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681W Detection of copy number variation in whole
exome sequencing data using read-depth of coverage.
J. Lihm, V. Makarov, T. O'Grady, G. Cai, N. Takahashi, E.
Parkhomenko, M. Gazdoiu, J. Buxbaum, S. Yoon.
682W Detecting chromosomal inversion
polymorphisms using principal components analysis.
J. Ma, C. Amos.
683W Performances of copy number variant detection
algorithms applied to SNP-array and impact on GWAS
G. Marennne, S. J. Chanock, L. Pérez-Jurado, N.
Rothman, B. Rodríguez, M. Kogevinas, M. García-Closas,
D. T. Silverman, F. X. Real, N. Malats, E. Génin.
684W Genome-wide analysis shows enrichment of
copy-number variations in preeclampsia patients.
Zhao, E. Triche, A. Saftlas, J. Hoh, A. DeWan.
685W Admixture analyses of lipoprotein (a) levels.
de Andrade, M. Matsumoto, T. Lesnick, E. Boerwinkle, S.
Kardia, I. Kullo.
686W The associasion between genetic polymorphism
of TGF-
1 and obesity in Nan-tou County in Taiwan.
Lin, Y. Hsiao, R. Wang, F. Wu, C. Chen, T. Wu.
687W The effect of a family history of myocardial
infarction on the risk of venous thromboembolism
among White and Black Americans.
F. D. Mili, W. C.
Hooper, C. Lally, H. Austin.
688W Previously identified obesity loci display
longitudinal differences in their effect on BMI through
S. D. Bailey, J. O’Loughlin, N. C. Low, E.
Dugas, N. Rudzicz, K. Desbiens, M.-H. Roy-Gagnon, M.
Lambert, J. C. Engert.
689W The developmental signature of steroid response
genes in the human fetal lung.
S. Sharma, A. Kho, W.
Qiu, R. Gaedigk, J. S. Leeder, S. T. Weiss, K. G. Tantisira.
690W FTO genotype independently and strongly
influences both adiposity and insulin resistance in the
Mapuche of Chile.
M. E. S. Bailey, C. A. Celis-Morales,
N. Ulloa, C. Calvo, F. Pérez-Bravo, J. M. R. Gill.
691W TCF7L2 polymorphisms/haplotypes association
with T2D in an Italian population and correlation with
some complications.
C. Ciccacci, D. Di Fusco, L.
Cacciotti, V. Spallone, G. Novelli, P. Borgiani.
692W Investigating the
gene region as
a susceptibility locus for type 2 diabetes.
K. Direk, W.
Lau, K. Small, H. Elding, N. Maniatis, T. Andrew.
693W Comprehensive evaluation of type 2 diabetes
susceptibility in the Japanese population by genome-
wide imputation analysis using the 1000 Genomes
Project data.
K. Hara, H. Fujita, T. A. Johnson, M.
Horikoshi, S. Maeda, T. Tsunoda, M. Kubo, Y. Nakamura,
T. Kadowaki.
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694W Modeling HLA epistatic interactions using a
unified GWAS and linkage analytical method maps
new putative genes for type 1 diabetes.
Y. Huang, Y.
Tomer, VJ. Vieland.
695W Admixture mapping reveals potential novel loc
for type II diabetes in African Americans using
electronic medical records as a tool for genome
J. Jeff, L. Armstrong, M. Ritchie, J. Denny, A.
Kho, M. Basford, W. Wolf, J. Pacheco, K. Doheny, D.
Mirel, E. Pugh, A. Crenshaw, R. Li, T. Manolio, R.
Chisholm, D. Roden, G. Hayes, D. Crawford.
696W A MAGIC study of genome-wide joint meta-
analysis of SNP by BMI interaction identifies 14
common variants associated with fasting insulin an
glucose homeostasis.
A. Manning, R. A. Scott, M.-F.
Hivert, J. Grimsby, C.-T. Liu, H. Chen, L. Bielak, L.
Rasmussen-Torvik, J. Dupuis, J. C. Florez, R. M.
Watanabe, C. Langenberg, J. B. Meigs, MAGIC.
697W Impact of loci contributing to type 2 diabetes
susceptibility on variation in physiologic glycaemic
traits in healthy individuals.
M. McCarthy, A. S. Dimas
Lagou, R. Mägi, A. Barker, D. Rybin, M.-F. Hivert, T.
Assimes, T. Quertermous, M. Walker, I. Barroso, C.
Langenberg, J. C. Florez, R. M. Watanabe, J. Knowles,
Dupuis, E. Ingelsson, I. Prokopenko, GENESIS, DIAGR
698W Large-scale sex-differentiated meta-analysis
reveals four novel susceptibility loci for type 2
A. P. Morris, T. Ferreira, T. M. Teslovich, A.
Mahajan, B. F. Voight, DIAGRAM Consortium.
699W Fine-mapping of type 2 diabetes risk loci in
African Americans using the Metabochip: The PAGE
F. R. Schumacher, K. E. North, J. Haessler, K. L.
Spencer, N. Franceschini, K. R. Monroe, B. V. Howard,
D. Jackson, W. H. L. Kao, L. N. Kolonel, S. Liu, V. Arod
L. H. Kuller, L. R. Wilkens, L. A. Hindorff, J. L. Ambite,
Le Marchand, D. C. Crawford, S. Buyske, J. S. Pankow
U. Peters, C. A. Haiman, Population Architecture Using
Genomics and Epidemiology.
700W Genetic variants associated with diabetes
related circulating metabolite levels and their role in
type 2 diabetes and insulin sensitivity.
W. XIE, A. R.
Wood, M. N. Weedon, J. W. Knowles, T. L. Assimes, T.
Quertermous, F. Abbasi, J. Paananen, H. Häring, T.
Hansen, O. Pedersen, U. Smith, M. Laakso, E. Ferranni
W. E. Gall, T. M. Frayling, M. Walker, MAGIC Investigato
DIAGRAM Consortium, GENESIS Consortium, RISC
701W Assessing RNA-seq differential expression lev
with low-confidence mapped reads.
M. Pongpanich,
Y. Tzeng, D. Nielsen.
702W Quantitative trait analysis for next-generation
Y. Zhu, L. Luo, M. Xiong.