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1411W Future choices in prenatal diagnosis: How will
women decide?
M. R. Susman, J. Halliday, J. Bayer, D.
1412W Fractional DNA quantification by massively
parallel shotgun sequencing — Implications for fetal
fraction measurement in maternal plasma.
J. Tynan, G.
Hogg, M. Tang, L. Cagasan, J. Clemens, D. van den
Boom, P. Oeth.
1413W Discovery of the serum biomarker proteins in
severe preeclampsia by proteomic analysis.
D. H. Cha,
J. S. Park, S. J. Lee, Y. N. Kim, K. P. Kim.
1414W Analysis of the relative contribution of genetic,
developmental and environmental causes to the origin
of birth defects.
R. Elespuru.
1415W Prenatal onset of neonatal hemochromatosis
and infantile cortical hyperostosis: A possible
mechanism for disease association.
N. Martin, G.
Taylor, P. Whitington, H. Melin-Aldana, R. S. Lachman, W.
R. Wilcox, A. Toi, R. Windrim, D. Chitayat, K. Chong.
1416W Non-visualization of foetal gallbladder
increases the risk of cystic fibrosis, when associated
with echogenic bowel.
C. Ferec, I. Dugueperoux, V.
Scotet, M. P. Audrezet, A. H. Saliou, M. Collet, M. Blayau,
S. Schmitt, A. Kitzis, F. Fresquet, F. Muller.
Reproductive Genetics
1417W Screening for the gr/gr Y chromosome
microdeletion in infertile Tunisian men.
A. Htira, M.
Gribaa, O. Mamay, I. Ben Charfeddine, A. Amara, D.
H'mida, M. Ajina, H. Ben Ali, S. Trabelsi, A. Saad.
1418W Role of genetic factors and oxidative stress in
of idiopathic male infertility.
V. Sundararajan, T.
Jayapalraja, R. Kumar, R. Dada.
1419W High level of expression and rapid purification
of recombinant human FSH in CHO cells.
S. Teimourain,
M. H. Modarresi, M. H. Hedayati.
1420W Study of GTn-repeat expansion in heme
oxygenase-1 gene promoter as genetic cause of male
A. Aleyasin, E. Siasi, J. Mowla.
1421W Maternal smoking, gene variants of xenobiotic-
metabolizing enzymes, and risk for anorectal atresia
and stenosis.
M. M. Jenkins, J. Reefhuis, M. L. Gallagher,
S. A. Rasmussen, D. A. Koontz, C. Sturchio, E. J.
Lammer, M. A. Honein, Natl. Birth Defects Prevention
1422W G5508A polymorphism of the
gene may
be associated with idiopathic male infertility.
Shahhoseini, M. Azad, M. Sabbaghian, K. Anisi Hemaseh,
A. Amiri Yekta, M. H. Sanati, M. A. Sadighi Gilani, H.
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1423W Association study of C109869T SNP in
SLC6A14 gene with azoospermia and olidospermia i
idiopathic infertile men.
E. Siasi, A. Aleyasin, J. Mowla
1424W Gene expression profiling of uterine prolapse
H. Ak Celik, H. H. Aydin, B. Zeybek, N. Askar.
1425W Exploration of the tissue-specific promoter o
aromatase gene (
) to SNP analysis in infertile
P. Afsharian, M. Khosravi, K. Fallah-Zadeh, M.
1426W Spontaneous pregnancies in patients with
Turner syndrome.
G. Bergvall, E. Stattin.
1427W PGD via array comparative genomic
hybridization can be used for any translocation to
simultaneously detect unbalanced embryos and
P. Colls, T. Escudero, J. Fischer, G. Harton,
1428W Familial X-autosome translocation associate
with infertility.
L. Martelli, M. L. C. Moreira, R. M.
Scarparo, C. G. Picanço, C. S. Pereira, C. H. P. Grangei
W. A. R. Baratela, J. M. Pina Neto, S. A. Santos, J. Hub
E. S. Ramos.
1429W Molecular genetics and cytogenetics
investigation in a man with infertility and azoosperm
H. Shabanloo, N. Khazamipour, E. Bagherizadeh, F.
Behjati, M. Noruzinia.
1430W Incidence of fra (16) (q22) and its probable
consequences in a worker of a place with extreme
chemical pollution.
H. Pour-Jafari, K. Hasrak, B.
Pourjafari, S. Ghahramani, E. Kamrani Saleh.
1431W Identification of a hotspot for non-allelic
homologous recombination centered on an Alusq
sequence at the DPY19L2 locus.
C. Coutton, F. Abad
R. Harbuz, D. Escalier, R. Zouari, R. Merdassi, M. Ben
Khelifa, F. Vialard, C. Triki, S. Hennebicq, P. S. Jouk, V.
Satre, C. Arnoult, J. Lunardi, P. F. Ray.
1432W Screening for copy number variations in
couples with recurrent pregnancy loss.
J. Wen, M.
Stephenson, W. Robinson, S. Martell, K. Calli, E. Rajca
1433W Genetic thrombophilic mutations among Iran
couples with recurrent spontaneous abortion.
Poursadegh Zonouzi, E. Sakhinia, A. Firoozi, N. Karimi
Ansari, N. Chaparzadeh, Y. Heshmat, M. Nouri, M.
Sadaghian, L. Farzadi, A. Ghasemzadeh.
1434W Replication study of 72 single nucleotide
polymorphisms associated with spontaneous very
preterm birth using a state-based biobank.
Williamson, M. Pearl, J. Yang, G. N. DeLorenze, C. J.
Bean, W. M. Callaghan, A. Grant, E. Lackritz, R. Romer
G. A. Satten, H. Simhan, A. R. Torres, J. Westover, R.
Yolken, M. Kharrazi.