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556W Direct genetic effects of putative functional
SNPs in CRH pathway genes associated with anxious
temperament in rhesus macaques.
G. L. Fawcett, M.
Raveendran, J. A. Oler, A. S. Fox, S. E. Shelton, D. M.
Muzny, R. A. Gibbs, N. H. Kalin, J. Rogers.
557W Association study of five genes and early-onset
generalized anxiety disorder.
Y. Feng, K. Manassis, D.
Avery, C. L. Barr.
558W Increased exonic de novo mutation rate in
probands affected with schizophrenia.
S. L. Girard, J.
Gauthier, A. Noreau, L. Xiong, S. Zhou, L. Jouan, A.
Dionne-Laporte, D. Spiegelman, E. Henrion, O. Diallo, J. Y.
J. Bao, A. H. Y. Tong, C. H. Lin, B. Millet, N. Jaafari, R.
Joober, P. Dion, S. Lok, M.-O. Krebs, G. A. Rouleau.
559W Evaluation of candidate genes for autism using
Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales-II as covariates in
J. Jaworski, I. Konidari, p. Whitehead, E.
Martin, M. Cuccaro, J. Gilbert, J. Hussman, M. Pericak-
Vance, J. Haines, R. Chung.
560W Evidence of imprinting at the autosomal
recessive intellectual disability gene, TRAPPC9, and a
possible role for CNVs at this locus in autism.
Kaufman, M. Ishida, K. Nakabayashi, A. Mir, G. Moore, J.
Mill, S. Lewis, B. Fernandez, M. Ayub, J. Vincent.
561W Response to antidepressants is associated with
polymorphisms in the leptin gene and reduced leptin
S. Kloiber, S. Ripke, B. Puetz, J. Hennings, P.
Weber, M. Ising, M. Uhr, E. B. Binder, B. Muller-Myhsok, F.
Holsboer, S. Lucae.
562W Targeted sequencing of
and ADH cluster
loci shows differences in distribution of rare SNPs in
European American alcohol-dependent subjects and
J. B. Listman, H. Zhao, X. Chen, H. R. Kranzler,
J. Gelernter.
563W Single nucleotide polymorphism fine mapping of
region in families with autism:
Associations in the
A. Lori, I. Lee, J.
F. Cubells, T. Lehtimäki, K. Puura, D. Skuse, L. J. Young,
E. B. Binder.
564W The SNP and haplotype analysis of CD200 gene
with schizophrenia in a Japanese population.
Nishimura, A. Yoshikawa, M. Tochigi, Y. Kawamura, T.
Umekage, T. Sasaki, K. Kasai, C. Kakiuchi.
565W Survey of effects of the DRD4 7R allele on
substance use disorder across schizophrenia, bipolar
and other psychiatric phenotypes.
V. F. G. Oliveira, A. K.
Tiwari, C. C. Zai, M. Tampakeras, O. Likodi, B. Mackenzie,
J. L. Kennedy.
566W ApoE-SNCA-LRRK2 genes interaction in
Parkinson’s disease and controls.
A. Parsian, J. H.
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567W A polymorphism on CHRNA3 gene is associat
with tobacco smoking in patients with ADHD in a
Brazilian sample.
E. R. Polina, K. L. Silva, C. A. I.
Salgado, E. H. Grevet, P. Belmonte-de-Abreu, C. H. D.
568W Homozygosity mapping in 7 Pakistani
intellectual disability families identifies 3 new
autosomal recessive loci.
M. A. Rafiq, A. Mir, A. Noor,
Mittal, E. Wiame, L. Kaufman, A. Mikhailov, F. Naeem, E
Van Schaftingen, T. Nasir, M. Ansar, M. Ayub, J. B.
569W Association study shows positive correlation
between inflammatory
gene and mesial tempor
lobe epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosis.
R. Santos,
M. Silva, R. Secolin, C. Yasuda, T. Velasco, A. Sakamot
F. Cendes, I. Lopes-Cendes, C. Maurer-Morelli.
570W Exploring the contribution of ATP1A2 and
SCN1A to genetic susceptibility in non-hemiplegic
M. J. Sobrido, M. Camiña-Tato, A. Sampayo,
Pardo, R. Cruz, A. Carracedo, P. Cacheiro.
571W CNS pathology in the mouse model of sialido
recapitulates features of early stage Alzheimer's
I. Annunziata, A. Patterson, D. Helton, S. Keila
S. Gandy, A. d'Azzo.
572W SCN1A mutation associated with intractable
myoclonic epilepsy and migraine headache.
P. Frosk
A. Mhanni, M. Rafay.
573W Molecular pathogenesis for paroxysmal
involuntary movements as a channelopathy: Genetic
analysis of human cases and an animal model.
Okada, H. Matsuo, S. E. Sander, M. Hamann, A. Richte
T. Hamada, A. Nakayama, Y. Utsumi, Y. Kawamura, H.
Onoue, K. Kaida, Y. Kobayashi, K. Kamakura, N.
574W 22q11.2 Deletion in a Brazilian schizophrenia
patient revealed by MLPA and FISH techniques.
M. I.
Melaragno, F. T. Bellucco, V. K. Ota, S. I. Belangero, M.
Cernach, A. Gadelha, J. Mari, R. A. Bressan, M. C. Smi
D. M. Christofolini.
575W Heritability analysis of behavioral traits in
children of alcoholics.
V. Strumba, K. Shedden, R. A.
Zucker, M. Burmeister.
576W Construction of in vitro model system to
understand molecular mechanism of CGG repeat
expansion in Fragile X syndrome.
Y. Nakayama, T. Se
N. Sunamura, Y. Ogino, M. Kato, E. Nanba, M. Oshimur
H. Kugoh.
577W Autism spectrum disorders associated with
17q12 deletions implicate the acetyl-CoA carboxylas
alpha gene.
D. Moreno-De-Luca, B. D. Pearce, O. Y.
Ousley, C. L. Martin, D. H. Ledbetter, Simons Simplex
Collection Genetics Consortium.