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1459W Single nucleotide polymorphisms in
angiogenesis regulating genes and the risk of
preeclampsia and small for gestational age infants:
Evidence from parent-infant trios.
P. H. Andraweera, G.
A. Dekker, S. D. Thompson, L. M. E. McCowan, R. A.
North, C. T. Roberts on behalf of the SCOPE Consortium.
1460W DNA methylation profile of trisomy 22
J. D. Blair, D. Diego-Alvarez, M. S.
Peñaherrera, D. E. McFadden, W. P. Robinson.
1461W Genome-wide genetic analysis of
spermatogenic failure.
D. Conrad, K. I. Aston, C. Ober, P.
N. Schlegel, D. T. Carrell.
1462W Self-reported reproductive pathology in women
with tuberous sclerosis complex.
E. Gabitzsch, M. Raia,
M. K. Koenig, V. H. Whittemore, H. Northrup, S. Nader-
Eftekhari, M. J. Gambello.
1463W Polymorphisms in LEP, LEPR, and PPAR
associated with age at menarche and menopause in
Korean women.
K.-Z. Kim, A. Shin, Y.-S. Lee, S.-Y. Kim,
Y.-J. Kim, E.-S. Lee.
1464W Risk assessment of ART and its related factors
in the development of Prader-Willi syndrome.
Matsubara, N. Murakami, S. Sakazume, Y. Oto, T. Nagai,
T. Ogata.
1465W Apoptosis is not the mechanism for embryo
self correction of aneuploidy at the blastocyst stage.
B. R. McCallie, R. Loper, H. Buttermore, W. B.
Schoolcraft, M. G. Katz-Jaffe.
1466W PARP-3 polymorphism of an ADP-
ribosyltransferase 3 is associated with reduced sperm
count in Czech dysfertile men.
P. Norambuena, P.
Krenkova, A. Stambergova, M. Macek, Jr., M. Macek, Sr.
1467W Differential expression of NELF splice variants
in human and mouse immortalized GnRH neurons.
D. Quaynor, L. Y. Goldberg, H. G. Kim, L. P. Chorich, L. C.
1468W High genetic heterogeneity in the causation of
moles in patients with no NLRP7 mutations.
R. Reddy,
J. Qian, R. Bagga, M. C. Addor, J. Majewski, R. Slim.
1469W Molecular study and familial pattern of internal
apoptotic pathway BAX and BCL2 genes and
mitochondrial genome in idiopathic repeated
pregnancy loss.
S. M. Seyedhassani, M. Houshmand, A.
Aflatoonian, S. M. Kalantar, G. Modabber.
1470W Are ABO and Rh blood groups new genetics
risk factors for endometriosis?
S. M. B. Tabei, K. Daliri,
P. Rostami, A. Nariman.
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1471W Mutation in the
gene identified in a
woman with recurrent pregnancy loss affect the
synaptonemal complex conformation at meiotic
prophase I.
M. Tsutsumi, H. Kogo, H. Inagaki, T. Ohye,
1472W Association of cytokine gene polymorphisms
and recurrent miscarriages.
A. Kaur, N. Sudhir, A. Kau
1473W Analysis of sperm telomeric length in idiopat
infertile men.
J. Thilagavathi, S. Venkatesh, M. Kumar,
Kumar, R. Dada.