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1435W Novel
locus associated with polycystic
ovary syndrome.
O. A. Garcia, P. Mutharasan, R. S.
Legro, A. Dunaif, M. Urbanek.
1436W Maternal genetic variation in inflammatory
response genes interact with a measure of air
pollution exposure to influence infant birthweight in
non-Hispanic black women.
A. E. Ashley-Koch, M. E.
Garrett, K. S. Quinn, A. C. Buskwofie, S. Edwards, G. K.
Swamy, M. L. Miranda.
-deficiency causes azoospermia in
males and pregnancy loss in females.
H. Kogo, M.
Tsutsumi, T. Ohye, H. Inagaki, H. Kurahashi.
1438W Association of overweight and obesity with
diminished reproductive potential through change of
sperm parameters: A pilot study.
M. najafi.
1439W Lessons from Chernobyl: Low dose irradiation
at conception leads to a highly increased (epi) genetic
K. Sperling, A. Koerblein, H. Neitzel.
1440W Outcomes of over 400 cycles of ‘transport’
PGD for single gene disorders.
G. Harton, S. Jaroudi, M.
Konstantinidis, J. Sanchez, S. Tormasi, R. Prates, N.
Goodall, D. Wells.
1441W ‘No thanks’ — Why pregnant women choose
not to have cystic fibrosis carrier screening.
Ioannou, J. Massie, S. Lewis, B. McClaren, V. Collins, M.
1442W Search for autosomal recessive prenatal lethal
or semi-lethal mutations by genome-wide association
study of reproductive traits.
J. X. Chong, G. Kosova, C.
1443W Determining the mutation underlying a novel
46, XY disorder of sexual development using next-
generation sequencing strategies.
R. L. Hood, S.
Douglas, C. Goldsmith, D. E. Bulman, K. M. Boycott.
1444W No evidence for aberrant placental DNA
methylation in karyotypically normal recurrent
C. W. Hanna, D. E. McFadden, W. P.
1445W A familial case of macrozoospermia caused by
an abnormal splicing of
M. Ben Khelifa, R.
Zouari, R. Harbuz, L. Halouani, C. Arnoult, J. Lunardi, P. F.
1446W Chromosomal segregation in spermatozoa of
five Robertsonian translocation carriers t(13;14).
Brahem, M. Mehdi, M. Mahjoub, M. Gribaa, S. Ibala, A.
1447W Molecular diagnosis of male factor infertility
using APEX microarrays.
E. Oitmaa, A. Tammiste, S.
Suvi, M. Punab, M. Saare, M. Remm, A. Metspalu, A.
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PIN3 and PEX4 polymorphisms are
associated with recurrent in vitro fertilization failure
and endometriosis.
D. D. Paskulin, C. A. B. Souza, J.
Cunha-Filho, P. Ashton-Prolla.
1449W Genome-wide association study identifies no
candidate genes for male fertility in humans.
Kosova, N. Scott, C. Niederberger, G. S. Prins, C. Ober.
1450W Successful application of preimplantation
genetic diagnosis for aromatic L-amino acid
decarboxylase deficiency by a combination of
molecular approaches.
S. P. Chang, S. H. Wu, G. C.
H. H. Wu, C. H. Wu, T. M. Chang, F. P. Tsai, M. Chen.
1451W Thrombophilic mutations and susceptibility t
preeclampsia in a population from Western Iran.
Rahimi, ZI. Rahimi, A. Vaisi-Raygani, A. Parsian.
1452W MTHFR genotype and haplotype analysis in
couples with multiple miscarriages.
S. Stangler
Herodez, B. Zagradisnik, A. Erjavec Skerget, V.
Vlaisavljevic, N. Kokalj Vokac.
1453W Higher clinical pregnancy rates are seen whe
performing 23-chromosome single nucleotide
polymorphism microarray preimplantation genetic
screening on blastocysts, versus day-3 embryos.
Benner, P. R. Brezina, L. Du, M. C. Gunn, W. G. Kearns.
1454W 23-Chromosome single nucleotide
polymorphism microarray in embryos generated fro
parents with known chromosomal translocations als
identifies a high rate of aneuploidy.
L. Du, P. R. Brezi
A. T. Benner, M. C. Gunn, W. G. Kearns.
1455W In developing human embryos, chromosomal
duplications (
200 kilobases (kb)) are more common
than deletions
200 kb as identified by 23
chromosome single nucleotide polymorphism
M. C. Gunn, P. R. Brezina, A. T. Benner, L
Du, W. G. Kearns.
1456W Aneuploidy in human embryos is associated
with clinically significant deletions and duplications
identified by 23 chromosome single nucleotide
polymorphism microarrays.
W. G. Kearns, P. R. Brezi
L. Du, M. C. Gunn, A. T. Benner.
1457W Preimplantation genetic diagnosis for recurr
pregnancy loss using array CGH.
S. Munne, R. Prate
S. Tormasi, N. Goodal, G. Harton, P. Colls.
1458W In women with a history of recurrent pregna
loss under 40 years of age, the rate of aneuploidy s
in embryos is relatively constant with advancing
maternal age.
K. Richter, P. R. Brezina, A. T. Benner, L.
Du, M. C. Gunn, B. Boyd, W. G. Kearns.