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1224W Genome-wide association study identifies
germline susceptibility loci in
childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
E. Ellinghaus,
M. Stanulla, G. Richter, D. Ellinghaus, G. te Kronnie, G.
Cario, G. Cazzaniga, M. Horstmann, R. Panzer Gruemayer,
H. Cave, J. Trka, O. Cinek, A. Teigler-Schlegel, A.
ElSharawy, R. Haesler, A. Nebel, B. Meissner, T. Bartram,
F. Lescai, C. Franceschi, M. Giordan, P. Nuernberg, B.
Heinzow, M. Zimmermann, S. Schreiber, M. Schrappe, A.
is a putative oncogene frequently gained
and hypomethylated in the adenocarcinoma subtype of
non-small cell lung cancer.
K. S. Enfield, R. Chari, D.
Becker-Santos, S. Lam, W. L. Lam.
1226W The Lymphoid Cancer Families Study — A
resource for identification of genetic factors
contributing to lymphoma, lymphoid leukemia, and
myeloma: Phase 1 recruitment.
A. English, A. Brooks-
Wilson, J. Connors.
1227W Initiative in profiling Filipino colorectal cancer
patients based on clinical and molecular genetics
M. Enriquez, M. Nuylan, J. Pilante, L. Cabral, E.
Cortes, E. Bondoc, F. Natividad, SLMC Colorectal Cancer
Study Group.
1228W Tdp1 and PARP-1 are synthetic lethal targets
for rhabdomyosarcoma.
H. K. Fam, M. Chowdhury, S.
Bajaj, N. Osborne, K. Choi, C. Walton, G. Sun, M. Bond,
T. Triche, C. Pallen, C. F. Boerkoel.
1229W CD40 expression in gastric adenocarcinoma.
Fan, X. Kang, G. Ren.
1230W Mutation analysis exones 7,8&9 of PTEN gene
in Iranian colorectal cancer.
M. Firoozi, L. Alidoust
Masouleh, M. Ghaffarpoor, Z. Hajebrahimi, M. Arabian, L.
Najafi, N. Salim, K. Bidoki, M. Houshmand.
1231W Whole-exome sequencing of 19 hereditary
prostate cancer families with aggressive or early-onset
L. M. FitzGerald, A. Kumar, L. McIntosh, E. A.
Ostrander, E. W. Pugh, H. Ling, K. F. Doheny, J. Shendure,
J. L. Stanford.
1232W Pooled analysis of GWA studies for survival
from clear cell ovarian cancer reveals association at
B. L. Fridley, R. A.
Vierkant, Z. C. Fogarty, S. Armasu, Y. Tsai, H. Lin, H.
Song, K. Bolton, J. Tyrer, S. J. Ramus, S. Johnatty, J. M.
Cunningham, G. Chenevix-Trench, R. Sutphen, T.
Moorman, J. M. Schildkraut, N. Wentzensen, S. Gayther,
P. Pharoah, T. A. Sellers, E. L. Goode.
1233W Comprehensive analysis of somatic mutations
in twenty-seven liver cancers by whole genome
A. Fujimoto, T. Tsunoda, Y. Totoki, T. Abe, K.
A. Boroevich, M. Nagasaki, M. Kubo, S. Miyano, N.
Kamatani, Y. Nakamura, T. Shibata, H. Nakagawa.
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1234W Novel methods to integrate genotype and ge
expression data reveal pathways genetically
associated with ER breast cancer subtypes.
T. Furey,
Q. Xinog, M. Weiser, E. Hauser, C. Perou, S. Mukherjee.
1236W Genetic and functional evidence of the
presence of a tumor suppressor gene in 3p12-cen
region in a model of epithelial ovarian cancer.
Gambaro, P. M. Wojnarowicz, M. de Ladurantaye, K.
Leclerc Désaulniers, V. Barrès, J.-S. Ripeau, S. L. Arcan
J. Lavoie, D. M. Provencher, A.-M. Mes-Masson, M.
Chevrette, P. N. Tonin.
1237W Evolutionary dynamics of blood cancer
revealed by deep sequencing.
H. Gao, C. Wang, C.
Bustamante, M. Mindrinos, D. Miklos, R. Davis, W. Xiao
1238W Association of polymorphic variants of vascu
endothelial growth factor gene in relation to risk an
androgen therapy response in prostate cancer patie
of North India.
G. P. George, R. D. Mittal.
1239W Molecular characterization of pediatric high
grade astrocytomas reveals mTOR pathway
dysregulation in pediatric anaplastic astrocytomas.
Gerges, T. Haque, A. Nantel, N. Jabado.
1240W PIK3CA , BRAF,KRAS&PTEN mutational
alteration and association with clinicopathological
features in Iranian colorectal cancer patients.
Ghaffarpour, S. Sobhani, M. Firoozi, E. Mohammadi
Pargoo, S. Pirmoradi, Z. Mostakhdemin Hosseini, F.
Kamali, F. Fereidooni, M. Houshmand, Sobhani Firoozi.
1241W Fine-scale mapping of the 11q13 breast canc
susceptibility locus.
M. Ghoussaini, S. Ahmed, K.
Michailidou, K. Gregory, E. Dicks, K. Driver, M. Marania
C. Turnbull, N. Rahman, P. D. Pharoah, D. F. Easton, A.
1242W SLC39A2 and FSIP1 polymorphisms as
potential modifiers of arsenic-related bladder cance
D. Gilbert-Diamond, A. Andrew, H. Nelson, Z. Li, T.
Punshon, A. Schned, C. Marsit, S. Morris, J. H. Moore,
Tyler, M. Guerinot, K. Kelsey, M. Karagas.
1243W Cancer genes are differentially expressed wit
age in normal tissues.
D. Glass, A. Viñuela, L. Parts, D
Knowles, A. Nica, J. Nisbet, A. Barrett, M. Sekowska,
Travers, S. Potter, E. Grundberg, K. Small, A. Hedman,
Tzenova Bell, G. Surdulescu, F. O. Nestle, P. di Meglio,
Durbin, K. Ahmadi, J. Winn, D. Hochhauser, V. Bataille,
Deloukas, M. I. McCarthy, T. D. Spector, E. T. Dermitzak
MuTHER Consortium.