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432T SimRare: A program to generate and analyze
sequence-based data for association studies of
quantitative and qualitative traits.
B. Li, G. Wang, S. M.
433T Associated alleles at the CAV1/CAV2 locus in
primary open angle glaucoma.
C. Pang, M. Zhang, C.
Tham, L. Chen, P. Tam, D. Lam.
Evolutionary and Population Genetics
434T Exome sequencing versus whole-genome
genotyping: Lessons from population genomics of
high-altitude adaptations in Tibetans.
S. Xu, L. Jin.
435T Dual genetic structure of the Japanese
population based on autosomal SNPs and haplotypes.
Y. Yamaguchi-Kabata, T. Tsunoda, N. Kumasaka, A.
Takahashi, N. Hosono, M. Kubo, Y. Nakamura, N.
436T Impact of human population expansion on the
load of rare and deleterious variants, and
consequences for association studies.
A. Clark, E.
Gazave, A. Coventry, E. Boerwinkle, C. F. Sing, A. Keinan.
437T A coalescent model for genotype imputation
using large reference panels.
E. M. Jewett, M.
Zawistowski, N. A. Rosenberg, S. Zöllner.
438T Allele surfing and selection evidenced from a
spatial analysis of human genealogies in Quebec.
Moreau, C. Bherer, H. Vézina, M. Jomphe, D. Labuda, L.
439T Saudi NGHA biobank: Designed study as a
longitudinal investigation of constitutional and
environmental factors influencing genetics disease in
Saudi Arabia.
I. Al Abdulkareem, M. Albalwi, M. Aljumah.
440T Secretor genotype (FUT2 gene, rs601338) is
strongly associated with the composition of
bifidobacteria in the human intestine.
N. Alakulppi, P.
Wacklin, H. Mäkivuokko, J. Nikkilä, H. Tenkanen, P.
Sistonen, J. Räbinä, J. Partanen, K. Aranko, J. Mättö.
441T Facts related to the collection of biological
samples in the National Health Examination Survey —
Portuguese component of the European Health
Examination Survey.
M. Barreto, V. Francisco, P.
Rasteiro, E. Sousa, A. Vicente, M. Bourbon, A. Fernandes,
A. Beleza, F. Mendonça, A. Gil, C. Matias Dias.
442T Complexities in geneticists' views on “race”
crossing: No evidence for change on “political”
E. B. Hook.
Thursday Poster Authors are reminded to remove posters from the boards at 4:00 pm.
443T Tracing the population origin of non-European
chromosomal segments identified by the method of
rare heterozygotes and homozygotes in admixed
subjects of European Caucasian descent.
R. McGinn
W. McLaren.
444T Killer cell immunoglobulin like receptors
distribution in healthy Brazilian Caucasian kidney
M. M. Moraes, R. Benvenutti, C. Gomes, C.
Pozzi, F. L. C. Contieri, M. G. Bicalho.
445T Genetic ancestry and population structure of
geographically separated African American
M. C. Y. Ng, S. Sajuthi, A. Cupples, J.
Divers, J. Dupuis, M. Fornage, L. Kao, E. Larkin, M. Li,
T. Liu, S. Musani, J. Mychaleckyj, G. Papanicolaou, A.
Reiner, D. Siscovick, X. Zhu, B. Freedman, J. Wilson, D.
W. Bowden.
446T Human adaptation and evolution in response t
helminth parasites.
B. Sadler.
447T Integrating population diversity, conservation,
and epigenomic information at regulatory elements,
noncoding transcripts, and disease-associated
L. D. Ward, R. C. Altshuler, P. Kheradpour, J.
Ernst, O. Zuk, M. Garber, K. Lindblad-Toh, E. Birney, M.
Kellis, ENCODE Consortium.
associations with high altit
sickness in Han and Tibetan Chinese at the Qinghai
Tibetan Plateau.
N. Buroker, X.-H. Ning, Z.-N. Zhou, K.
Li, W.-J. Cen, X.-F. Wu, W.-Z. Zhu, C. R. Scott, S.-H.
449T The landscape of recombination in African
A. G. Hinch, A. Tandon, N. Patterson, Y.
Song, N. Rohland, C. D. Palmer, G. K. Chen, K. Wang,
G. Buxbaum, S. Redline, J. N. Hirschhorn, B. E.
Henderson, H. A. Taylor, Jr., A. L. Price, H. Hakonarson,
J. Chanock, C. A. Haiman, J. G. Wilson, D. Reich, S. R.
450T Ancestry informative marker set for Han Chine
H. Q. Qu, Q. Li, J. B. McCormick, S. Xu, M
Xiong, J. Qian, L. Jin.
451T Spinal muscular atrophy: Improved detection o
silent (2+0) carriers by identification of SMN1 found
M. Luo, L. Liu, I. Peter, S. Scott, C. Eversley, R.
Kornreich, R. J. Desnick, L. Edelmann.
452T Low depth, whole genome sequencing of Dai
population isolate demonstrates superiority over us
of whole genome genotyping arrays in uncovering
population structure, demographic history and
selective pressures in non-European populations.
M. Coin, R. Y. Chen, F. Zhang, Y. R. Li, C. Yu, R. N.
Gutenkunst, Y. Wang, R. Nielsen, W. W. Wu.
453T Host genetic variants and Epstein-Barr viral lo
in the HapMap lymphoblastoid cell lines.
C. J.
Houldcroft, A. Gall, A. L. Palser, S. J. Watson, P. Kellam