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388T Liability threshold modeling of covariates
increases power in case-control association studies.
A. Price, N. Zaitlen, S. Lindstrom, B. Pasaniuc, M.
Cornelis, G. Genovese, A. Barton, D. Bowden, S. Eyre, B.
Freedman, D. Friedman, L. Groop, B. Henderson, P.
Hicks, L. Kolonel, C. Langefeld, L. Le Marchand, K.
Waters, C. Haiman, D. Hunter, R. Plenge, J. Worthington,
D. Schaumberg, D. Chasman, D. Altshuler, B. Voight, P.
Kraft, N. Patterson.
389T Detection of Intergenerational genetic effects: A
plea for pedigrees.
J. S. Sinsheimer, E. J. Childs, E. M.
Sobel, C. G. S. Palmer.
390T Localization of rare variants influencing complex
traits using lineage-specific linkage analysis in
extended pedigrees.
H. H. H. Goring, J. W. Kent, Jr., E.
Drigalenko, T. D. Dyer, J. Blangero.
391T A mutation in
contributes to canine
E. A. Ostrander, S. Hutchinson, A. Byers,
B. Carrington, D. Faden, R. Sood, A. Boyko, J. W.
Fondon, 3rd, R. K. Wayne, C. D. Bustamante, B. Ciruna,
J. J. Schoenebeck.
392T Architecture of glaucoma endophenotypes in
heterozygotes carrying the myocilin K423E mutation.
Belleau, S. Dubois, K. Lebel, R. Arseneault, E. Shink, G.
Côte, M. Amyot, V. Raymond.
393T Hepatic steatosis, hepatic inflammation and the
gene cluster
in the NHLBI Family Heart Study.
M. F. Feitosa, M. K.
Wojczynski, K. E. North, J. Wu, M. A. Province, J. J. Carr,
I. B. Borecki.
394T Body mass index-related single nucleotide
polymorphisms associations with pubertal timing in
55,203 women: The ReproGen Consortium.
Fernández-Rhodes, K. K. Ong, E. W. Demearath, J.
Dreyfus, J. M. Murabito, C. E. Elks, D. I. Chasman, K. L.
Lunetta, T. Esko, C. He, T. Corre, K. E. North, D. J. Hunter,
J. N. Hirschhorn, N. Franceschini on behalf of ReproGen
395T Modeling genome-wide association SNP impact
on metabolic diseases through structural equations.
Karns, P. Succop, G. Zhang, G. Sun, S. Indugula, S.
Missoni, Z. Durakovic, R. Chakraborty, P. Rudan, R. Deka.
396T Gene set enrichment analysis with distal
regulatory elements in genetics of vascular dementia.
Y. Kim, J. Ryu, M. Kong, C. Lee.
397T Geographic differences in genetic susceptibility
to IgA nephropathy: GWAS replication study and
geospatial risk analysis.
K. Kiryluk, Y. Li, M.
Rohanizadegan, S. Sanna-Cherchi, M. Choi, F. Scolari, L.
Gesualdo, S. Savoldi, A. Amoroso, B. Julian, R. Wyatt, J.
Novak, B. Stengel, L. Thibaudin, F. Berthoux, F. Eitner, J.
Floege, U. Panzer, J. Nagy, R. Lifton, A. G. Gharavi.
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398T Phenotype mapping: An approach for integrati
multidimensional genetic and phenotypic data.
E. R.
Martin, D. Ma, M. L. Cuccaro.
399T Gene-expression guided selection of candidat
loci and molecular phenotype analyses enhance
genetic discovery in systemic lupus erythematosus.
Niewold, Y. Koldobskaya, A. Kumar, S. Agik, J. Arringto
B. Franek, M. Kumabe, T. Utset, R. Mikolaitis, M. Jolly,
400T Increasing association mapping power and
resolution in mouse genetic studies through the use
meta-analysis for structured populations.
E. Kang, N
Furlotte, A. Van Nas, A. Lusis, E. Eskin.
401T Discovering pleiotropy in complex phenotypes
multivariate latent modeling.
A. T. Kraja, D. C. Rao, D.
Arnett, I. B. Borecki, S. C. Hunt, M. A. Province.
402T A wavelet-based nonparametric approach to
association analysis of functional data.
H. Shim, M.
403T Pain-free conditional and joint association
analysis from meta-analysis summary statistics
uncovers additional variants for complex traits.
Yang, M. E. Goddard, P. M. Visscher, DIAGRAM
Consortium, GIANT Consortium.
404T Understanding the genetics of vesico-ureteric
reflux: From mouse models to a human cohort.
C. L.
Watt, J. El Andalousi, I. R. Gupta.
405T Next-generation sequencing of
reveals a
novel low-frequency non-synonymous SNP that is
associated with ankylosing spondylitis in a Han
Chinese population.
S. I. Davidson, L. Jiang, E. A.
Glazov, A. Cortes, M. Donskoi, P. A. Danoy, G. P. Thom
H. Xu, M. A. Brown.
406T Initial results from the UK10K project to study
the effects of rare variants by whole genome and
exome sequencing in 10,000 phenotyped samples.
Durbin on behalf of UK10K Project Consortium.
407T Estimating genetic effects and quantifying
missing heritability for rare variant complex trait
association studies via sequence data.
S. M. Leal, D.
408T Whole exome sequencing in affected members
a large, multigenerational spina bifida family.
C. A.
Markunas, B. Rusnak, A. E. Ashley-Koch, S. G. Gregory
409T Identification, replication, and fine-mapping of
loci associated with adult height in individuals of
African ancestry.
A. N'Diaye, G. K. Chen, C. D. Palmer
B. Ge, B. Tayo, R. S. Cooper, T. Pastinen, B. E.
Henderson, J. N. Hirschhorn, G. Lettre, C. A. Haiman.