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475T Search for selection in coding regions
surrounding large insertions and deletions between
humans and four primate species.
W. Guiblet, K. Zhao,
A. L. Roca, J. C. Martínez-Cruzado, S. Massey, T. K.
476T Intra-European allele frequency differences at
height-associated SNPs suggest widespread selection
on standing variation.
J. N. Hirschhorn, M. C. Turchin, C.
W. K. Chiang, C. D. Palmer, S. Sankararaman, D. E. Reich,
GIANT Consortium.
477T Shared signatures of selection in the genomes of
chimpanzees and humans.
E. M. Leffler, S. Pfeifer, L.
Ségurel, A. Auton, O. Venn, R. Bontrop, R. Bowden, J.
Broxholme, A. Fledel-Alon, R. Hernandez, P. Humburg, Z.
Iqbal, G. Lunter, J. Maller, S. C. Melton, T. Street, A.
Venkat, S. Myers, P. Donnelly, G. McVean, M. Przeworski.
478T Population specific susceptibility to Crohn’s
disease and signals of natural selection on standing
S. Nakagome, S. Mano, L. Kozlowski, J. M.
Bujnicki, H. Shibata, Y. Fukumaki, J. R. Kidd, K. K. Kidd,
S. Kawamura, H. Oota.
479T Metabolic insight into mechanisms of high-
altitude adaptation in Tibetans.
T. S. Simonson, R. L.
Ge, R. C. Cooksey, C. D. Huff, T. N. Wuran, J. Xing, G.
Qin, D. J. Witherspoon, B. ZhengZhong, J. T. Prchal, D.
M. McClain, L. B. Jorde.
480T Accelerated evolution of brain specific
microRNAs in Homo sapiens.
S. Chakraborty, M. M. Ali,
R. Chakravorty.
481T Association of the European lactase persistence
variant (LCT-13910 C>T polymorphism) with obesity in
the Canary Islands by Mendelian randomization.
Almon, E. E. Alvarez-Leon, L. Serra-Majem.
482T Differential selection pressures drive allelic
variation of the
Toll-like receptor-2
locus in two closely
related genus
M. mulatta
M. Yasunami, A. Takaki, A. Yamazaki, T.
Maekawa, H. Shibata, K. Hirayama, A. Kimura, H. Hirai.
483T Genomic variation in a Brazilian population.
Ananina, J. P. C. Vasconcellos, R. Vicentini, F. Menaa, F. F.
Costa, M. B. de Melo.
484T Mitochondrial DNA heterogeneity within and
among East African Bantu ethnic groups and their
complex evolutionary histories.
K. Batai, C. M. Kusimba,
E. Leenheer, S. R. Williams.
485T Estimating genetic ancestry using a 5-population
M. Bauchet, J. J. Bryan, A. B. Carter, V. L. Vance,
H. Y. Chen, C. L. Mouritsen.
486T Changes in site frequency spectrum due to
recent genealogic connections in the Quebec
C. Bherer, M.-H. Roy-Gagnon, L. Excoffier, H.
Vézina, D. Labuda.
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487T The occurence of factor V Leiden in Roma
(Gypsy) and majority population in Slovakia.
Bozikova, I. Bernasovsky, D. Gabrikova, R. Behulova, I.
488T An admixture simulation program for use in
validating genetic ancestry estimation systems.
J. J.
Bryan, V. L. Vance, M. Bauchet, C. L. Mouritsen.
489T Estimating heterozygosity rates of low-covera
sequence genomes by leveraging joint spectra.
Bryc, N. Patterson, D. Reich.
490T Identification of a new susceptibility variant for
multiple sclerosis in OAS1 by population genetics
R. Cagliani, M. Fumagalli, F. R. Guerini, S. Riv
D. Galimberti, G. P. Comi, C. Agliardi, E. Scarpini, U.
Pozzoli, D. Forni, D. Caputo, R. Asselta, M. Biasin, E. M
Paraboschi, N. Bresolin, M. Clerici, M. Sironi.
491T The development of interactive maps to furthe
describe Y and mtDNA haplogroups — A new
educational tool.
H. Y. Chen, C. L. Mouritsen, A. B.
492T Inferring admixture proportions and recent
admixture events.
D. J. M. Crouch, M. E. Weale.
493T Genomic stability of B lymphoblastoid cell line
established from the Sonoda-Tajima Cell Collection,
the collection of South American indigenous
I. Danjoh, K. Saijo, M. Nagayoshi, Y.
494T Sampling scheme as a determinant of the maj
axis of genetic variation in principal components
M. DeGiorgio, N. A. Rosenberg.
495T Genomic insights into recent human adaptatio
driven by selection on standing variation.
L. S. Emer
J. M. Akey.
Psychiatric Genetics, Neurogenetics
and Neurodegeneration
496T SCN1B sequence variations in Iranian patients
with epilepsy.
B. Sedaghatikhayat, M. Moghaddasi, M.
Houshmand, S. Zeinali, S. H. Tonekaboni, M. S. Fallah,
Mamarabadi, A. Ebrahimi.
497T Clinical and genetic heterogeneity in autosoma
dominant partial epilepsy with auditory features:
Implications for genetic counseling.
F. Rossi Torres,
Bilevicius, R. Secolin, N. F. Santos, E. Kobayashi, L. A.
Sardinha, F. Cendes, I. Lopes-Cendes.
498T A wide spectrum of clinical and brain MRI
findings in patients with
Yamada, K. Miura, K. Hara, M. Suzuki, N. Nakanishi, T.
Kumagai, N. Ishihara, Y. Yamada, R. Kuwano, S. Tsuji,