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369T The genetics of Brugada syndrome: A new
S. Le Scouarnec, P. Lindenbaum, V. Portero, A.
Derevier, J.-B. Gourraud, C. Scott, J. Barc, H. Le Marec,
A. Wilde, V. Probst, C. Bezzina, E. Schulze-Bahr, N. Carter,
J.-J. Schott, R. Redon.
370T Identifying at-risk genetic variants for sudden
cardiac death from whole exome sequence data in the
D. Ng, J. J. Johnston, F. M. Facio, S. G.
Gonsalves, C. Krause, J. K. Teer, J. C. Mullikin, L. G.
Biesecker, NIH Intramural Sequencing Center.
371T Genetic screening of long QT syndrome in
A. Norberg, K. Cederquist, J. Jonasson, B. A.
Jonsson, A. Rydberg, S. M. Jensen, E. L. Stattin.
372T Mysteries of the past: Genetic evaluation of
families with unexplained sudden cardiac death has
revealed inheritable heart diseases.
A. Wisten, I.
Boström, S. Mörner, E. Stattin.
373T The spectrum of
gene mutation in
Singapore Brugada syndrome patients.
R. Y. Y. Yong,
M. Uttamchandani, B. Y. Tan, J. L. Neo, S. H. Yap, L. S.
H. Gan, W. Q. Wong, R. Liew, C. K. Ching, D. T. T. Chong,
C. W. F. Chong, T. W. Lim, W. Chow, S. Moochhala, E. P.
H. Yap, S. C. Seow, W. S. Teo.
374T Effects of variation in the haptoglobin gene on
subclinical cardiovascular disease in the Diabetes
Heart Study.
J. N. Adams, A. J. Cox, B. I. Freedman, J. J.
Carr, D. W. Bowden.
375T Novel mutations in MYBPC3 in
cardiomyopathy — An Indian study.
A. Ali, T. R. Reena,
R. Advithi, C. Narsimhan, N. Pratibha.
376T Network-driven integrative genomics analysis of
the CARDIoGRAM GWAS reveals key drivers and
subnetworks of coronary artery disease.
T. L. Assimes,
T. Huan, S. Maouche, J. Zhu, B. Zhang, J. Erdmann, C.
Nelson, K. I. E. Snell, T. Quertermous, N. Samani, H.
Schunkert, X. Yang, Coronary ARtery DIsease Genome-
wide Replication And Meta-analysis.
377T Impact of genetic polymorphisms of lipoprotein
lipase and the susceptibility to hypertension.
Y. Chen,
Y. Wang, R. Wang, C. Chen, F. Wu, T. Wu.
378T Adiponectin SNPs do not associate with
coronary artery disease in Filipino diabetics.
M. L. G.
Daroy, M. A. Luz, K. A. Pasion, V. C. Lacuesta, M.
Mararang, M. V. Mendoza, J. T. Asi, A. A. Maliglig, J. A.
Alfon, S. J. Soriano, C. A. Mapua, R. R. Matias, F. E. B.
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379T A multi-ethnic association study of C-reactive
protein levels using the ITMAT Broad-CARe
cardiovascular gene SNP array.
J. Ellis, J. Walston, J.
Dupuis, J. Baumert, E. Larkin, M. Barbalic, B. Keating,
Durda, E. Fox, C. Palmer, Y. Meng, T. Young, R. Schna
C. Marzi, J. Bis, V. Ramachandran, J. Pankow, G. Lettr
E. Lange, C. Ballantyne, M. Gross, J. Wilson, N. Nock,
Papanicolaou, W. Koening, R. Tracy, A. Reiner, E.
Benjamin, NHLBI Candidate Gene Association Resourc
Consortium and Collaborating Cohorts.
380T ROCK2 gene confers a risk to arterial stiffness
and is translationally modulated by miR-1183.
Y. C.
Liao, K. C. Chen, W. W. Chou, I. W. Wang, E. Hsi, S. H.
Complex Traits: Theory and Method
381T Genome-wide linkage and regional association
study of obesity-related phenotypes.
A. Liu, T. Kelly,
Rao, J. Hixson, L. Shimmin, C. Jaquish, D. Gu, D. Liu,
382T Primary osteoarthritis of the hip and knee sho
linkage to chromosome 2q21 in Finnish families.
Taipale, E. Jakkula, O. Kämäräinen, S. Barral, I. Kivirant
H. Kröger, J. Ott, L. Ala-Kokko, M. Männikkö.
383T A high density screening of the MHC region
identified two independent signals for susceptibility
ulcerative colitis.
P. Goyette, G. Boucher, P.-A. Gourra
A. Latiano, C. Lagacé, V. Annese, S. L. Hauser, J. R.
Oksenberg, J. D. Rioux.
384T Association study of celiac disease genes in
Finnish inflammatory bowel disease patients.
Parmar, M. Lappalainen, P. Paavo-Sakki, L. Halme, M.
Färkkilä, U. Turunen, K. Kontula, A. Aromaa, V. Saloma
L. Peltonen, J. Halfvarson, L. Törkvist, M. D'Amato, P.
Saavalainen, E. Einarsdottir.
385T Association analysis of 71 susceptibility loci fo
European Crohn’s disease in the Japanese populati
K. Yamazaki, A. Hirano, J. Umeno, M. Takazoe, S.
Motoya, T. Matsui, T. Matsumoto, Y. Nakamura, N.
386T Gene-environment interaction effects of 17q21
variants and rhinovirus wheezing illness on risk for
childhood-onset asthma.
M. Caliskan, D. A. Loisel, G.
Du, D. J. Jackson, J. E. Gern, R. F. Lemanske, D. L.
Nicolae, C. Ober.
387T Analysis of gene-environment interaction for
plasma CRP level in a Korean cohort.
E. P. Hong, J.
Seo, D. H. Kim, J. W. Park.