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655W Imputation-based association analysis within the
ITGAM-ITGAX region identifies multiple common
variants associated with SLE susceptibility in multiple
ethnic populations.
X. Kim-Howard, C. Sun, K. Kaufman,
J. Kelly, J. James, P. Gaffney, K. Moser, G. Gilkeson, C.
Langfeld, R. Kimberly, T. Vyse, M. Alarcón-Riquelme, A.
Adler, G. Wiley, J. Harley, S. K. Nath, SLEGEN, PROFILE.
656W Replication in Korean women of an association
between a common variant in the breast cancer
susceptibility gene, ZNF365, and a mammographic
density measure that predicts breast cancer: The
Healthy Twin Study.
M. Lee, J. Lee, D. H. Lee, Y. M.
Song, K. Lee, J. Stone, J. Hopper, J. Sung.
657W Searching for modifiers of age-at-onset in
familial amyloid polyneuropathy ATTRV30M : A
candidate gene approach.
D. Santos, T. Coelho, J. L.
Neto, J. Pinto-Basto, J. Sequeiros, I. Alonso, C. Lemos, A.
658W In silico candidate gene study for childhood
tooth decay.
J. R. Shaffer, Z. Zeng, X. Wang, M. Lee, K.
T. Cuenco, M. M. Barmada, D. E. Polk, R. J. Weyant, R.
Crout, D. W. McNeil, D. E. Weeks, E. Feingold, M. L.
659W Goldilocks variants: Prevalence and significance
in association studies.
D. Waterworth, L. Warren, M.
Ehm, M. Nelson, V. Mooser.
660W Common genetic variants underlie
endometriosis and obesity-related traits.
N. Rahmioglu,
H. R. Harris, S. Macgregor, A. Morris, G. W. Montgomery,
S. A. Missmer, C. M. Lindgren, K. T. Zondervan,
International EndoGene Consortium, GIANT Consortium.
661W Genes associated with cephalometric variation
in the tricho-dento-osseous syndrome.
M. E. Cooper,
M. Govil, M. A. Torain, T. C. Hart, M. L. Marazita, J. T.
662W Clinical and genetic epidemiology of Bardet-
Biedl syndrome in Tunisia.
O. Mhamdi, I. Ouertani, H.
Chaabouni Bouhamed.
663W A comprehensive evaluation of SNP weighting
schemes for the analysis of uncommon genetic
A. Byrnes, Y. Li, M. Li.
664W Association testing combining family-based and
case-control designs.
J. E. Cerise, W. C. L. Stewart.
665W Evaluating type 1 error in large pedigree
L. N. D'Aoust, A. C. Cummings, E. Torstenson,
M. F. Davis, W. K. Scott, M. A. Pericak-Vance, M. D.
Ritchie, W. S. Bush, J. L. Haines.
666W A fast algorithm to optimize SNP prioritization
for gene-gene and gene-environment interactions.
Q. Deng, G. Paré.
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667W Interpreting meta-analyses of genome-wide
association studies.
B. Han, E. Eskin.
668W Novel susceptibility loci for Crohn's disease,
rheumatoid arthritis and type 1 diabetes identified
using a data mining approach designed to detect
weak associations.
G. E. Hoffman, B. A. Logsdon, J.
669W A combined functional annotation score for n
synonymous variants.
M. C. Lopes, C. Joyce, F.
Cunningham, S. L. John, J. Asimit, E. Zeggini.
670W Comparison of genome-wide association
genotyping products for imputation of low-frequenc
and rare variants.
A. Mahajan, B. Howie, C. Fuchsberg
R. D. Pearson, K. J. Gaulton, N. Robertson, N. W. Rayn
Y. Chen, I. Prokopenko, M. I. McCarthy, A. P. Morris on
behalf of GoT2D Consortium.
671W ParaHaplo 3.0: A program package for
imputation and a haplotype-based whole-genome
association study using hybrid parallel computing.
Misawa, N. Kamatani.
672W Privacy preserving meta-analysis of sequenci
based association studies.
I. Pe'er, R. Banerjee, S. Za
673W Hardy-Weinberg equlibrium in triad designs.
Rao, S. Venkatesan, S. Kasala.
674W KELVIZ: A graphing and annotating tool for
statistical evidence in human genetics.
S. Seok, B.
Nouanesengsy, V. Vieland.
675W A tool to test for functional enrichment of GW
C. Tang, M. Ferreira.
676W Sex-specific prediction of genomic segments
shared IBD by family members, with applications in
disease mapping by family-based sequencing.
677W An algorithm for splitting and trimming large
Q. Yang, M. Chen.
678W Copy number variations detection using famil
J. Chu, I. Ionita-Laza, A. Rogers, K. Darvishi, R.
Mills, G. Maier, B. Klanderman, C. Lee, B. Raby.
679W Cheek swabs, SNP chips, and CNVs: Assessin
the quality of copy number variant calls generated
with subject-collected mail-in buccal brush DNA
samples on a high-density genotyping microarray.
W. Erickson, S. L. MacLeod, C. A. Hobbs.
680W A likelihood-based framework for association
analysis of allele-specific copy numbers.
Y. J. Hu, W.
Sun, D. Y. Lin.