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347T Do ST-elevation and non-ST-elevation myocardial
infarction have different genetic backgrounds?
P. Salo,
J. Sinisalo, T. Hiekkalinna, J. Kettunen, A. Havulinna, M.
Lokki, S. Ripatti, V. Salomaa, M. Nieminen, M. Perola.
348T Increased urinary globotriaosylceramide and
previously undiagnosed Fabry patients are found in a
non-selected heart disease patient population.
Schiffmann, S. Forni, C. Swift, X. Wu, D. Lockhart, S.
Pond, M. Chee, K. Goss, K. Sims, E. Benjamin, L.
349T Metabochip meta-analysis of >190,000 individuals
reveals 77 novel loci associated with blood lipid levels.
S. Sengupta, E. M. Schmidt, Global Lipids Genetics
350T Genomic and epigenetic alterations in heart
development tissue of congenital heart defects.
Serra-Juhé, I. Cuscó, B. Rodríguez-Santiago, T. Vendrell,
F. Borràs, N. Torán, L. A. Pérez-Jurado.
351T Novel identification of genetic risk factors in
Koreans reveals association of PITX2 gene with lone
atrial fibrillation.
D. Shin, A. Park, H. Hwang, N. Son, B.
Park, J. Kwon, J. Lim, E. Shin, J. Lee, B. Joung, M. Lee,
S. Kim, Y. Jang.
352T A comprehensive approach assessing the
contribution of polygenic variation to risk of
cardiovascular disease.
M. A. Simonson, A. G. Wills, M.
B. McQueen, M. C. Keller.
353T Interaction between GRK4 and BMI affects blood
R. S. Sobota, C. D. Schoeffel, R. M. Carey, H.
E. McGrath, L. N. Gordon, M. J. Park, P. A. Jose, R. A.
Felder, S. M. Williams.
354T Scanning whole exomes for variants associated
with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy.
L. F. Tang, K. J. White, J. Pons, J. Wojciak, J. Carroll, J.
Olgin, R. L. Nussbaum, M. M. Scheinman, P. Y. Kwok.
355T Apolipoprotein B synthesis inhibition by
mipomersen reduces LDL-C when added to maximally
tolerated lipid-lowering medication in patients with
severe heterozygous hypercholesterolemia.
J. Tardif, R.
Ceska, L. J. Burgess, H. Soran, I. Gouni-Berthold, G.
Wegener, S. Chasan-Taber, M. McGowan.
356T Thoracic aortic disease in two patients with
juvenile polyposis and hereditary hemorrhagic
telangiectasia due to
P. Teekakirikul,
D. M. Milewicz, D. T. Miller, R. V. Lacro, E. S. Regalado, A.
M. Rosales, D. P. Ryan, T. L. Toler, A. E. Lin.
357T Functional relationship of the COL4A1/COL4A2
locus on chromosome 13q34 to coronary artery
A. Turner, P. Lau, O. Jarinova, R. McPherson.
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358T GLUT10 connects TGF
signaling to cellular
metabolism in cardiovascular development.
Z. Urban
A. Willaert, S. M. Khatri, B. L. Callewaert, P. J. Coucke,
D. Crosby, B. L. Loeys, M. Tsang, A. De Paepe.
359T Maternal origin of PEAR1 gene locus affects
platelet response to collagen.
D. Vaidya, R. A. Mathia
L. R. Yanek, R. Qayyum, N. Fadaday, B. G. Kral, D. M.
Becker, L. C. Becker.
360T Genome-wide association study of pulse
pressure and mean arterial pressure identifies novel
loci associated with cardiovascular disease and
C. M. van Duijn, L. V. Wain, G. C. Verwoert, P.
O'Reilly, G. Shi, T. Johnson, A. D. Johnson, M. Bochud,
M. Rice, P. Henneman, A. V. Smith, G. B. Ehret, N. Ami
M. G. Larson, V. Mooser, D. I. Chasman, M. R. Jarvelin,
Chakravati, G. R. Abecasis, V. Gudnason, C. Newton-
Cheh, D. Levy, P. B. Munroe, B. M. Psaty, M. J. Caulfiel
D. C. Rao, M. D. Tobin, P. Elliott, International Consortiu
of Blood Pressure Genome-Wide Association Studies.
361T Gene expression signatures of left ventricular
mass and stroke volume change in response to
endurance training.
D. D. Vance, L. Nathanson, M.
Stoutenberg, G. Chen, R. Myerberg, K. Jacobs, J. Clark
A. Perry, D. Seo, E. Rampersaud, P. J. Goldschmidt-
362T microRNA-152 mediates DNMT1-regulated DN
methylation in the estrogen receptor
Y. Wan
W. Chou, K. Chen, H. Cheng, R. Lin, S. Juo.
363T Pediatric cardiomyopathy: genetic causes and
utility of testing.
S. M. Ware, M. Tariq, S. J. Kindel, T.
J. A. Towbin.
364T 9p21 Region is associated with brain white
matter lesions.
L. R. Yanek, P. A. Nyquist, B. G. Kral,
Vaidya, R. A. Mathias, B. Suktitipat, T. F. Moy, L. C.
Becker, D. M. Becker.
365T An integrative pathway analysis using gene
expression, single-nucleotide polymorphism and
environmental factor successfully predicts disease
status of hypertension.
H.-C. Yang, C.-W. Lin, K.-M.
Chiang, Y.-J. Liang, C.-W. Chen, S.-M. Hwang, K.-S. Ly
J.-W. Chen, W.-H. Pan.
366T BRCA2 variants and cardiovascular disease in
multi-ethnic cohort.
K. Zbuk, M. Heydarpour, G. Pare,
Davis, R. Miller, M. Lanktree, S. Yusuf, D. Saleheen, J.
Danesh, R. Hegele, S. S. Anand.
367T Risk variants of coronary artery disease in the
chromosome 9p21 region are associated with
expression in GENOA.
W. Zhao, J. A. Smith, M. Forna
P. A. Peyser, S. T. Turner, S. L. R. Kardia.
368T Identification of 132 new mutations of the
gene in patients with suspected Marfan syndrome.
Zou, H. Wang, B. A. Westerfield, L. S. Pena, A. Do, G.
Rodriguez, D. J. Penny, Y. Fan.