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820W dbNSFP 1.1: An integrated database of human
non-synonymous substitutions and their functional
X. Liu, X. Jian, E. Boerwinkle.
821W Novel adipose and blood transcriptomic
signatures of evoked inflammation in a healthy human
Y. Liu, J. F. Ferguson, B. Keating, Yi. Guo, B. D.
Gregory, D. J. Rader, M. Li, M. P. Reilly.
822W Multifactorial differential expression analysis to
account for technical and biological variability in RNA-
Seq and digital gene expression data.
D. McCarthy, Y.
Chen, E. J. C. de Geus, D. I. Boomsma, B. W. J. H.
Penninx, G. B. van Ommen, P. A. C. 't Hoen, G. K. Smyth.
823W Effective detection of rare variants in pooled
DNA samples using cross-pool tailcurve analysis.
Niranjan, A. Adamczyk, H. Bravo, M. Taub, S. Wheelan, R.
Irizarry, T. Wang.
824W Transcriptome and epigenome analysis in
pancreatic cancer.
H. Parikh, J. Jia, W. Xiao, X. Liu, I.
Collins, G. Petersen, J. Powell, S. Thorgeirsson, L.
825W Phenome-wide association study for exploration
of novel genotype-phenotype associations and
pleiotropy using MetaboChip in the PAGE network.
Pendergrass, E. S. Torstenson, J. L. Ambite, C. L. Avery,
C. Cai, M. D. Fesinmeyer, C. Haiman, G. Heiss, L. A.
Hindorff, C.-N. Hsu, C. Kooperberg, L. Le Marchand, Y.
Lin, T. C. Matise, K. Monroe, K. E. North, L. R. Wilkens, S.
Buyske, D. C. Crawford, M. D. Ritchie.
826W Validation and comparison of variant calling
pipelines for next-generation sequence.
M. Pirooznia, F.
Goes, J. Parla, I. Iossifov, R. McCombie, J. Potash, P.
827W An integrative genomics approach to detect and
classify unusual patterns in glioblastoma multiforme.
C. Rangel-Escareño, K. Baca-Lopez, M. D. Correa-
Rodriguez, R. Flores-Espinosa, R. Garcia-Herrera, C. I.
Hernandez-Armenta, E. Hernandez-Lemus, A. Hidalgo-
Miranda, A. J. Huerta-Verde, I. Imaz-Rosshandler, A. V.
Martinez-Rubio, A. Medina-Escareno, R. Mendoza-Smith,
M. Rodriguez-Dorantes, I. Salido-Guadarrama.
828W Robust statistical methods for genome-wide
eQTL analysis.
M. Rantalainen, C. Holmes.
829W Meta-analysis of multiple expression quantitative
trait locus datasets results in large gains in regulatory
variant identification.
A. J. Rogers, J. Lasky-Su, B. E.
Himes, T. Raj, N. Morar, M. F. Moffatt, V. J. Carey, B.
Stranger, L. Liang, B. A. Raby.
830W A visualization platform for interpretation of
structural genomic data.
T. Sante, S. Vergult, B. Menten.
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831W Twins, tissue and time: A comparison of
genomic inference across monozygotic twins, DNA
sources and longitudinal samples.
P. Scheet, E. A. Eh
X. Xiao, A. Abdellaoui, R. R. Althoff, J. J. Hottenga, K.
Nelson, P. Huizenga, Y. Hu, M. Bartels, M. M. Goen-
Blokhis, E. de Geus, J. Hudziak, G. E. Davies, D. I.
832W The importance of variation databases in
interpretation of exome sequencing.
T. E. Scheetz, A.
DeLuca, T. A. Braun, L. M. Streb, L. M. Affatigato, V. C.
Sheffield, E. M. Stone.
833W Comprehensive genomic analysis of tandemly
repeated genes.
A. Sharp, M. Brahmachary, A. Guilma
C. Borel, F. Cheung, P. Warburton.
834W Extensive evolutionary changes in regulatory
element activity during human origins are closely
associated with altered gene expression and positiv
Y. Shibata, N. Sheffield, O. Fedringo, C. C.
Babbitt, M. J. Wortham, D. London, L. Song, A. K. Tew
S. C. Parker, E. H. Margulies, G. A. Wray, T. S. Furey, G
E. Crawford.
835W Limitations of the human reference genome
T. Smith, N. Olson, J. Rosenfeld, C. Mason.
836W In silico analyses of promoter regulatory targe
in the iron metabolism pathway.
N. J. Strickland, M.
837W The eXtensible SeQuence file format: A better
standard for sequencing reads.
D. Thomas, C. Yang,
Muller, S. Utiramerur, J. Zhang, P. Suri, A. Siddiqui.
838W Yet another pipeline for the next-generation
sequencing analysis.
L. Tian, H. Hakonarson.
839W The importance of reproducible research and
genome geography.
L. K. Vaughan, V.
840W The NCBO annotator and enrichment analysis
with the human disease ontology.
P. Whetzel, P.
LePendu, R. Fergerson, M. Musen, N. Shah.
841W Analysis of data from whole genome sequenci
in clinical practice.
E. A. Worthey, G. Kowalski, M. Tut
R. Lopez, W. Liu, W. Jin, P. Jayaraman, J. De Pons, J.
Smith, D. Schauer, G. McQuestion, B. Taylor, D. P. Bick,
H. J. Jacob, D. P. Dimmock.
842W An integrative variant analysis suite for whole
exome next-generation sequencing data.
F. Yu, D.
Challis, J. Yu, U. Evani, A. Jackson, S. Paithankar, C.
Coarfa, R. Gibbs, A. Milosavljevic.
843W Improved methods for filtering putative rare
functional mutations for whole genome/exome-
sequencing data analysis.
G. Y. Yu, X. Zhang, Z. Wan
S. J. Chanock, M. Yeager, K. B. Jacobs.