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Cardiovascular Genetics
325T Genetic architecture of carotid artery intima-
media thickness in Mexican Americans.
P. E. Melton, J.
E. Curran, M. Carless, M. P. Johnson, T. D. Dyer, J. W.
MacCluer, E. K. Moses, H. H. H. Goring, J. Blangero, L. A.
326T New SLC10 mutations found in a Japanese
patient with arterial tortuosity syndrome.
T. Morisaki, Y.
Honda, A. Yoshida, K. Fujii, Y. Kohno, H. Morisaki.
327T Distinct phenotypic differences between
gene mutation carriers in Loeys-Dietz
H. Morisaki, A. Yoshida, H. Ogino, T. Morisaki,
LDS Clinical Research Group in Japan.
328T Coronary artery disease is associated with
altered gene expression in human left ventricular
J. D. Muehlschlegel, D. Christodoulou, K. Y.
Kiu, J. Gorham, G. Lee, S. K. Shernan, S. F. Aranki, C. E.
Seidman, J. G. Seidman, S. C. Body.
329T Identification of a new chromosomal locus for a
mutation causing left ventricular non-compaction with
ventricular tachycardia cardiopathology.
E. Muhammad,
A. Levitas, V. C. Sheffield, R. Parvari.
330T Association of MTHFR C677T gene polymophism
in children with congenital heart defects.
H. P.
Mundluru, S. Sunayana Begum, K. Srujana, K. Nageswar
Rao, V. Sreedevi, G. Sandhya Devi, K. Vasudevan, K.
Manohar, A. Jyothy.
331T The contribution of biogeographical ancestry and
polymorphisms in the
genes to
dyslipidemia in HIV positive men receiving highly
active anti-retorviral therapy.
M. Nicholaou, J.
Martinson, L. Kingsley, Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study.
variants interact with air pollution in
modulating inflammatory blood markers and MI risk.
Nyberg, S. Panasevich, K. Leander, P. Ljungman, T.
Bellander, U. de Faire, G. Pershagen.
333T Cytokine (IFN-
, IL-6, TNF-
, TGF-
1 and IL-10)
genotyping in Turkish children with cardiomyopathy.
Oguzkan Balci, N. Col Araz, O. Baspinar, T. Sever, A.
Balat, S. Pehlivan.
334T Downregulation of Casz1 by siRNA injection into
mouse tail vein.
B. Oh, S. M. Ji, Y.-B. Shin, S. Park, H.
Lee, J.-E. Lim.
335T Functional consequences of heterozygous
C. L. Papke, J. Cao, S. Lim, M. Rees, J.
Chandra, A. Trache, W. Zimmer, D. M. Milewicz.
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336T NMR-based fine mapping of lipoprotein
subfractions strengthens association with genetic lo
and provides information on their biological nature.
K. Petersen, K. Stark, M. D. Musameh, C. P. Nelson, W.
Römisch-Margl, W. Kremer, J. Raffler, S. Krug, T. Skurk,
M. J. Rist, H. Daniel, H. Hauner, J. Adamski, M.
Tomaszewski, A. Döring, A. Peters, H. E. Wichmann, B.
Kaess, H. R. Kalbitzer, F. Huber, V. Pfahlert, N. J. Sama
F. Kronenberg, H. Dieplinger, T. Illig, C. Hengstenberg,
Suhre, C. Gieger, G. Kastenmüller.
337T Lipoprotein lipase gene (
) resequencing an
plasma lipid profile.
D. Pirim, F. Y. Demirci, S. C. Hugh
M. Irfan, Y. Wang, J. E. Hokanson, R. F. Hamman, C. M
Kammerer, M. I. Kamboh.
338T Vestibular symptoms in long QT syndrome.
Poke, J. McGaughran.
339T Familial mutation In Kozak sequence of GATA4
associated with ASD type 2; GATA4 L325V associate
with atrial fibrillation.
A. V. Postma, R. Mohan, K. van
Engelen, A. Ilgun, V. M. Christoffels, P. Barnett.
340T Long QT syndrome: A preliminary study.
Pratibha, A. Ali, FQ. Sameera, K. Thangaraj, A.
Venkateshwari, C. Narsimhan.
341T Prenatal diagnosis for cardiomyopathy: Genoty
may not predict phenotype.
N. Quercia, S. Baxter, B.
Funke, A. Dipchand, S. Bowdin.
342T Effects of common and rare genetic variants o
on HDL-cholesterol levels.
Z. H. Radwan, F.
Demirci, J. E. Hokanson, R. F. Hamman, C. H. Bunker,
M. Kammerer, M. I. Kamboh.
343T G protein coupled receptor kinase 5 protein
polymorphism and expression in Indian patients wit
cardiac failure.
S. Ramalingam, T. Sairam, S. Ranjani,
Narayanan, G. Rajendiran, J. S. Bhuvaneswaran, R.
344T Genome-wide analysis of variability in normal
cardiac conduction across multiple electronic medic
record systems.
M. D. Ritchie, R. L. Zuvich, J. C. Den
D. C. Crawford, J. S. Schildcrout, A. H. Ramirez, J. M.
Pulley, M. A. Basford, C. G. Chute, I. J. Kullo, C. A.
McCarty, R. L. Chisholm, A. N. Kho, E. B. Larson, G. P.
Jarvik, R. Li, D. R. Masys, J. L. Haines, D. M. Roden,
CHARGE, QRS GWAS Consortium.
345T Antagonism of GxxPG-fragments ameliorates
manifestations of aortic disease in Marfan syndrom
P. N. Robinson, G. Guo, B. Muñoz-García, C. E.
Ott, J. Grünhagen, S. Mousa, A. Pletschacher, Y. von
Kodolitsch, P. Knaus.
346T Pharmacogenetic of warfarin in Iranian patient
(polymorphisms spectrum of VKORC1 and CYP2C9
S. Saber, O. Aryani, F. Ghasemi, A. F. Fazelifar, M.
Haghjoo, R. Kia, M. Houshmand.