman, X. Ding, N. Ersalesi, C. Dobkin, S. Nolin.
501T Translational profiling mouse models of Fragile
X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome.
J. N. Galloway,
C. Shaw, P. Yu, D. L. Nelson.
and tobacco smoke exposure in multiple
sclerosis: Evidence for a gene-environment
L. Barcellos, F. Briggs, B. Acuna, L. Shen, P.
Ramsay, H. Hong, A. Bernstein, C. Schaefer.
503T Gene-environment and functional classification
analyses suggest novel candidate genes and
processes that may be contributing to the
susceptibility of adult-onset multiple sclerosis.
Briggs, B. Acuna, L. Shen, P. Ramsay, H. Quach, A.
Bernstein, C. Schaefer, L. Barcellos.
504T A study of depression and anxiety among female
carriers of the
premutation and the impact of
raising a child with Fragile X syndrome: Evidence for
moderation by the corticotrophin-releasing hormone
receptor 1 gene.
J. E. Hunter, A. Abramowitz, J. F.
Cubells, S. L. Sherman.
505T A molecular mechanism underlying the
interaction of serotonin transporter gene
polymorphism and stress on central serotonin
transmission and risk of depression.
A. J. Jasinska, C.
A. Lowry, M. Burmeister.
506T BDNF Val66Met genotype as a moderator of early
life stress response but not late life stress response
and its impact on negative affectivity.
C. Lattig, C.
Perea, A. Paternina, Y. Gomez.
507T Alcohol use in the onset of rapid-onset dystonia-
parkinsonism, DYT12.
B. M. Snively, D. F. Hill, N. Boggs,
L. Ozelius, K. J. Sweadner, C. Suerken, W. V. McCall, A.
508T Childhood adversity increases risk for nicotine
dependence and interacts with alpha-5 nicotinic
acetylcholine receptor genotype specifically in males.
P. Xie, H. R. Kranzler, H. Zhang, D. Oslin, R. F. Anton, L.
A. Farrer, J. Gelernter.
509T Interaction of personality and CHRNA5 in
cocaine-dependence and cocaine-induced paranoia.
Zayats, BZ. Yang, H. Kranzler, P. Xie, J. Poling, D. Oslin, L.
Farrerr, J. Gelernter.
510T Changes in expression profiles of differentiated
SK-N-SH cells resulting from over-expression of
_e1 and
M. Orlic-Milacic, L. Kaufman,
A. Mikhailov, P. Gianakopoulos, B. Minassian, J. Vincent.
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511T Exploring established multiple sclerosis
susceptibility loci in a Hispanic cohort.
A. H. Beecha
A. Hadjixenofontos, P. L. Whitehead, I. Konidari, D.
Martinez, E. Lalanne, K. Belanger, L. Espinoza, S. Clark
S. Delgado, J. L. Haines, M. A. Pericak-Vance, J. L.
512T Genome-wide association analyses identifies
novel loci associated with the onset age among cas
with late-onset Alzheimer’s disease.
K. L. Hamilton-
Nelson, A. C. Naj, Y. S. Park, R. Rajbhandary, G. W.
Beecham, E. R. Martin, R. Mayeux, J. L. Haines, L. A.
Farrer, G. D. Schellenberg, M. A. Pericak-Vance,
Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Consortium.
513T A novel set of genetic variants associated with
autism spectrum disorder susceptibility is revealed
application of the pathway-PDT.
Y. S. Park, M. Schmi
E. R. Martin, P. W. Whitehead, I. Konidari, M. L. Cuccar
J. L. Haines, M. A. Pericak-Vance, R. H. Chung.
514T Fine-mapping of the MHC association in multi
sclerosis using imputation.
N. A. Patsopoulos, P. L. D
Jager, P. I. W. de Bakker on behalf of ANZgene,
515T From linkage to sequencing: Using cross-famil
IBD sharing to refine susceptibility loci in Tourette
syndrome multi-generational families.
V. Ramensky,
Yu, S. Service, C. Mathews, P. Heutink, B. Oostra, P.
Sandor, C. Barr, R. Kurlan, D. Pauls, N. Cox, N. Freimer
M. Scharf, Tourette Syndrome Association International
Consortium for Genetics, Bayside, NY.
516T A family-based association and brain expressi
analysis of the reading disabilities candidate gene
C. Tran, K. Wigg, F. Yu, L. Gomez, B. De Sou
T. Cate-Carter, A. Pitch, E. Kerr, M. Lovett, L. Field, B.
Kaplan, C. L. Barr.
517T Refinement of the chromosome 3p22 region of
interest for bipolar affective disorder and identificati
of a putative candidate gene.
R. Secolin, L. F. B. Mell
M. L. Santos, P. Dalgalarrondo, C. E. M. Banzato, I.
518T SNPs genotyping and homozygosity mapping t
identify candidate loci in a consanguineous family
affected by a congenital muscular dystrophy with
M. Tetreault, M. Vanasse, B. Brais.
519T Identification of the tRNA methyltransferase g
NSUN2 as the gene for a new form of autosomal
recessive intellectual disability.
J. B. Vincent, M. A.
Khan, M. A. Rafiq, A. Noor, S. Hussain, V. Rupp, A. K.
Vincent, J. Flores, G. E. Ishak, D. Doherty, R. Weksberg
M. Ayub, C. Windpassinger, S. Ibrahim, M. Ansar.
520T Serotonin gene expression significant changes
Could it be evidence for psoriasis related to
S. Ghasemi, G. Ahangari, H. Mortazavi, R.
Torabi, M. Mohamadian.