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844W Comprehensive study of
- and
eQTLs across 36 gene expressionGWAS.
X. Zhang, V.
Emilsson, D. Levy, C. J. O'Donnell, A. D. Johnson.
845W Peripheral blood monocyte-expressed Anxa2
gene is involved in pathogenesis of osteoporosis in
H. W. Deng, F. Y. Deng, S. F. Lei, Y. Zhang, Y. L.
Zhang, Y. P. Zheng, L. S. Zhang, R. Pan, L. L. Wang, Q.
Tian, H. Shen, M. Zhao, Y. X. Wang Lundberg, Y. Z. Liu, C.
J. Papasian.
846W Interstitial microdeletion of chromosome 8q23-
q24 in Langer-Giedion syndrome in association with
maternal translocation.
B. Min, W. Park.
847W Large-scale meta-analysis of genome-wide
association studies for fracture risk: The GEFOS
H. L. Oei, H.-F. Zheng, E. Ntzani, K. Estrada,
P. M. Ridker, M. Garcia, Y.-H. Hsu, T. Lehtimäki, S.
Trompet, S. Kaptoge, S. Wilson, Y. Liu, J. Eriksson, A.
Kung, A. Vernon-Smith, C.-T. Liu, J. Viikari, R. L. Minster,
N. Wareham, V. Aalto, S. A. Cummings, K.-T. Khaw, J. A.
Cauley, P. C. Sham, T. Spector, J. Ioannidis, D. P. Kiel, D.
Chasman, J. B. Richards, F. Rivadeneira.
848W A susceptible haplotype within collagen 1 alpha
1gene influences bone mineral density and
exacerbates risk of postmenopausal osteoporosis in
M. Singh, P. P. Singh, S. Singh, P. K. Juneja, T. P.
849W Large-scale meta-analysis of genome-wide
association studies for bone mineral density at radius
identified susceptibility locus at Wnt16.
H.-F. Zheng, L.
Yerges-Armstrong, J. Eriksson, E. Duncan, B. Mitchell, C.
Ohlsson, E. Streeten, M. Lorentzon, J. B. Richards.
850W Pluripotent human cells differ in their ability to
accommodate retrotransposition of engineered LINE-1
J. Garcia-Perez, S. Heras, S. Morell, A. Macia,
E. Blanco-Jimenez, M. Munoz-Lopez, P. Leone, M.
851W Using the repeat architecture to discover new
hotspots of copy number variation associated with
autism spectrum disorder.
S. Girirajan, M. Y. Dennis, B.
P. Coe, C. Baker, T. H. Vu, M. Malig, C. Alkan, E. E.
852W Sequencing of the 22q11.2 deletion in
velocardiofacial syndrome to identify genetic variants
predisposing to schizophrenia.
M. Guipponi, X. Bonilla
Bustillo, C. Gehrig, S. Dahoun, S. Eliez, S. E. Antonarakis.
853W The Allen Human Brain Atlas: Multi-scale
transcriptional architecture of the human brain.
Shen, D. Bertagnolli, C. Dang, A. Ebbert, D. Feng, A.
Guillozet-Bongaarts, M. Hawrylycz, J. Hohmann, C. Lau,
C. Lee, E. Lein, J. Miller, L. Ng, J. Phillips, Z. Riley, K.
Smith, S. Sunkin, P. Wohnoutka, A. Jones.
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854W BrainSpan Atlas of the developing human brai
S. Sunkin, A. Bernard, T. Chen, G. Coppola, C. Dang, S
L. Ding, A. Ebbert, O. Evgrafov, B. Fischl, M. Gerstein,
Geschwind, A. L. Guillozet-Bongaarts, J. Hohmann, S.
Horvath, T. Hyde, A. Jones, Y. Kawasawa, J. Kleinman,
Levitt, M. Li, S. Mane, E. Shen, K. Smith, A. Stevens, D
Weinberger, P. Wohnoutka, M. Hawrylycz, J. A. Knowle
N. Sestan, E. Lein.
855W Gene-based association analysis in pathways
relevant to brain arteriovenous malformation.
Weinsheimer, L. Pawlikowska, N. Bendjilali, P. Y. Kwok,
G. Zaroff, S. Sidney, C. E. McCulloch, W. L. Young, H.
856W Gene-set analysis of a genome-wide associati
study for colorectal cancer.
S. Castellvi-Bel, J. J.
Lozano, C. Ruiz-Ponte, C. Fernández-Rozadilla, A. Abul
A. Castells, A. Carracedo, Gastrointestinal Oncology
Group of the Spanish Gastroenterological Association.
857W An integrated high-throughput automated
workflow for RNA and DNA extraction from FFPE
samples for second generation sequencing.
Guettouche, D. Hedges, J. Rantus, K. Slosek, I. Konida
B. Hulme, A. Andersen, A. L. Diaz, R. Gentry, Y. Pasco,
Pericak-Vance, J. Gilbert.
858W From “gene desert” to cancer stem cell
biomarker: Using public genomic data to take 8q24
from GWAS to the clinic.
A. Hsu, J. Madhusoodanan,
Su, M. Shekar, I. Kupershmidt.
859W RNA-sequencing and allele-specific expressio
analysis identify strong allelic expression imbalance
for a bladder cancer associated variant rs2294008
within the prostate stem cell antigen.
I. Kohaar, A.
Mumy, W. Tang, Y.-P. Fu, P. Porter-Gill, L. Prokunina-
860W Integrative molecular profiling in serous
epithelial ovarian cancer for identification of
biomarkers of chemoresistance.
M. Koti, R. Vidal, P.
Nuin, A. Haslesurst, J. Weberpals, T. Childs, P. Bryson,
Feilotter, J. Squire, P. Park.
861W Human genetics.
B. Nasasira.
862W Integrative analysis of whole-genome and
transcriptome sequence data for metastatic triple
negative breast cancer.
A. Siddiqui, O. Sakarya, C.
Barbacioru, J. Aldrich, S. Sinari, A. Christoforides, T. Iza
J. Keifer, L. Hoang, S. Mousses, J. D. Carpten, D. Von
Hoff, D. W. Craig.
863W Detecting neoplasms of hematopoetic or
lymphatic tissue as an incidental finding of GWAS
within the electronic Medical Records and Genomic
(eMERGE) Network.
U. Schick, A. McDavid, N. Westo
K. Ehrlich, K. N. Newton, P. K. Crane, C. Laurie, C. Lau
A. P. Reiner, R. D. Jackson, U. Peters, G. P. Jarvik, E. B
Larson, C. S. Carlson.