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1202W Improved tumor profiling using next-generation
sequencing approaches.
D. Burgess, I. Tomlinson, M.
Middleton, B. Hassan, A. Schuh, D. Green, T. Albert, X.
Zhang, J. Taylor.
1203W Genome-wide DNA methylation pattern
analysis of childhood leukemia.
S. Busche, C. Richer, B.
Ge, J. Healy, T. Kwan, S. H. Chen, D. Sinnett, T. Pastinen.
1204W High resolution melting analysis of BRAF V600E
mutation in sporadic colon cancer.
T. Cacev, S. Bulat,
S. Kapitanovic.
1205W Evidence for a strong genetic contribution to
lethal prostate cancer.
L. Cannon-Albright, C. Teerlink, N.
Agarwal, R. Stephenson.
1206W Quantitative analysis of the expression of anti-
and pro- angiogenic isoforms of VEGF in breast
cancer by qPCR.
R. Castro, P. M. Biselli-Chicote, V. R.
Regiani, D. S. Neto, N. A. B. Junior, J. L. E. Francisco, J.
A. Thome, E. C. Pavarino, D. A. P. C. Zuccari, E. M.
1207W Identification of MMTV/HMTV retrovirus in
breast tumor samples from Mexican females.
Cedro-Tanda, A. Córdova-Solis, A. Pedroza-Torres, M.
Rives-Güendulain, M. Moreno-Arroyo, J. Tórres-López, F.
Salamanca-Gómez, D. Arenas-Aranda, N. García-
Hernández, X. Rivera-Gonzalez.
1208W Mutations in the Sonic hedgehog pathway in
congenital acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells.
Chang, K. Sakamoto, S. Nelson.
gene haplotype is associated with
cervical cancer risk.
T. Chang, Y. Yang, Y. Lee, T. Chen,
S. Chang, W. Lin.
1210W Viability screens with pooled shRNA libraries
identify novel and synthetically lethal anti-cancer
A. Chenchik, D. Tedesco, K. Bonneau, M.
Makhanov, C. G. Frangou.
1211W A rare intronic
sequence variant in a
child with ependymoma and glioblastoma alters
substrate recognition in the NMD pathway.
H. Cheung,
D. Wheeler, G. Tomlinson, L. Strong, R. Gibbs, S. Plon.
1212W A comprehensive resequence-analysis of 166kb
region in familial testicular germ cell tumors.
Chung, M. Yeager, J. Boland, M. Greene, S. Chanock, C.
1213W Evaluation of RAD51C as a new breast cancer
susceptibility gene in the Belgian/Dutch population.
Claes, M. Van Bockstal, S. De Brouwer, N. Swietek, K.
Storm, J. Van den Ende, S. Willocx, E. B. Gomez-Garcia,
B. Blaumeiser, K. Leunen, C. J. Van Asperen, J. Wijnen, E.
Legius, G. Michils, G. Matthijs, M. J. Blok, A. De Paepe,
B. Poppe, K. De Leeneer.
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1214W Mutation deep within an intron of
Lynch syndrome.
M. Clendenning, D. D. Buchanan, M.
Walsh, B. Nagler, C. Rosty, B. Thompson, A. B. Spurdle
J. L. Hopper, M. A. Jenkins, J. P. Young.
1215W Association of polymorphisms in antioxidant
genes with chronic myeloid leukemia.
E. Cordova, E.
Crespo-Solis, M. Ayala-Sanchez, C. Yerena de Vega, M
Lopez-Hernandez, C. Sanchez-Guerrero, I. Chavez-Per
A. Martínez-Tovar, A. Aguayo, M. Morales-Marin, A.
Martinez-Hernandez, L. Orozco.
1216W BRCA1 and BRCA2 diagnosis: Feasibility of
multiplex amplification coupled to next-generation
F. Coulet, F. Pires, M. Eyries, C. Colas, F.
1217W Association between CCRN4L gene and non
small cell lung cancer in Brazilian patients.
P. G. Co
L. Bastos-Rodrigues, A. Vilhena, N. F. Amaral, L. De
1218W Cancer risk-associated variants disrupt FoxA
genomic activity.
R. Cowper, X. Zhang, J. Wright, M.
Cole, J. Eeckhoute, J. H. Moore, M. Lupien.
1219W Genetic polymorphisms in NAT1, NAT2, GST
GSTP1 and GSTT1 and susceptibility for colorectal
cancer in a Filipino population.
E. Cutiongco, V. Bañe
M. Roxas, C. Padilla, C. Ngelangel, R. Santos-Cortez,
Silao, F. Rocamora, O. Florendo, C. Sison, A. Roxas, F.
Doble, E. Nuqui for Philippine Cancer Genetics Study
1220W 5-Fluorouracil induce the expression of TLR4
on HCT116 colorectal cancer cell line expressing
different variants of TLR4.
H. Davoodi, S. R. Hashemi,
Heng Fong.
1221W The role of genetic ancestry in breast cancer
predisposition and tumor presentation in Puerto Ric
J. Dutil, L. Fejerman, E. Ziv, S. Huntsman, N.
Arroyo, J. Matta, J. Gonzalez-Bosquet.
1222W Identification and validation of genetic varian
that influence breast cancer prognosis.
D. Eccles, I.
Politopoulos, W. Tapper, S. Gerty, J. J. Liu, F. Couch, D.
Easton, N. Rahman, S. Ennis, A. Collins, POSH Study
1223W Overview of the clinical ELLIPSE (elucidating
loci involved in prostate cancer susceptibility)
R. Eeles, C. Goh, Z. Kote-Jarai, P. Kraft, D
Easton, B. Henderson, F. Schumacher.