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864W Genetic architecture of adiponectin in Hispanic
Americans from the IRAS Family Study.
S. S. An, N. D.
Palmer, A. Hanley, J. T. Ziegler, W. M. Brown, S. M.
Haffner, J. M. Norris, J. I. Rotter, X. Guo, Y. D. I. Chen, L.
E. Wagenknecht, C. D. Langefeld, D. W. Bowden.
865W In search of regulatory variants in exfoliation
M. A. Hauser, Y. Liu, S. E. Williams, B. T.
Whigham, J. Wheeler, T. R. Carmichael, X. Qin, R. R.
866W Analysis of targeted exome-plus sequencing in a
kidney transplantation outcome cohort.
B. M. Herrera,
S. M. Kurian, P. Langfelder, S. Horvath, T. Mondala, P. L.
F. Tang, E. T. Lam, D. Solomon, P. Kwok.
867W Tumor exome sequencing in patients with
isolated bilateral micronodular adrenocortical disease
identifies pathogenic somatic and germline mutations.
A. Horvath, R. B. Alexandre, E. Saloustros, C. Wassif, A.
Manning, P. Paschou, P. Briasoulis, S. Sigh, J. Epstein, I.
Levi, J. Neimela, J. B. Oliveira, J. A. Carney, F. D. Porter,
C. A. Stratakis.
868W In search of a new vascular dementia: An exome
sequencing approach to a Swedish multi-infarct family.
M. Junna, A. Börjesson Hanson, C. Sundal, O. Andersen,
M. Baumann, H. Kalimo, M. Pöyhönen, M. Viitanen.
869W Genetic contribution to neuronal cell death in
hippocampus induced by prolonged seizures in rats.
C. Martin, P. Lema, L. Carmant, P. Cossette.
870W Genetic variations in matrix metalloproteinases
are associated with increased risk of ulcerative colitis.
A. R. Morgan, D. Y. Han, W. J. Lam, C. M. Triggs, A. G.
Fraser, M. Barclay, R. B. Gearry, L. R. Ferguson.
871W Search for candidate genes that contributes to
or protect from diabetic nephropathy in type 1
diabetes through exome sequencing.
M. G. Pezzolesi,
H. A. Keenan, J. C. Mychaleckyj, J. S. Dunn, S. S. Rich, J.
H. Warram, G. L. King, A. S. Krolewski.
872W Candidate gene identification in a pediatric
patient with immune mediated enteropathy by whole
genome sequencing and VAAST analysis.
P. G. Ridge,
Jr., R. L. Margraf, S. L. Guthery, M. Singleton, J. D.
Durtschi, B. Moore, L. B. Jorde, M. Yandell, A.
Kumanovics, K. V. Voelkerding.
873W Association analysis of polymorphisms located
in inflammation-related genes in obese Mexican
Y. Saldaña-Alvarez, MG. Salas-Martínez, S.
Jiménez-Morales, A. Luckie-Duque, G. García-Cárdenas,
AN. Pale- Hernández, H. Vicenteño-Ayala, A. Carnevale-
Cantoni, L. Orozco.
874W A polygenic risk profile for Achilles tendinopathy
incorporating components of the extracellular matrix
degradation pathway.
A. V. September, E. Nell, J. Cook,
C. J. Handley, M. Collins.
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875W A genome-wide analysis of copy number
variations in dyslexic families reveal duplications in
language gene
A. M. Veerappa, J. S. Marit
Priya, P. Padakannaya, N. B. Ramachandra.
876W 15q11.2-13.3 Chromatin analysis reveals
epigenetic regulation of CHRNA7 with deficiencies i
Rett and autism brain.
D. H. Yasui, H. A. Scoles, S.
Horike, M. Meguro-Horike, K. W. Dunaway, D. I.
Schroeder, J. M. LaSalle.
877W Functional characterization of DcR3 in EBV
transformed cell lines from IBD patients of different
allelic background and role in disease pathogenesis.
R. Pandey, C. Cardinale, S. Panossian, F. Wang, E.
Frackelton, C. Kim, M. Frank, R. Chiavacci, K. Kachelrie
S. Grant, R. Baldassano, H. Hakonarson.
878W Detection of the 16p11.2 chromosomal
rearrangements in two patients with global
developmental delay and dysmorphism.
E. Shin, C.
Jung, K. Lee, H. Yeun, H. Jung.
879W Strategies for analyzing allele specificity in Ch
seq data.
V. Vacic, N. Dewal, T. LaFramboise, M. L.
Freedman, I. Pe'er.
880W MitoDx and MitoNucleomeDx: Next-generatio
sequencing of the mitochondrial genome and nucle
genes synergistically enhances the diagnosis of
mitochondrial disease.
N. Neckelmann, C. Buzin, W.
Scaringe, A. Zare, C. Boysen, M. Pold, R. Boles, S.
881W A comprehensive next-generation sequencing
panel for molecular testing of primary ciliary
dyskinesia (PCD) and PCD-like ciliopathies.
S. Lee, S
Mexal, W. Guo, A. Kammesheidt.
882W Detection of copy-number changes in Bardet-
Biedl syndrome by targeted array CGH.
A. Lindstrand
C. Carvalho, J. R. Lupski, N. Katsanis.
883W ChIP-Enrich: An application for improved gen
set enrichment testing of ChIP-Seq results.
C. Lee,
A. Smith, R. Welch, L. Scott, M. A. Sartor.
884W Computational genomics for genome
sequencing: Development of a pipeline graphical
workflow environment.
F. Macciardi, F. Torri, P.
Petrosyan, Z. Liu, A. Zamanyan, P. Eggert, J. Pierce, A.
Genco, J. A. Knowles, A. P. Clark, J. D. Van Horn, J.
Ames, C. Kesselman, A. W. Toga, S. G. Potkin, I. Dinov.
885W Molecular characterization of mutations in
CYP21A2 gene from Indian congenital adrenal
hyperplasia patients.
N. Rehal, A. Bhansali, R. Walia,
Dayal, G. Kaur, R. Prasad.