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410T Whole-genome sequencing to identify the
genetic basis for resistance to HIV infection.
K. Pelak,
K. V. Shianna, D. Ge, D. B. Goldstein, NIAID Center for
HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology.
411T Sequencing workflow at a medium-scale
genomics center.
J. Romm, B. Marosy, B. Craig, K.
Hetrick, H. Ling, M. Barnhart, S. Griffith, E. Pugh, K.
412T Pathway-based genetic association analysis for
exome sequencing data.
G. Wu, K. Wang, D. Zhi.
413T Replication of GWAS candidate genes in four
independent populations confirm the role of common
variants and identifies the contribution of rare variants
in PAX7 and VAX1 in the etiology of non-syndromic
A. Butali, S. Suzuki, M. A. Mansilla, E. Dragan, Y.
Suzuki, T. Niimi, M. Yamamoto, G. Ayanga, T.
Erkhembaatar, H. Furukawa, K. Fujiwawa, H. Imura, A. L.
Petrin, E. Leslie, J. L'Heureux, A. C. Lidral, M. E. Cooper,
N. Natsume, T. H. Beaty, M. L. Marazita, J. C. Murray.
414T Comparison of “synthetic associations” and
“natural associations” in human population genetic
D. Chang, A. Keinan.
415T The MHC association in celiac disease maps to a
few amino acid polymorphisms in HLA-DQ.
Gutierrez-Achury, G. Trynka, K. A. Hunt, J. Romanos, C.
Wijmenga, D. van Heel, P. I. W. de Bakker.
416T Genome-wide association study to identify
variants associated with amphetamine sensitivity in
A. B. Hart, B. E. Engelhardt, M. Wardle, A. Skol,
M. Stephens, H. de Wit, A. A. Palmer.
417T Genetics of allergy and related phenotypes in
participant-driven and cross-sectional cohorts.
D. A.
Hinds, G. McMahon, A. K. Kiefer, C. B. Do, N. Eriksson,
M. Curran, M. Loza, D. Talantov, N. J. Timpson, D. M.
Evans, B. St Pourcain, S. M. Ring, K. C. Nadeau, D.
Miralles, G. Davey-Smith, J. Y. Tung.
418T High through-put genotyping at CIDR.
M. Hurley,
M. Zilka, C. Oncago, J. Romn, K. Doheny.
419T A genome-wide association analysis for chroidal
neovascularization in highly myopic eyes in Japanese.
M. Miyake, K. Yamashiro, H. Nakanishi, H. Hayashi, I.
Nakata, Y. Kurashige, A. Tsujikawa, M. Moriyama, K.
Ohno-Matsui, M. Mochizuki, T. Kawaguchi, R. Yamada, F.
Matsuda, N. Yoshimura.
420T Allele-specific enhancer variants in open
chromatin at the
human high-density
lipoprotein cholesterol locus.
T. S. Roman, M. P.
Fogarty, S. Vadlamudi, A. F. Marvelle, K. J. Gaulton, A. J.
Gonzalez, Y. Li, K. L. Mohlke.
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421T Allelic expression as a guide for functional fine
mapping in SLE.
J. K. Sandling, G. Nordmark, M.-L.
Eloranta, I. Gunnarsson, E. Svenungsson, L. Padyukov,
Sturfelt, A. Jönsen, A. A. Bengtsson, L. Truedsson, C.
Eriksson, S. Rantapää-Dahlqvist, C. Sjöwall, J. Kere, L.
Criswell, R. R. Graham, T. W. Behrens, T. Pastinen, L.
Rönnblom, A.-C. Syvänen.
422T Identification of novel genes that contribute to
both asthma and COPD, with replication in a large
population-based cohort.
J. Smolonska, G. H.
Koppelman, C. Wijmenga, J. M. Vonk, P. Zanen, M.
Bruinenberg, L. Franke, H. M. Groen, H. M. Boezen, D.
423T Statistical approaches for assessing missing
M. Stephens, X. Zhou, P. Carbonetto.
424T Genome-wide association study of rheumatoid
arthritis in an isolated population.
K. E. Taylor, Y. S.
Aulchenko, J. Nititham, B. Oostra, P. K. Gregersen, C.
van Duijn, L. A. Criswell.
425T Caucasian and Asian specific rheumatoid
arthritis risk loci identified by GWAS and meta-analy
show limited replication and apparent allelic
heterogeneity in North Indians.
B. K. Thelma, P. Pras
R. Gupta, A. Kumar, R. C. Juyal.
426T Genome-wide association study for biliary atre
in a Caucasian population.
E. A. Tsai, B. A. Haber, H.
Lin, N. B. Spinner, M. Devoto.
427T Genetic variants associated with adult height
cluster in genomic loci.
A. R. Wood, J. Yang, O. L.
Holmen, E. Ingelsson, M. N. Weedon, S. I. Berndt, T.
Esko, A. V. Smith, D. Shungin, E. Albrecht, D. Anderson
L. Bragg-Gresham, T. Fall, R. M. Fraser, M. E. Goddard,
W. Jones, S. Kanoni, M. Kleber, K. Kristiansson, J. Lua
C. D. Palmer, L. Yengo, K. Hveem, P. M. Visscher, T. M.
Frayling, J. N. Hirschhorn, GIANT Consortium.
428T Using genome-wide SNP data to estimate the
additive genetic variation caused by common and r
causal variants.
M. C. Keller, T. de Candia, J. Yang, M.
Goddard, P. M. Visscher.
429T Is microsatellite polymorphism an important
regulator of human phenotype?
A. T. Bagshaw, S.
Sawaya, N. Gemmell, D. M. Fergusson, L. J. Horwood,
R. Joyce, M. A. Kennedy.
430T Phenome-wide studies of SNPs from GWAS in
broadly phenotyped population.
N. Eriksson, J. Y. Tun
D. A. Hinds, C. B. Do, A. K. Kiefer, B. T. Naughton, J. L.
431T Association study between telomere length an
age-related hearing impairment in 3527 Caucasian
individuals and 663 Japanese individuals.
E. Fransen,
Bonneux, N. Suzuki, S.-I. Usami, G. Van Camp.