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578W Defining the use of electronic medical records in
genetic studies of multiple sclerosis.
M. F. Davis, J. L.
McCauley, J. R. Oksenberg, S. L. Hauser, M. A. Pericak-
Vance, J. L. Haines.
579W Detection of a deletion in 20p in a schizophrenia
C. Zai, M. Tampankeras, V. de Luca, A. Tiwari, V.
de Oliveira, N. Freeman, B. MacKenzie, J. Kennedy.
580W MLPA in proband and carrier analysis of spinal
muscular atrophy.
C. Arthi, B. R. Lakshmi.
581W Copy number loss in Ashkenazi Parkinson's
disease patients, non-carriers of founder
A. Bar-Shira, M. Kedmi, I. Pe'er, N.
Giladi, A. Orr-Urtreger.
582W Novel genomic imbalances detected by aCGH in
patients with intellectual disability: Searching for the
key cognition genes.
M. Barbosa, F. Lopes, C. Bessa, G.
Soares, J. Silva, T. Temudo, M. Rocha, C. Gomes, G.
Barros, F. Duque, G. Oliveira, C. Marques, M. Reis-Lima,
A. M. Fortuna, J. Pinto-Basto, J. Weiss, E. Sistermans, B.
Ylstra, P. Maciel.
583W Rare copy number variation at SEMA5A eQTLs
is associated with autism.
Y. Cheng, L. Weiss.
584W Attention problems and CNVs: A study of MZ
twin pairs.
E. A. Ehli, A. Abdellaoui, Y. Hu, J. J. Hottenga,
M. Kattenberg, C. E. van Beijsterveldt, M. Bartels, R. R.
Althoff, X. Xiao, P. Scheet, E. J. de Geus, J. J. Hudziak, D.
I. Boomsma, G. E. Davies.
585W Genome-wide analysis of copy number
variations in schizophrenia.
N. Feng, G. Todarello, C. Li,
B. S. Kolachana, R. Vakkalanka, D. R. Weinberger, R. E.
586W Genome-wide copy number variation analysis
for schizophrenia in a large Ashkenazi cohort.
S. Guha,
J. Rosenfeld, A. K. Malhotra, A. Darvasi, T. Lencz.
587W A FOXP2 intragenic deletion in a patient with
F. Gurrieri, N. Cannelli, G. Neri.
588W Large-scale pathway analysis of copy number
variants highlights defective GABAR-A signaling in
autism spectrum disorders.
D. Hadley, J. Glessner, F.
Mentch, D. Abrams, C. Kim, E. Frackelton, C. Hou, R.
Chiavacci, J. Connolly, G. Lyon, H. Hakonarson, Autism
Genome Project.
589W Copy number aberrations affecting adhesion
genes involved in the development of the cerebellar
vermis are associated with autism spectrum disorders.
S. Hochreiter, D.-A. Clevert.
590W High coverage of copy number variants in
Finnish patients with autism spectrum disorders using
Nimblegen 2.1M array.
K. Kantojärvi, R. Vanhala, T.
Lepistö, R. Alen, I. Järvelä, L. Muthuswamy.
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591W Familial occurrence of Asperger syndrome
associated with a 1Mb duplication on Xq including t
P. M. Kroisel, K. Wagner, M. Mach, E.
Vallant, M. Brunner-Hantsch, M. R. Speicher, K. M.
592W Genome-wide investigation of rare CNVs in a
newly characterized Canadian autism cohort.
A. C.
Lionel, B. Thiruvahindrapuram, D. Merico, J. L. Howe, Z
Wang, J. Wei, L. Zwaigenbaum, B. A. Fernandez, W.
Roberts, P. Szatmari, C. R. Marshall, S. W. Scherer.
593W A genome-wide CNV association study on
autism spectrum disorder in the Japanese populatio
X. Liu, T. Shimada, K. Tokunaga, T. Sasaki.
594W Copy number variations reveal novel GABAerg
and neural genes potentially involved in autism.
D. Q
Ma, A. J. Griswold, H. N. Cukier, J. M. Jaworski, I.
Konidari, P. L. Whitehead, S. M. Williams, R. Menon, E.
Martin, J. L. Haines, M. A. Pericak-Vance.
595W Chromosome 15q11.2 is associated with
schizophrenia risk in a set of patients.
D. Rudd, M.
Axelsen, S. Mugge, E. Epping, N. Andreasen, T. Wassin
596W Analysis of copy number variation in Alzheime
disease: The NIA-LOAD/NCRAD Family Study.
Swaminathan, L. Shen, S. Kim, M. Inlow, J. D. West, T.
Foroud, K. M. Faber, R. Mayeux, A. J. Saykin, NIA-LOA
NCRAD Family Study Group.
597W Rare variants in the 15q13.3 encoded CHRNA
gene in autism.
S. Thomson, J. Sutcliffe.
598W Whole genome copy number variation study i
an Arab-Israeli sample supports the role of rare larg
de novo deletions.
F. Torri, A. Akelai, A. Calabria, D.
Amann-Zalcenstein, E. Ben-Asher, K. Kanyas, J. S.
Beckmann, B. Lerer, F. Macciardi.
599W Systematic shRNA-mediated silencing of 100
genes implicated in autism spectrum disorders and
schizophrenia in iPSC-derived human neurons.
Ernst, K. Theriault, S. Sheridan, T. Nieland, D. Root, S.
Haggarty, J. Gusella.
600W Dynamic versus static biomarkers of
schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: Considering
differential developmental courses in genetic studie
M. Maziade, T. Paccalet, N. Rouleau, A. Sasseville, E.
Gilbert, C. Cellard, M. Battaglia, C. Marino, M. A. Roy,
Mérette, M. Hébert.
601W Peripheral blood expression profiles act as
biomarkers for postpartum depression in a high risk
D. Mehta, L. Kraus, M. Rex-Haffner, J.
Newport, Z. Stowe, E. Binder.
602W Behaviour and learning in children with NF1:
Data from a population-based study.
A. Lehtonen, S.
Garg, J. Green, D. Trump, G. Evans, S. Huson.