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1180W BRCA2:E3002K, a new recurring mutation in
the founder French Canadian population of Quebec.
L. Arcand, S. Côté, S. Nolet, P. Ghadirian, W. D. Foulkes,
M. D. Tischkowitz, A.-M. Mes-Masson, D. Provencher, P.
N. Tonin.
1181W Activation of p53 as a possible therapeutic
strategy for treatment of cancer.
A. Avan, M. Maftouh,
A. Avan, R. Mirhafez, H. Fiuji.
1182W Genetic sequence variants and head and neck
cancer outcome: A genome-wide association study.
K. Azad, I. Bairati, L. Cheng, D. Waggott, E. Samson, D.
Cheng, M. Mirshams, S. Savas, J. Waldron, C. Wang, D.
Goldstein, P. Boutros, G. Liu, F. Meyer, W. Xu.
1183W Somatic mutations in esophageal squamous
cell carcinoma revealed by exome sequencing.
J. Bai,
Q. Wang, W. Chen, H. Cai, C. Zeng.
1184W Identification of men with a genetic
predisposition to prostate cancer: Targeted screening
mutation carriers and controls: The
IMPACT study.
E. K. Bancroft, E. Castro, E. C. Page, R.
A. Eeles, IMPACT Study Steering Committee and
1185W Somatic mutations in CCKBR alter receptor
activity and promote tumor progression.
T. Barber, M.
Lajiness, I. Wulur, B. Feng, M. Swearingen, M. Uhlik, K.
Kinzler, V. Velculescu, T. Sjoblom, S. Markowitz, S. Powell,
B. Vogelstein, M. Willard.
1186W Landscape of somatic structural alterations in
chronic lymphocytic leukemia detected by whole
genome sequencing.
L. Bassaganyas, J. C. Tubio, G.
Escaramis, C. Tornador, S. Bea, X. S. Puente, D.
Gonzalez-Knowles, R. Guigo, I. Gut, C. Lopez-Otin, E.
Campo, X. Estivill on behalf of CLL Genome Project
1187W Detection of somatic mutations in
hepatocellular carcinoma: A prerequiste for
individualized immonotherapy.
P. Bauer, C. Schroeder,
S. Junker, M. Loeffler, S. Stevanovic, H. G. Rammensee,
S. Nadalin, A. Koenigsrainer, C. Hann von Weyhern, O.
1188W Identification of ethnic specific gene
expression differences in breast cancer and normal
breast tissue.
L. L. Baumbach-Reardon, C. Gomez, J.
Yan, T. Halsey, K. Ellison, M. E. Ahearn, M. Jorda, M.
1189W Arsenic-related genomic and epigenomic
alterations in lung squamous cell carcinomas.
Becker-Santos, V. Martinez, E. Vucic, S. Lam, W. Lam.
1190W Caprin1 is frequently overexpressed in human
S. Berker Karauzum, Z. Cetin, B. Akkaya, A.
Timuragaoglu, I. H. Ozbudak, H. Bagci.
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1191W Rapid identification of cancer mutations by
high-throughput sequencing on the MiSeq system.
Betley, G. Smith, K. Hall, MiSeq Program Team.
1192W Post-genome-wide association studies in
colorectal cancer.
M. Biancolella, C. Yan, G. Mendoza
Fandino, M. J. Hitchler, G. A. Coetzee, G. Casey.
1193W Developing breast cancer among men and
possibility of exposure to endocrine- disrupting
chemicals in Iran: A case report.
F. Biramijamal, A.
Hossein-Nezhad, H. Jalaikhoo, F. Ramezani, S. S.
Mirgheydari, S. Klahroodi, P. Hemmati.
1194W Genome-wide SNP array analyses of benign,
low malignant potential and low grade serous
epithelial ovarian tumors identify chromosomal
anomalies, including a novel fusion gene.
A. H. Birch
S. L. Arcand, K. K. Oros, K. Rahimi, A. K. Watters, D.
Provencher, C. M. Greenwood, A. M. Mes-Masson, P.
1195W Analysis of expression profile of VEGF pro- a
antiangiogenic isoforms in head and neck cancer
squamous cell carcinoma.
P. M. Biselli-Chicote, G. H.
Marucci, R. Castro, J. V. Maniglia, D. S. Neto, E. C.
Pavarino, E. M. Goloni-Bertollo.
1196W Tylosis with oesophageal cancer segregates
with RHBDF2 mutations leading to dysregulation of
downstream EGF and EphrinB3 signalling.
D. C.
Blaydon, S. L. Etheridge, J. M. Risk, H.-C. Hennies, H.
Stevens, J. K. Field, A. Ellis, I. M. Leigh, A. P. South, D.
1197W Identification of fusion transcripts in ovarian
cancer by next-generation RNA sequencing.
M. Boni
J. Hoffmann, H. Neubauer, M. Walter, A. Staebler, F.
Wagner, O. Riess, D. Wallwiener, H. G. Rammensee, T.
1198W BRCAPRO versus Manchester Scoring
System — Experience of Genetic Health Queensland
M. J. Boon, R. D. Susman, J. Bjorkman.
1199W What management for the asymptomatic me
carriers of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation? Inquest to
the French oncogenetics centres.
I. Brachot-Simeono
G. Morin, C. Gillaux, B. Demeer, F. Amram, J. Gondry,
Mathieu, R. Fauvet.
1200W Single molecule targeted resequencing to
individualize cancer therapy.
A. M. K. Brown, K. Ng, L
Timms, R. De Borja, T. Zhang, S. Kamel-Reid, J. Dance
L. L. Siu, B. Tran, P. Shaw, S. Ghal, V. Ferretti, S. Watt,
Onetto, T. Hudson, J. D. McPherson.
1201W The MLH1 c.1-93 G>A SNP is associated wit
MLH1 promoter methylation and molecular features
serrated pathway colorectal cancer.
D. D. Buchanan,
D. Walsh, M. Clendenning, R. J. Walters, B. Nagler, S.
Pearson, D. McKeone, E. Pavluk, C. Rosty, J. L. Hoppe
M. A. Jenkins, D. R. English, J. P. Young.