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) mutations cause fetal
hydrolethalus and acrocallosal syndromes.
S. Thomas,
A. Putoux, K. L. M. Coene, E. E. Davis, Y. Alanay, G. Ogur,
A. Munnich, V. Cormier-Daire, R. Hennekam, E. Colin, N.
A. Akarsu, S. Lyonnet, F. Encha-Razavi, J. P. Siffroi, M.
Winey, N. Katsanis, M. Gonzales, P. L. Beales, M.
Vekemans, T. Attié-Bitach.
Cancer Genetics
1159W The MDM2/MDMX complex is required for
control of p53 activity in vivo.
L. Huang, Z. Yan, X. D.
Liao, Y. Li, J. Yang, Z. G. Wang, Y. Zuo, H. Kawai, M.
Shadfan, S. Ganapathy, Z. M. Yuan.
1160W Analysis of splice variants of the
and their impact in FANC-BRCA DNA repair pathway.
S. Bélanger, C. Joly Beauparlant, C. S. Pedneault, N.
Litim, O. Ouellette, Y. Labrie, F. Durocher, INHERIT.
1161W Analysis of FANCA sequence and splicing
variants in French Canadian women with high risk of
breast and ovarian cancer.
F. Durocher, Y. Labrie, S.
Desjardins, N. Litim, G. Ouellette, INHERIT BRCAs.
1162W Functional implications of the FancLdel4 splice
variant on DNA repair in the FANC-BRCA pathway.
S. Pedneault, S. Belanger, G. Ouellette, K. Plourde, N.
Litim, Y. Labrie, F. Durocher, INHERIT.
1163W Molecular signatures of tissue inhibitor of
metalloproteinases-1 overexpression in breast cancer
K. C. Belling, C. A. Bjerre, L. Vinther, L. Fogh, K.
Do, A. S. Rasmussen, U. Lademann, W. Jun, L. Bolund,
N. Brünner, J. Stenvang, R. Gupta.
1164W Detection of viral sequences in cancer
transcriptomes using high-throughput sequence
I. Borozan, S. Wilson, A. M. K. Brown, P.
Laflamme, S. Gnaneshan, R. Rottapel, J. D. McPherson,
V. Ferretti.
1165W Whole genome sequencing of tumor-normal
pairs from 5 African Americans with late stage or
metastatic prostate cancer.
N. J. Cardin, R. Kazma, J.
A. Mefford, T. J. Hoffmann, A. Levin, D. Chitale, B.
Rybicki, J. S. Witte.
1166W Amplified haplotype calling in next-generation
tumor sequence data.
N. Dewal, Y. Hu, M. Freedman, T.
LaFramboise, I. Pe'er.
1167W GST an emerging threat to north Indian
population for head and neck squamous cell
carcinoma: A meta analysis of case control studies.
Gupta, A. Srivastava, M. C. Pant, B. Mittal, P. Seth.
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1168W Meta-analysis of genome-wide mRNA
expression profiles with computational analysis
identifies miR-x and miR-y associated with recurren
of colorectal cancer.
E. Hsi, T. Kuo, I. Yang, P. Tsai, S.
1169W Identification and differentiation between dri
and passenger mutation applying clustering algorith
on next-gen sequencing data.
S. Karmakar, A. Ghosh,
1170W Dealing with sample aneuploidy and mosaics
using the ASCAT algorithm on different SNP array
R. Keshavan, S. Verma, S. Shams.
1171W The European Genome-phenome Archive.
Lappalainen, J. Almeida-King, V. Kumanduri, P. Marin-
Garcia, P. Flicek.
1172W Genome-wide association study of classical
Hodgkin lymphoma and EBV status-defined
J. McKay, U. Urayama, R. Jarrett, H. Hjalgr
K. Ekström Smedby, M. Melbye, A. Diepstra, A. van de
Berg, M. Lathrop, P. Brennan, IARC HL GWAS.
1173W Visualizing and exploring genomic alteration
the Cancer Genome Workbench.
C. Yan, R. Finney,
Edmonson, N. Cu, Y. Hu, D. Meerzaman, K. Buetow.
1174W A chemical genetics screen identifies a nove
drug that targets steroid biogenesis and receptor
signaling leading to growth inhibition of pediatric
malignant astrocytoma cell lines.
N. Ajeawung, D.
Poirier, D. Kamnasaran.
1175W Germline deletion in the
a child with ependymoma and in his father with
multiple schwannomatosis.
J. G. Pappas, E. Reich, J.
Allen, J. Wisoff, I. Mikolaenko, L. M. Messiaen.
1176W Association of estrogen receptor-
polymorphisms with breast cancer risk in Iran.
1177W Survival analysis for genetic variants
associated with colorectal cancer susceptibility.
Abulí, X. Bessa, R. Jover, C. Ruiz-Ponte, C. Fernández-
Rozadilla, J. Muñoz, A. Carracedo, A. Castells, M. Andr
S. Castellvi-Bel, Gastrointestinal Oncology Group of the
Spanish Gastroenterological Association.
1178W Detection of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations b
high-resolution melting curve analysis in breast can
patients from Thailand and Pakistan.
J. Ahmad, S.
Daud, S. Sangrajrang, F. Le Calvez-Kelm, N. Kakar, C.
Voegele, O. Sinilnikova, S. Tavtigian, F. Lesueur.
1179W PTEN exon four and five mutation analysis of
Iranian sporadic breast cancer patients.
Akouchekian, S. Henati, M. Akbari Azirani.