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910W ALFRED: A resource for research and teaching.
H. Rajeevan, U. Soundararajan, A. J. Pakstis, J. R. Kidd,
K. K. Kidd.
911W Tracing experimental process flow to the original
biologics in genomic relational databases.
S. Saccone,
J. Quan.
912W dbGaP: Genotype data processing and QC.
Sharopova, J. Paschall, Z. Wang, L. Hao, Y. Jin, M.
Kimura, S. Stefanov, S. Pretel, A. Sturcke, M. Feolo, S.
913W A relational database for next-generation
sequencing data.
C. Xu, Q. Tian, J. Li, H. W. Deng.
Technology Advancement
914W An automated workflow for library preparation,
target enrichment, and bioinformatics processing for
large-scale 2nd generation resequencing studies.
Hedges, T. Guettouche, C. Siebert, A. Griswold, C. Kroner,
S. Slifer, M. Schmidt, P. Whitehead, I. Konidari, W. Hulme,
A. Andersen, A. Lekas-Diaz, R. Gentry, Y. Pasco, A.
Aviram, G. Beecham, M. A. Pericak-Vance, J. R. Gilbert.
915W Flexible desktop software for genome assembly
and variation analysis.
M. Keyser, T. Durfee, T. Schwei,
S. Baldwin, R. Nelson, D. Nash, D. Jurzcak, C. Stern, J.
Stieren, A. Pollack-Berti, K. Maxfield, E. Ma, A.
Niffenegger, K. Dullea, P. Pinkas, R. Solberg, G. Plunkett
III, F. Blattner.
916W Droplet Digital PCR
as a powerful microscope
to explore and optimize genomic assay designs.
R. T.
Koehler, S. Saxonov, N. Heredia, J. Regan.
917W The CIDR Infinium WebLIMS: A modular, multi-
product laboratory information management system
for Illumina Infinium genotyping platforms.
D. Leary, M.
Barnhart, J. Goldstein, B. Craig, J. Romm, K. Doheny, L.
Watkins, Jr.
918W AnnTools: Genome annotation toolkit for SNP
and CNV data from whole exome and whole genome
sequencing data and microarrays.
V. Makarov, T.
O'Grady, G. Cai, J. Lihm, J. Buxbaum, S. Yoon.
919W Generating large scale pedigree drawings for
genetic studies.
R. Mayani, G. Mehta, E. Deelman, K.
Seth, J. Vöckler, F. Wang.
920W Automated high-throughput analysis of personal
genome sequences: Towards clinical interpretation.
Russell, S. Chervitz, M. Yandell, E. Kiruluta, M. Reese, F.
M. De La Vega.
921W SNP genotyping using the Affymetrix® Axiom®
Genome-Wide Yoruba YRI Array Set.
M. Shapero, Y. Lu,
M. Purdy, M. Shen, J. Gollub, Y. Zhan, T. Webster.
Wednesday Poster Authors are reminded to remove posters from the boards at 6:30 pm.
922W Statistical approach to predicting functional
effects of allelic variants from comparative sequenc
S. Sunyaev, I. Adzhubey, D. Jordan.
923W Building an infrastructure for 21st century
research: VIVO.
M. R. Tennant, K. L. Holmes, M. Conlo
VIVO Collaboration.
924W High-throughput annotation of genomic varian
using a relational database system.
L. Wiley, W. Bush
925W Biases in coverage and mutation detection of
human coding exome by next-generation sequencin
G. Wu, M. Edmonson, L. Wei, M. Rusch, J. Easton, X.
Chen, C. Mullighan, M. Dyer, T. Le, D. Alford, D. Zhao,
Ulyanov, J. Downing, J. Zhang.
926W A novel algorithm for detecting low frequency
variants and somatic mutations at 1% frequency in
hundreds of genes from heterogeneous research
samples using the 5500 Genetic Analyzer.
X. Xu, M.
Storm, S. Mangul, Y. Sun, J. Ichikawa, R. Padilla, D. Ho
M. Rhodes, F. Hyland.
927W Accurate and sensitive somatic mutation
detection in heterogeneous cancer research
specimens by castPCR technology.
I. Casuga, D. Mer
B. Ching, Y. Bao, D. Deng, D. Le Corre, S. Desai, R. P.
Petraroli, T. Hartshorne, H. Blons, P. Laurent-Puig, C.
928W A new sequencing workflow increases accura
and 5’ resolution for capillary electrophoresis
resequencing applications.
C. Davidson, P. Ma, S.-C.
Hung, S. Berosik, S. Schneider, V. Bourdon, T. Noguchi,
Sobol, M. Wenz.
929W Development of SureSelect target capture
methods for sequencing on the Ion Torrent PGM
A. C. Giuffre, J. Ong, M. Guadalupe, S. Joshi,
Ravi, M. Visitacion, C. Pabón-Peña, E. Lin, B. Novak, M
Hamady, F. Useche, D. Roberts, E. Leproust, S. Happe.
930W Genomic structural rearrangement detection i
highly aneuploid cancers using Long Fragment Rea
B. A. Peters, B. G. Kermani, O. Alferov, J.
Haas, R. Drmanac, T. D. Barber.
931W 5500 GATM system in combination with
enhanced call chemistry enables the detection of lo
frequency genetic variation in heterogeneous sampl
C. Storm, J. Ichikawa, R. Padilla, D. Hom, G. Meridith,
Adams, X. Xu, Y. M. Sun, F. Hyland, M. Rhodes.
932W Microsatellite instability and
immunohistochemistry testing of colorectal tumors
among U.S. cancer programs and follow-up of
abnormal results.
L. C. Beamer, D. J. MacDonald, C.
Huizenga, H. Hampel, K. R. Blazer, M. Grant, J. N.