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703W Heritability of densitometric, structural and
strength properties of bones in extended pedigrees
from Spain: Data from the GAO Project.
Athanasiadis, J. Malouf, A. Laiz-Alonso, A. Marin, A.
Martinez-Perez, L. Rib, R. Perez, A. Buil, J. Casademont,
J. Farrerons, J. M. Soria.
704W Estimating causal effects in Mendelian
randomization studies: How different is that from
randomized controlled trials?
K. Fischer, M. Kals, A.
705W Novel genetic locus for kidney stone using
diverse ancestry populations: The Women’s Health
Initiative Study.
N. Franceschini, A. Reiner, T. Chi, M. L.
Stroller, A. Kahn, C. Carty, Y. Li, T. L. Edwards, R.
706W G80A polymorphism in the RFC-1 gene in
rheumatoid arthritis Mexican mestizo patients treated
with methotrexate.
M. G. González-Mercado, M. P.
Gallegos-Arreola, M. C. Morán-Moguel, M. Salazar-
Páramo, J. F. Muñoz-Valle, A. Moreno-Andrade, G.
Martínez, J. I. Gámez-Nava, L. González-López, I. P.
707W Genotype imputation in African Americans: An
evaluation for selecting an optimal reference panel.
B. Hancock, J. L. Levy, G. Page, E. O. Johnson.
708W FCGR2A is the first ulcerative colitis
susceptibility gene in African Americans.
C. Huang, S.
E. Ellis, B. Kuhr, K. L. Isaacs, A. L. Silverman, J. D. Lewis,
D. T. Smoot, J. F. Valentine, H. A. Kader, J. H. Cho, R. H.
Duerr, J. D. Rioux, M. Silverberg, K. D. Taylor, Y. Wu, S.
Hooker, R. A. Kittles, L. W. Datta, S. R. Brant, NIDDK IBD
Genetics Consortium.
709W Association of osteoarthritis and serum bilirubin
level — A Framingham Heart Study.
J. Lin, N. Jeffries, F.
Kronenbery, S. Hwany, L. Vitek, H. Schwertner.
710W Distribution of mitochondrial haplogroups in the
National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys.
Mitchell, K. D. Brown-Gentry, P. Mayo, M. Allen, N.
Schnetz-Boutaud, D. Murdock, D. C. Crawford.
711W Identifying independent genetic associations in
complex disease using penalized multivariate logistic
regression and hierarchical modeling: A case study on
systemic lupus erythematosus.
D. L. Morris, J.
Bentham, M. E. Alarcón-Riquelme, J. D. Rioux, T. J. Vyse,
712W Prevalence of spinocerebellar ataxia type15 in
Japan screened with TaqMan PCR assay.
M. Obayashi,
M. Takahashi, Y. Niimi, N. Sato, O. Onodera, K. Ishikawa,
M. Nishizawa, H. Mizusawa.
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713W Impact of the Amerindian genetic ancestry on
the clinical and socio-demographic expression of
systemic lupus erythematosus in a European-
Amerindian admixed population.
E. Sanchez, L. Riba,
Rasmussen, J. A. Kelly, K. M. Kaufman, E. Acevedo, M.
Cardiel, E. E. Brown, G. S. Alarcon, J. C. Edberg, J.-M.
Anaya, J. F. Moctezuma, J. A. James, J. D. Reveille, M.
Petri, R. Ramsey-Goldman, P. M. Gaffney, I. Garcia de l
Torre, C. Perandones, P. Alba, J. Musurana, A. Goecke,
A. Esquivel-Valerio, M. A. Maradiaga-CecEña, T. Tusie-
Luna, J. B. Harley, B. A. Pons-Estel, C. O. Jacob, M. E.
Alarcon-Riquelme, SLEGEN and GENLES.
714W Using multiple measures for quantitative trait
association analyses: Application to estimated
glomerular filtration rate.
A. Tin, B. C. Astor, E.
Boerwinkle, E. Colantuoni, J. Coresh, W. H. Kao.
715W A comparison of approaches to control for
confounding factors by regression models.
C. Xing,
716W Association between 11q23-25 region and
triglyceride in metabolic syndrome.
M. S. Fallah, M.
Daneshpour, S. Alfadhli, A. Rebai, M. Hedayati, M.
Zarkesh, F. Azizi.
717W Using linkage data to prioritize analysis of dat
from whole exome sequencing.
T. Foroud, D. Koller,
Lai, H. Lin, N. Pankratz, Y. Liu, R. Deka, L. Sauerbeck,
Ling, K. Doheny, E. Pugh, J. Broderick, Ctr. for Inherite
Dis. Res. and The FIA Study.
718W Age-related macular degeneration in an Amis
population: The reliability of self reporting disease.
L. Haines, A. C. Cummings, D. Fuzzell, A. Agarwal, J.
Gauthier, R. Laux, W. K. Scott, M. A. Pericak-Vance.
719W Identification of loci enriched for nuclear-
encoded mitochondrial proteins underlying mobility
oldest-old Amish.
J. E. Hicks, J. R. Gilbert, L. Jiang, A
C. Cummings, L. Caywood, L. Reinhart-Mercer, D.
Fuzzekk, C. Knebusch, R. Laux, C. E. Jackson, M. A.
Pericak-Vance, J. L. Haines, W. K. Scott.
720W Pedigree-based imputation infers pure in silic
genotypes and improves power for genetic
associations: The Framingham Heart Study.
J. Huan
M. H. Chen, W. M. Chen, C. J. O'Donnell, Q. Yang.
721W Integrating sparse and dense marker data to
interrogate a linkage signal.
E. Marchani, E. Wijsman.
722W The role of rare genetic variation in Asperger
syndrome in Finnish families.
M. Rossi, K. Rehnström
H. Kilpinen, I. Hovatta, S. Ripatti, A. Palotie.
723W Individuals with both type 1 diabetes and celi
disease autoimmunity carry private risk variants for
both diseases.
J. Romanos, G. Trynka, L. Franke, M.
Platteel, S. A. Medema-Jankipersadsing, A. K. Steck, J.
M. Norris, G. Eisenbarth, M. Rewers, E. Liu, C. Wijmen