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Ethical, Legal, Social and Policy
Issues in Genetics
1339W Genetic counseling of donor gamete use: The
problems presented by donor anonymity.
J. L. Lauzon,
J. R. Guichon, I. Mitchell.
1340W Genetic diseases in the next edition of the
International Classification of Diseases: Challenges
and opportunities.
S. Aymé, A. Olry, B. Bellet, A. Rath.
1341W Digi-ID: From researcher/resource traceability
to participant de-identification.
M. Deschenes, A.
Brookes, P. Burton, A. Cambon-Thomsen, J. Kaye, B. M.
Knoppers, L. Mabile, M. Murtagh, A.-M. Tassé, G.
Thorisson, S. Wallace, BRIF Working Group.
1342W Human genome shares genes from lower
plants and animals: Patenting genes is biologically
undesired !!
H. K. Goswami.
1343W Indication of legal abortion in genetic disorders
in Iran.
M. Amirian, Z. Nafei.
1344W Perspectives on African genomics commotion
and advancement: The Nigerian case study.
V. A.
1345W Simons VIP Connect: The power of an online
community for research recruitment.
W. Faucett, A.
Bibb, E. Hanson, D. Ledbetter, C. Martin, A. Paal, T. Page,
E. Sherr, J. Spiro, J. Tjernagel, W. Chung, Simons
Variation in Individuals Project.
1346W Stakeholders’ perspectives of genetics in
primary care: Will patients slip through the cracks?
E. Forrest, B. J. McClaren, S. A. Metcalfe, J. M. Hodgson,
J. Emery.
1347W Knowledge and attitudes toward medical
genetic services and the new genetic technologies in
the Cuban population.
B. Marcheco-Teruel, I. Rojas-
Betancourt, E. Fuentes-Smith, N. González-Lucas, L.
Martínez-Rey, A. Lantigua-Cruz, O. Mors.
1348W The duty to recontact revisited.
R. Pyeritz.
1349W National Institutes of Health Controlled Data
Access: Experience of the Genetic Association
Information Network Data Access Committee.
C. Din-
Lovinescu, E. Bookman, C. Baker, E. L. Harris, T. Lehner,
C. McKeon, J. Moss, V. Starks, G. Godynskiy, S. Sherry,
L. Rodriguez, E. M. Ramos.
1350W Statewide genetic services patient
management system in New South Wales, Australia:
Planning, implementation and integration.
M. Tom, A.
Wednesday Poster Authors are reminded to remove posters from the boards at 6:30 pm.
1351W The dbGaP data repository: Who is using it f
what kinds of research?
L. Walker, H. Starks, K. West
1352W Shwachman-Diamond syndrome diagnosis a
care: Comparison in six countries.
L. J. Siderius, T.
Chigladze, G. Abesadze, O. Kvlividze.
1353W Comparison of delivery models of genetic ris
information for type 2 diabetes.
S. B. Haga, W. Barry,
Mills, J. Sullivan, H. F. Willard, L. P. Svetkey, G. S.
1354W Knowledge and attitudes regarding genomic
medicine and research in South Florida’s Hispanic a
Black communities.
S. Hahn, K. Czape, A. Rupchock,
Gavier, C. Jean, L. D. Adams, J. Lee, M. A. Pericak-
1355W Recorded interviews with human geneticists:
An international web-based historical resource.
P. S.
1356W Managing ethical, legal, and social issues in
cancer genome sequencing projects: A survey of
current practices.
C. Allen, W. D. Foulkes.
1357W Parents' preferences for return of results in
pediatric genomic research.
J. G. Amatruda, S. I. Zini
E. D. Harris, C. M. Clinton, S. K. Savage, N. L.
Huntington, R. C. Green, I. A. Holm.
1358W “It’s really good judgment on their part not t
tell people the stuff they can’t control”: Experience
whole exome sequencing among breast cancer
B. Bernhardt, H. Pang, J. Powers, J. Stopfer
Domchek, K. Nathanson.
1359W Citizens’ values regarding expanded newbor
screening and the role of parental consent: A public
engagement study.
Y. Bombard, F. A. Miller, R. Z.
Hayeems, J. C. Carroll, D. Avard, J. Allanson, R. Axler,
Bytautas, P. Chakraborty, Y. Giguere, J. Little, B. J.
1360W Legislation on direct-to-consumer genetic
testing in seven European countries.
P. Borry, R. E. v
Hellemondt, D. Sprumont, C. Fittipaldi Duarte Jale, E.
Rial-Sebbag, T. Matthias Spranger, L. Curren, J. Kaye,
Nys, H. Howard.
1361W PGD and PGS, between practice and ethics,
what happens in Quebec?
C. Bouffard, S. L. Tan, A. K
Maglo, M. A. Dubois, R. Drouin.
1362W Parental perspectives on pediatric genetic
T. Brazg, H. K. Tabor, J. Crouch, S. M.
Fullerton, B. S. Wilfond.
1363W ELSI challenges encountered when integrati
population-based and clinical biobanks into a nation
biobank infrastructure: The case of Biobank Norway
Budin-Ljøsne, B. Solberg, J. R. Harris.