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454T Exome sequencing in an isolate population.
Ramachandran, E. Sehayek, J. Breslow, J. Friedman, R.
Lifton, I. Pe'er.
455T Derived SNP alleles are more frequently used as
risk-associated variants in common human diseases.
O. Gorlova, J. Ying, C. Amos, M. Spitz, I. Gorlov.
456T Studies on different samples of western Amazon
populations converge to a genetic association
between a specific region of human chromosome 4
and malaria infection.
J. Pescarini, A. La Luna, R. M. G.
Ferreira, L. C. Pereira, C. E. M. Kawamata, F. A. B.
Santos, L. M. A. Camargo, H. Krieger, L. M. Garrido.
457T Bayesian inference of genealogy from population
genomic data by the spatial Markov coalescent with
C. Zheng, E. A. Thompson.
458T Genome-wide structure patterns of Native
American and admixed populations across South
America inferred from dense SNP array data.
P. A.
Ortiz-Tello, A. Moreno-Estrada, C. R. Gignoux, D. Yang-
Yao, P. J. Norman, E. Sanchez-Rodriguez, J. K. Byrnes, F.
Zakharia, S. Gravel, M. Jobin, C. Eng, S. Huntsman, K.
Sandoval, Z. Layrisse, G. Bedoya, P. Parham, A. Ruiz-
Linares, D. Luiselli, D. Pettener, M. Alarcon-Riquelme, E.
González Burchard, C. D. Bustamante.
459T Association between high myopia-associated
genetic polymorphisms and ocular biometric
parameters in middle-aged and elderly people.
J. H.
Chen, S. Huang, Y. Zheng, H. Chen, P. O. S. Tam, D. S. C.
Lam, M. Zhang, C. P. Pang.
460T The polymorphisms of the APOBEC3H gene in
the Pumwani sex worker cohort and the associations
with the susceptibility/resistance to HIV-1.
M. Luo, S.
Wang, D. Tang, J. Sainsbury, P. Lacap, J. Kimani, C.
Wachihi, M. Kimani, F. Plummer.
461T Haplotypes from the SLC45A2 gene are
associated with the presence of freckles and eye, hair
and skin pigmentation in Brazil.
C. T. Mendes-Junior, N.
C. A. Fracasso, E. S. Andrade, C. C. F. Andrade, L. R.
Zanão, M. S. Silva, L. A. Marano, C. E. V. Wiezel, E. A.
Donadi, A. L. Simões.
462T Optimal algorithm for haplotype phasing with
genome-sequencing and imputation.
D. He, B. Han, E.
463T LD patterns in dense variation data reveal
information about the history of human populations
S. Myers, G. Hellenthal, D. Lawson, G. Busby,
S. Leslie, B. Winney, P. Donnelly, W. Bodmer, POBI
Consortium, C. Capelli, D. Falush.
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464T A large-scale, multi-racial replication study
identifies novel systemic lupus erythematosus
susceptibility loci at IRF8, TMEM39A, and IKZF3/
C. J. Lessard, I. Adrianto, J. A. Ice, J. A. Kelly,
Li, G. B. Wiley, A. Rasmussen, M. E. Alarcon-Riquelme,
M. Anaya, S. C. Bae, E. E. Brown, C. O. Jacob, J. A.
James, J. Martin, T. B. Niewold, B. A. Pons-Estel, B. P.
Tsao, T. J. Vyse, J. B. Harley, E. K. Wakeland, K. M.
Kaufman, C. G. Montgomery, C. D. Langefeld, P. M.
Gaffney, K. L. Moser.
465T Differential expression of CD8 variants among
infected and uninfected men enrolled in the Pittsbur
Center of the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study.
R. S.
Bosko Marino, L. Kingsley, J. Martinson, Multicenter AI
Cohort Study.
466T Polymorphisms in IL22RA2 are associated with
aggravation of severe hepatic fibrosis caused by
Schistosoma japonicum
S. mansoni
A. Dessein,
Sertorio, X. Hou, J. Li, X. Luo, M. Abdelwahed, A. Ahm
Hamdoun, H. He, S. A. Abdelmaboud, J. Zhou, A. Moni
A. Varoquaux, N. Eldin Elwali, L. Argiro, Y. Lee.
467T Fine-mapping of 13q14 locus associated with
susceptibility to leprosy and Crohn’s disease.
468T The impact of linkage disequilibrium on inferri
coancestry in populations.
E. A. Thompson, M. D.
Brown, C. G. Glazner, C. Zheng.
469T Linkage disequilibrium decay and past populat
history in the human genome.
L. Park.
470T Population substructure effect in a case-contr
study of multiple sclerosis in Bogota, Colombia.
Cardenas, R. Pereira, M. C. Lattig, H. Groot, J. Toro, A.
Amorim, L. Gusmão.
471T Meta-analysis of genome-wide ancestry on ov
7,000 African American and Hispanic/Latino individu
identifies novel asthma-associated genetic loci.
C. R
Gignoux, D. G. Torgerson, J. L. Galanter, L. A. Roth, R.
Hernandez, S. Sen, R. Mathias, K. C. Barnes, E. Gonzál
Burchard, EVE Consortium.
472T Association of mitochondrial DNA sequence w
longevity in Turkish population.
H. H. Aydin, O. Gune
H. Ak Celik.
473T Mitochondrial DNA in Myanmar: Insights into t
peopling of Southeast Asia.
J. Horst, M. Summerer, D
Horst, G. Erhart, B. Horst, A. Manhart, T. Sanguanserm
F. Kronenberg, A. Kloss-Brandstätter.
474T Diversity of the 3' untranslated region of the
gene in Amerindians from the Brazilian Amaz
and the influence of Natural Selection.
N. F. Cagnin,
T. Mendes-Junior, E. C. Castelli, E. A. Donadi, A. L.