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603W Gene-environment interaction studies in multiple
sclerosis: The development of a reliable retrospective
survey tool.
A. Hadjixenofontos, W. K. Scott, L. F.
Barcellos, J. L. Haines, M. A. Pericak-Vance, J. L.
604W Genome-wide linkage and association analysis
of job stress.
K. Min, J. Min, D. Lee, Y. Song, K. Lee, J.
Sung, S. Cho.
605W Challenges in investigating novel SNPs identified
from next-generation sequencing of the 11p13 locus in
a rolandic epilepsy family sample.
L. Addis, T. Chiang,
A. Derkach, J. J. Russo, L. J. Strug, D. K. Pal.
606W Heterogeneous phenotypes of idiopathic
occipital epilepsy, febrile convulsion and hemiplegic
migraine occurring in a family with a SCN1A defect.
Annesi, L. Mumoli, A. Labate, P. Tarantino, G. Palamara,
E. Ferlazzo, A. Fratto, U. Aguglia, A. Quattrone, A.
607W Exploring the genetic complexity of juvenile
myoclonic epilepsy.
F. Conte, T. Peluzzo, F. Oliveira, L.
Betting, D. Holanda, L. Gitaí, F. Gameleira, D. Gitaí, F.
Cendes, I. Lopes-Cendes, CInAPCe.
608W Protocadherin 19 mutations in sporadic and
familial cases of epilepsy and mental retardation in
L. M. Dibbens, R. S. Moller, M. A. Bayly, S. von
Spiczak, T. Desai, H. Hjalgrim, G. Wallace, S. McKee, R.
C. Dale, I. E. Scheffer.
609W Genetic study of SCN1A-related epilepsies in
Southern Italy.
M. Gagliardi, P. Tarantino, E. V. De Marco,
A. Labate, G. Tortorella, F. Annesi, M. Caracciolo, F.
Cavalcanti, A. Quattrone, A. Gambardella, G. Annesi.
610W Molecular characterization of a new model of
generalized epilepsy with absence seizures.
A. H. B.
Matos, C. Rocha, J. F. Vasconcellos, V. D. B. Pascoal, M.
T. Chamma, S. Botte, C. V. Maurer-Morelli, I. Lopes-
Cendes, A. C. Valle.
Statistical Genetics and Genetic
611W A Bayesian model for splicing QTL mapping with
E. Pantaleo, M. Stephens.
612W A comprehensive approach to the study of
hearing loss: Identification of new candidate genes
and pathways.
G. Girotto, M. A. Lewis, N. Pirastu, D.
Licastro, D. Vozzi, K. P. Steel, P. Gasparini.
613W Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction 3.0: Open-
source software for systems genetics.
P. Andrews, J. H.
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614W Accelerated skeletal muscle ageing is a
molecular signature in OPMD.
S. Y. Anvar, P. A. C. 't
Hoen, S. M. van der Maarel, V. Raz.
615W A comparison of cataloged variation between
International Haplotype Map Consortium and 1000
Genomes Project.
C. Buchanan, E. Torstenson, W. Bu
M. Ritchie.
616W Comparison of different methods for detectin
gene-gene interactions in case-control data.
Cattaert, J. A. Rial Garcia, E. Gusareva, K. Van Steen.
617W The OBiBa project: An international
collaboration for open source software for biobanks
Ferretti, P. Laflamme, P. White, P. Burton, I. Fortier.
618W GAMETES: A fast, direct algorithm for
generating pure, strict, epistatic models with rando
J. Fisher, R. Urbanowicz, J. Kiralis, N.
Sinnott-Armstrong, T. Heberling, J. H. Moore.
619W A systematic comparison of GWAS pathway
analysis methods.
H. Gui, M. Li, P. Sham, S. Cherny.
620W Integration and visualization of genetic and
genomic data using a 3-D video game engine.
D. Hill
J. H. Moore.
621W Systems genetics analysis of bladder cancer
susceptibility using statistical epistasis networks.
Hu, N. Sinnott-Armstrong, J. Kiralis, A. Andrew, M.
Karagas, J. H. Moore.
622W Optimized Rsq thresholds for quality control o
MACH/minimac imputed genotypes.
T. A. Johnson, H
Fujita, K. Hara, T. Tsunoda.
623W Gene ontology analysis of genome-wide
epistatic interactions supports a role for actin
cytoskeletal genes in sporadic ALS.
N. Kim, J. Fisher,
Andrews, C. Read, K. Askland, B. Harris, J. H. Moore.
624W The Kaiser Permanente/UCSF Genetic
Epidemiology Research Study on Adult Health and
Aging: Genotyping informatics and quality control fo
100,000 subjects genotyped on the affymetrix axiom
M. N. Kvale, S. Hesselson, T. Hoffmann, J.
Gollub, T. Webster, Y. Zhan, Y. Lu, G. Mei, L. Walter, D.
Ludwig, B. Dispensa, C. Schaefer, P. Y. Kwok, N. Risch.
625W A genome-wide association identifies six loci
associated with Chiari-like malformation in the Griff
Bruxellois breed.
P. Lemay, Q.-H. Trinh, P. Knowler, M.
Dubé, S. Blott, G. A. Rouleau, C. Rusbridge, Z. Kibar.
626W MaCH-Admix: Genotype imputation for admix
Y. Li, Y. Liu, M. Li, W. Wang.
627W A graphical representation of quality control
metrics for next-generation sequencing.
S. McGee,
Smith, J. Furlong, I. Stanaway, I. Robertson, M. J. Ried
D. A. Nickerson.