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724W Genome-wide interaction analysis of exogenous
estrogen in age-related macular degeneration: Novel
association of retinitis pigmentosa and retinoblastoma
M. D. Courtenay, A. C. Naj, W. H. Cade, P. L.
Whitehead, I. Konidari, S. G. Schwartz, J. L. Kovach, A.
Agarwal, G. Wang, J. L. Haines, M. A. Pericak-Vance, W.
K. Scott.
725W Entropy-based information gain approaches to
detect and to characterize gene-gene and gene-
environment interactions/correlations of complex
R. Fan, Z. Zhong, S. Wang, Y. Zhang, A.
Andrew, M. Karagas, J. Moore, S. Chen, C. Amos, M.
726W Genotype x sex interactions in asthma: Genome-
wide studies in the EVE Consortium data.
R. Myers, N.
Scott, C. Ober, D. Nicolae, EVE Consortium.
727W The association between genetic polymorphism
of LEP and obesity in remote area in Taiwan.
R. Wang,
L. Ke, C. Chen, F. Wu, T. Wu.
728W A unified Bayesian framework for analyzing
heterogeneous genetic association data: Meta-
analysis and GxE interaction.
X. Wen, M. Stephens.
729W Genome-wide interaction analysis of two
independent schizophrenia datasets.
D. Xie, Y. Zhu, J.
Chen, M. Xiong, X. Chen.
730W Characterization of the associations between
rs2231142 (Q141K) in
and serum uric acid and
gout in four U.S. populations: The PAGE Study.
Zhang, K. L. Spencer, V. S. Voruganti, N. Jorgensen, M.
Fornage, L. Best, K. D. Brown-Gentry, S. Cole, D. C.
Crawford, N. Franceschini, A. Gaffo, K. R. Glenn, G.
Heiss, N. S. Jenny, A. Köttgen, Q. Li, K. Liu, K. E. North,
J. G. Umans, W. H. Kao.
731W Prostate cancer risk prediction using a genetic
profile in an international consortium (PRACTICAL).
Amin Al Olama, S. Benlloch, D. A. Leongamornlert, E. J.
Saunders, M. Tymrakiewicz, M. Guy, K. Govindasami, Z.
Kote-Jarai, R. A. Eeles, D. F. Easton, PRACTICAL.
732W A simulation pipeline for genetic disease
H. Baurecht, T. Augustin, S. Wagenpfeil, K.
Strauch, P. A. Scheet.
variant modifies the HDL-kidney function
association in populations of African ancestry.
A. R.
Bentley, A. Doumatey, H. Huang, J. Zhou, D. Shriner, A.
Adeyemo, C. Rotimi.
734W Fine-mapping
risk variants in breast
N. J. Camp, M. Parry, S. Knight, R. Abo, L. A.
Cannon-Albright, G. Elliot, S. Rigas, S. P.
Balasubramanian, A. Cox.
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735W A weighted Fisher’s method to detect rare-
variant complex trait associations using next-
generation sequence data.
Y. H. Cheung, G. Wang, S.
M. Leal, S. Wang.
736W How can genotype imputations contribute to t
identification of disease causal variants in genome-
wide association studies?
E. Corda, M. Brossard, M.
Iles, J. H. Barrett, A. M. Goldstein, P. Kanetsky, E. M.
Gillanders, B. Bakker, N. Gruis, J. A. Newton-Bishop, D.
Bishop, F. Demenais, Melanoma Genetics Consortium
737W A novel pairwise shared genomic segment
statistic comparing cases and controls: Application
polycythemia vera.
K. Curtin, S. Swierczek, F. Lorenzo
A. Thomas, K. Wang, H. Hakonarson, J. Prchal, N. Cam
738W Gene set analysis of GWAS data for human
longevity highlights the relevance of the insulin/IGF-
signaling and telomere maintenance pathway.
Deelen, H. W. Uh, R. Monajemi, D. van Heemst, P. E.
Thijssen, S. Böhringer, E. B. van den Akker, A. J. M. de
Craen, F. Rivadeneira, A. G. Uitterlinden, R. G. J.
Westendorp, J. J. Goeman, P. E. Slagboom, J. J.
Houwing-Duistermaat, M. Beekman.
739W The ANO3/MUC15 locus is associated with
eczema in family samples ascertained through
M. H. Dizier, P. Jeannin, A. M. Madore, J.
Esparza, M. Moffatt, E. Corda, F. Monier, I. Annesi, J. J
I. Pin, F. Kauffmann, W. Cookson, Y. A. Lee, C. Laprise,
Lathrop, E. Bouzigon, F. Demenais.
740W Distinguishing gene-gene interaction from
E. N. Drill, R. L. Subaran, D. A. Greenbe
741W Using known genotype-phenotype association
to detect sample mix-up.
C. T. Ekstrom, B. Feenstra.
742W Fine mapping in over 10,000 rheumatoid arthri
cases and 14,000 controls refine associations to
known loci, indicate multiple independent affects an
reveal novel associations.
S. Eyre, J. Bowes, A. Barto
S. Raychaudhuri, C. Amos, D. Diogo, A. Lee, L. Klaresk
L. Padyukov, E. Stahl, P. K. Gregersen, R. Plenge, J.
743W Re-ranking sequencing variants in the post-
GWAS era.
L. L. Faye, S. B. Bull, L. Sun.
744W DNA methylation involved in chemobrain.
R. H
J. Eggert, P. Tate, L. Larcom, C. Chen.
745W Advanced methods for genome-wide
methylation detection reveal novel epigenetic
dynamics of leukemia.
A. Akalin, M. Figueroa, F. Garre
Bakelman, M. Kormaksson, J. Busuttil, A. Melnick, C. E