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1244W Clinical implications of a prostate cancer risk
SNP profile in an active surveillance cohort.
C. Goh, E.
Saunders, N. Mahmud, M. Tymrakiewicz, D.
Leongamornlert, T. Dadaev, E. Castro, D. Olmos, K.
Thomas, R. Woode-Amissah, M. Guy, K. Govindasami, L.
O'Brien, A. Hall, R. Wilkinson, A. A. Al Olama, D. Easton,
Z. Kote-Jarai, C. Parker, R. Eeles.
1245W Familial aggregation of acute myeloid leukemia
and myelodysplastic syndromes in young, but not in
adult patients.
L. R. Goldin, S. Y. Kristinsson, X. Liang, A.
R. Derolf, O. Landgren, M. Bjorkholm.
1246W Genetic variations in BRAF, CDKN2A, NRAS,
and PTEN and the risk of melanoma in melanoma-
prone families.
A. M. Goldstein, R. M. Pfeiffer, D. Maeder,
L. Burdett, M. Yeager, S. J. Chanock, M. A. Tucker, X. R.
1247W CYP3A4*1B polymorphism is not associated
with prostate cancer in Mexican population.
L. Gomez-
Flores-Ramos, E. Vaquez-Valls, B. M. Torres-Mendoza, M.
P. Gallegos-Arreola.
1248W Confronting the problem of genetic
heterogeneity in cancer tissues: Investigating the role
of the androgen receptor gene in breast cancer
ontogeny and treatment.
B. Gottlieb, C. Alvarado, C.
Wang, B. Gharizadeh, F. Babrzadeh, B. Richards, M.
Basik, L. K. Beitel, M. Trifiro.
1249W Replication of genome-wide discovered breast
cancer risk loci in the Cypriot population.
Hadjisavvas, M. Loizidou, I. Neophytou, K. Kyriacou.
1250W Association of 8q24.21 locus with the risk of
colorectal cancer: A systematic review and meta-
B. S. Haerian, M. S. Haerian.
1251W Analysis of the 16p11.2 region in congenital
primary hypothyroidism and atypical septo-optic
M. Dasouki, G. Lushington, K. Hovanes.
1252W Cytogenetic and phenotypic findings in
Tunisian children with Fanconi anemia.
A. Amouri, F.
Talmoudi, S. Abdelhak, O. Kilani, I. Chemkhi, H. Guermani,
S. Hentati, N. Abidli, O. Messaoud, M. Ben Rekaya, W.
Ayed, Tunisian Fanconi Anemia Study Group.
1253W Intrachromosomal events and presence of
complexities at the breakpoints are common features
duplication rearrangements.
C. M. B.
Carvalho, M. Ramocki, D. Pehlivan, S. W. Cheung, L. M.
Franco, M. Shinawi, J. W. Belmont, H. Y. Zoghbi, P. J.
Hastings, J. R. Lupski.
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1254W Significance of small CNVs detected below t
clinical cytogenetic laboratory threshold using
Affymetrix 2.7M SNP array.
Y. Qiao, C. Tyson, M.
Hrynchak, E. Lopez-Rangel, J. Hildebrand, S. Martell, C
Fawcett, K. Calli, J. Holden, S. Lewis, E. Rajcan-
1255W A genetic study to understand the enigma of
M. I. K. Shehab, M. Zaki, H.
Bassiouny, H. Kayed, M. Eid.
1256W Interstitial deletion of chromosome band 2p2
with eye anomalies.
G. Lefort, J. Puechberty, A.
Schneider, M. Tournaire, M. Girard, P. Sarda, P. Blanch
L. Pinson, D. Genevieve, S. Taviaux, E. Haquet, F.
Pellestor, C. Coubes.
1257W CDH9 deletion in a patient with profound
intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder.
Soler-Alfonso, C. P. Schaaf, V. R. Sutton, J. Wiszniewsk
S. H. Lee Kang.
1258W Nanoscopic analysis of DNA segregation an
chromatin accessibility during metaphase.
W. A. Kha
R. A. Chisholm, S. M. Taddayon, A. Subasinghe, J.
Samarabandu, L. J. Johnston, P. R. Norton, P. K. Roga
J. H. M. Knoll.
1259W A short stature girl with a complex
chromosomes X and Y translocation: FISH and arra
CGH studies.
V. Català, K. Torabi, E. Masip, T. Escabia
A. Serés-Santamaria, E. Cuatrecasas.
1260W X-linked congenital hypertrichosis syndrome
associated with interchromosomal insertions mediat
by a human-specific palindrome near SOX3.
X. Zhan
H. Zhu, D. Shang, M. Sun, S. Choi, P. Patel, T. Jing.
1261W Apparent monosomy 21- revision of the
diagnosis case report.
K. Adamová, M. Godava, M.
Holzerová, M. Jarošová, V. Koudeláková, J. Šantavý.
1262W Spectrum of chromosome abnormalities in
spontaneous abortions: A chromosome CGH study
consecutive products of conceptions.
L. Apel-Sarid,
Schlade-Bartusiak, B. Lomax, P. Eydoux.
1263W Micronuclei in bone marrow cells of mice
exposed to chloroquine, in vivo.
I. Aranha.
1264W 44,X,t(4;12)(q12;q13),der(13;14)(q10;q10): An
unusual case in a girl with Turner syndrome and tw
diferent translocations.
G. Arteaga Ontiveros, C. Uria
Gomez, R. Garcia Cavazos.
1265W Molecular and clinical characterizations of
patients with tetrasomy and pentasomy 15q11q13.
Bao, J. Yang, Y. Yang, Y. Huang, H. Li.
1266W Microarray characterization of a partial triso
1q23-qter in a premature liveborn male with multipl
congenital anomalies.
K. Button, X. Li, J. Kobori.