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746W Epigenomic dysregulation of enhancer elements
in cancer.
B. Akhtar-Zaidi, A. Saiakhova, J. Willis, S.
Markowitz, P. Scacheri.
747W Methylation signature of breast cancer
Z. Barekati, R. Radpour, X. Y. Zhong.
748W Epigenetic pattern, mRNA and protein
expression of E-cadherin and caveolin-1 in gastric
C. O. Gigek, M. F. Leal, P. N. O. Silva,
L. C. F. Lisboa, E. S. Chen, D. Q. Calcagno, E. M. Lima, P.
P. Assumpção, R. R. Burbano, M. A. C. Smith.
749W Association of DNA methylation pattern with
parental smoking in acute lymphoblastic leukemia
L. Hsu, J. Xiao, A. Chokkalingam, C. Metayer, P.
Buffler, J. Wiemels.
750W The difference in methylation status of the p53
gene in smokers versus non-smokers.
M. Simkin, M.
Abdalla, M. Elmogy, Y. Haj-Ahmad.
751W The role of MBD2 in hypomethylation and
activation of pro-metastatic genes in liver cancer.
Stefanska, B. Bhattacharyya, M. Suderman, J. Huang, M.
Hallett, Z. G. Han, M. Szyf.
752W OxLDL causes both epigenetic modification and
signaling regulation on the microRNA-29b gene: Novel
mechanisms for cardiovascular diseases.
K. C. Chen, I.
C. Hsieh, Y. S. Wang, Y. C. Liao, C. Y. Hu, S. H. H. Juo.
753W Epigenetics and genomics of constitutional
trisomy 8: A uniqe model system for chromosome
J. Davidsson, S. Veerla, B. Johansson.
754W Effect of histone 4 methylation at
expression after antidepressant treatment on human
prefrontal cortex.
E. S. Chen, C. Ersnt, M. A. C. Smith,
G. Turecki.
755W Epigenetic regulation of polyamine biosynthetic
genes in suicide.
J. Gross, L. Fiori, B. Labonté, G.
756W Impact of genetic variation on chromatin state
and genome-wide gene expression phenotypes.
Kilpinen, S. Waszak, R. M. Witwicki, A. Orioli, S. Raghav,
M. Gutierrez-Arcelus, L. Romano-Palumbo, N. Hernandez,
B. Deplancke, A. Reymond, E. T. Dermitzakis.
757W Analysis of DNA methylation supports variable
spread of X-chromosome inactivation into X;autosome
A. Cotton, L. Lam, M. Kobor, C. Brown.
758W Neuron-specific impairment of inter-
chromosomal pairing and transcription in a novel
model of human 15q-duplication syndrome.
S. Horike,
D. H. Yasui, W. Powell, D. I. Schroeder, M. Oshimura, J.
M. LaSalle, M. Meguro-Horike.
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759W Copy number variation and chromatin structu
R. M. Witwicki, E. Migliavacca, N. Gheldof, G. Didelot,
Kurg, A. Reymond.
760W Methlyation differences between discordant
monozygotic twins: A role for cysteine sulfinic acid
decarboxlase in type 1 diabetes susceptibility.
Elboudwarej, J. Jeffrey, P. R. Fain, P. P. Ramsay, H.
Quach, J. A. Lane, G. S. Eisenbarth, L. F. Barcellos, J.
761W Influence of DNA modification on INS gene
expression in thymus and implications in type I
T. Khare, M. Pal, S. C. Chong, A. Pugliese, A.
Paterson, J. Mill, A. Petronis.
762W Epigenetic alterations and stress among new
mothers and infants in the Democratic Republic of
Congo: A biocultural look at the intergenerational
effects of war.
C. J. Mulligan, N. D'Errico, J. Stees, C.
Gravlee, T. P. Yang.
763W Role of CTCF protein in regulating FMR1 gene
G. Neri, S. Lanni, M. Goracci, L. Borrelli,
764W DNA methylation of multiple promoter-
associated CpG islands in gastrointestinal stromal
M. Ravnik-Glavacˇ , D. Glavacˇ .
765W Epigenetic studies of a newborn twin cohort:
Insights into pre- and postnatal development.
J. M.
Craig, E. J. Joo, R. Andronikos, M. Ollikainen, X. Li, Y.-
Loke, B. Novakovic, R. Morley, J. Carlin, L. Gordon, R.
766W Genome-wide DNA methylation in sib-pairs
discordant for autism.
R. S. Alisch, P. Chopra, K. E.
Szulwach, B. G. Barwick, B. Lynch, J. Mowrey, G. A.
Satten, K. N. Conneely, P. Jin, S. T. Warren.
767W Familial and environmental determinants of
methyl quantitative trait loci genome-wide in nuclea
L. Liang, S. G. Willis-Owen, K. C. C. Wong, A.
Binia, P. J. Farrell, G. M. Lathrop, G. Abecasis, M. F.
Moffatt, W. O. C. M. Cookson.
768W Alterations in DNA and nuclear lamina
interactions and chromatin organization in
Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome.
A. Nazario-
Toole, K. Cao.
769W Reversal of cocaine-conditioned placed
preference through methyl supplementation: alterin
global DNA methylation in the prefrontal cortex.
Zhao, W. P. Tian, M. Li, T. B. Song, M. Z. Li, L. Quan, S
B. Li, Z. S. Sun.
770W Diverse neurodevelopmental abnormalities in
novel mouse model of Rett syndrome.
J. LaSalle, D.