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628W Combining gene flow with exome sequencing in
large family studies of complex disease.
J. A. Morris, J.
C. Barrett.
629W Dyadic and heterophilic properties of SNPs with
marginal effects across statistical epistasis networks.
D. Ng, T. Hu, A. Andrew, M. Karagas, J. H. Moore.
630W Phenotype-Genotype Integrator: Synthesizing
genome-wide association study data with existing
genomic resources.
E. M. Ramos, D. J. Hoffman, H. A.
Junkins, D. R. Maglott, J. Paschall, L. Phan, S. T. Sherry,
M. Feolo, L. A. Hindorff.
631W A software package for examining bisulfite
conversion rates in methylation sequencing data.
Sun, X. Yu.
632W A simulation-based comparison of statistical
tests for incorporating biological information into
analyses of genome-wide data.
J. L. Taylor, F. S. Goes,
J. T. Leek, M. Pirooznia, F. Seifuddin, P. P. Zandi.
634W Quantifying genome-wide pleiotropy.
A. Tyler, J.
Payne, A. Erives, J. H. Moore.
635W Genetic heterogeneity detection using a learning
classifier system.
R. Urbanowicz, A. Granizo-Mackenzie,
J. H. Moore.
636W Trans-EQTL mapping using 55,000 samples
allows for dissecting disease mechanisms.
H. Westra,
J. Karjalainen, G. J. te Meerman, R. C. Jansen, R. S. N.
Fehrmann, C. Wijmenga, L. Franke.
637W Genetic association of the Dickkopf 1 gene with
Paget’s disease of bone.
M. Beauregard, E. Gagnon, J.
Morissette, J. P. Brown, L. Michou.
638W The interaction between killer-cell
immunoglobulin-like receptor genes and HLA alleles in
susceptibility to psoriatic arthritis.
V. Chandran, F. J.
Pellett, R. Ayearst, R. A. Pollock, D. D. Gladman.
639W Linkage analysis in an Australian population
identifies a region affecting femoral neck BMD.
S. C.
Nguyen, J. R. Center, J. A. Eisman, T. V. Nguyen.
640W Pathway-based analysis of bladder cancer
genome-wide association study highlights metabolic
detoxification, mitotic, and clathrin-mediated
I. Menashe, J. Figueroa, M. Garcia-Closas, Q.
Yang, D. Maeder, W. Wheeler, T. Picornell, M. Malatas, F.
Real, N. Chatterjee, S. J. Chanock, D. T. Silverman, N.
641W Genetic analysis of prostate cancer using
automatic computer programming.
J. H. Moore, D. Hill,
J. Fisher, N. Lavender, L. Kidd.
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642W Gastric cancer is associated with Native
American ancestry in the Latin American (Peruvian)
L. Pereira, R. Zamudio, G. Soares-Souza,
Gilman, E. Tarazona-Santos.
643W GSTM1 and GSTT1 copy numbers and mRNA
expression in lung cancer.
M. Rotunno, T. K. Lam, J.
Lubin, A. Vogt, P. A. Bertazzi, N. E. Caporaso, M. T. Lan
644W Prevalence of beta thalassaemia.
K. Sanwaria,
Vashist, P. Abrol.
645W Efficient detection of tumor somatic mutation
using next-generation sequencing data.
Z. Song, J.
Long, J. He, W. Zheng, C. Li.
646W High-resolution array-CGH analysis of germlin
DNA in a melanoma-prone family linked to
chromosome 9p21.
R. Yang, J. Struewing, S. Chanock
M. Tucker, A. Goldstein, NCI Core Genotyping Facility.
647W Genetics factors involved in MLIA susceptibilit
An association study in a Portuguese sample.
Alves-Ferreira, T. Pinho, A. Sousa, J. Sequeiros, C.
Lemos, I. Alonso.
648W The genetic underpinnings of exercise
M. S. Bray, J. R. Fernandez.
649W Association analysis of rare variants and alco
level of response in the San Diego Sibling cohort.
Choquet, G. Brush, J. Kasberger, M. Robertson, M.
Schuckit, R. White, E. Jorgenson.
650W No genetic association with
polymorphisms in Norwegian Addison’s diseas
M. C. Eike, B. Skinningsrud, A. Stormyr, B. A.
Lie, E. S. Husebye, D. E. Undlien.
651W Genetic analysis of
gene: A candidat
region for the susceptibility to polycystic ovary
F. R. Faucz, I. R. Hauer, R. I. Werneck, M.
Olandoski, R. B. Alexandre.
652W Genetic and serologic evidence implicate
a susceptibility gene for leprosy type 2 reaction.
Fava, A. L. M. Sousa, L. H. F. Sampaio, C. M. T. Martell
M. B. Costa, M. T. Mira, M. M. A. Stefani.
653W A combination of variations near NMU and
NMUR2 coding regions identifies young women with
significant lower bone mineral density at femoral ne
S. Giroux, V. Clément, A. Bureau, D. E. C. Cole, F.
654W Testing GWAS SNPs for COPD and lung functi
in a Polish cohort with severe COPD.
M. Hardin, J.
Zielinski, E. Wan, C. P. Hersh, P. J. Castaldi, E. Schwin
P. Sliwinski, I. Hawrylkiewicz, M. Cho, E. K. Silverman.